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Meat-Up in Memphis 2020

Join us in Memphis for our Meat-Up! Space is limited to 400, secure your spot by booking early! Click here for details. (https://amazingribs.com/memphis2020)
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April 2020 Members-Only Special at BBQGuys.com: Maverick PT 50 Instant Read Thermometer

Pitmaster Club Members-Only April 2020 Special at BBQGuys.com: Maverick PT 50 Instant Read Thermometer

Through the month of April, BBQGuys.com is offering a 10% discounted...

April 2020 Issue of Barbecue News

Here's the April 2020 Issue. If you want the print version, click here to subscribe:

PitCast Episode 194 - "March 2020"

Well look at us!!! We are all being socially distant and trying to help flatten the curve of this COVID 19, but, it can't stop us from putting out a new monthly PitCast for your...

#StayInCookOut -- Join Us For National "Stay In Cook Out" Day This Saturday, March 28!

Please enjoy the following message from Scott Moody at PK Grills (and please participate!):

This is a unique, 1-day version of...

AmazingRibs.com Pitmaster Club Stickers!!!!

Want to show off your love for the Pitmaster Club?

We are in the process of having a batch of really cool die cut AmazingRIbs.com Pitmaster Club stickers printed...

Update on the Meat-Up In Memphis 3/21

It’s not looking good for our Meat-Up in Memphis but we are not ready to pull the plug yet. Nobody knows what the world will be like by the end of July. Some scientists think...


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Help And FAQs
Stop by here to read The Pitmaster Club Forum's "User Manual"- our collection of FAQs & How-Tos. If you wonder how to do something in our forum, it's probably in here! Members cannot create new topics here or comment in most FAQ & Tutorial posts, but you can ask questions in the Ask For Help With The Pitmaster Club, Your Membership, Etc. topic.
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Here's where we'll post all general announcements.
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Each month on or near the 7th-10th we'll announce the winner of our "Great Giveaway" Monthly Sweepstakes right here! Also inside are the archives of past year's winners and the link to the current prize list.
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2018 Winners (14/1,637)
2015-2017 Winners (19/1,940)
Introduce Yourself
Tell us about yourself, your cooking skills or lack thereof, your current cooking gear or lack thereof, and meet other Pitmaster Club Members! This is a great second stop, the first stop being the "User Manual: Help!, FAQs, and Tutorials" channel to learn your way around our forum and how to create new topics.
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Suggestion Box And Bug Reports
Please post your suggestions to improve the Pitmaster Club Forum experience here. If you have a question on how to get around here, please visit the "User Manual: Help!, FAQs, and Tutorials" channel (at the very top of this Channels Page here), and if you have a question about your personal or membership details, please visit your My Membership page.
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Page numbering is catty wumpus?
Meet Our Team
Here's the moderators, administrators, and other ancillary staff brief bios.
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Meet the Team
by Nate
Discounts And Deals
Here's where to post special manufacturer deals from around the industry- thermometers, grills, smokers, meat suppliers, apparel, cookware, you get the idea. Members can post deals here on cooking gear & accessories too! Please use the "For Sale, Trade, Wanted" channel to post used gear for sale.
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Here's where we'll post special deals Paul Sidoriak and other staff works out with manufacturers specifically for Pitmaster Club members! Members cannot create new topics here but can comment on existing topics. If you find a good deal on cooking gear or accessories, please post it in the "Special Deals For Anyone" channel.
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Sneak Peeks
Here we'll post brand new recipes and gear reviews freshly published on the public side of AmazingRibs.com BEFORE it gets announced there! Members cannot create new topics here but can comment on existing topics.
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Previews From Meathead's Next Book
Here we'll post new tidbits from Meathead's next book, (release date early 2021)! Members cannot create new topics here but can comment on existing topics.
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28 922
Greg Rempe's 'PitCast' And Other Interviews
Here's the current year's collection of monthly PitCast interviews. Don't miss the sub-channels of our past years' archives. Members cannot create new topics here but can comment on existing topics.
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PitCast Episode 194 - "March 2020"
by Craigar
2019 Episodes (53/411)
2018 Episodes (52/700)
2017 Episodes (52/1,060)
2016 Episodes (37/390)
This is where you'll find the Pitmaster Club Audio Interview & Video Seminars catalog, featuring pros in the BBQ and Cooking world interviewed by Meathead, Clint, and Jeff Tracy! Members cannot create new topics here but can comment on existing topics.
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Barbecue News Magazine
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Ben Que'n
April 2020 Issue of Barbecue News
Weekly BBQ-themed cartoons from artist Jerry King exclusively for our Pitmaster Club. All cartoons are (c) AmazingRibs.com. Members cannot create new topics here but can comment on existing topics.
Topics: 142 Posts: 1,674
Last Post: Cartoons 291 & 292
142 1,674
Cartoons 291 & 292
'HOT From The Pit!' Newsletter Archives
Here you'll find all of this current year's editions of "HOT From The Pit!" newsletters, exclusively for Pitmaster Club members. Don't forget the previous years' issues in their sub-channels below.
Topics: 3 Posts: 46
3 46
Charley Langer
February 2020 "HOT From The Pit!"
Topics: 12 Posts: 96
12 96
Steve B
January 2019 - "HOT From The Pit!"
by Steve B
Topics: 12 Posts: 286
12 286
Topics: 12 Posts: 186
12 186
Topics: 5 Posts: 41
5 41
12.23.2016 Hot From The Pit Newsletter
by Guest
Competition BBQ
Discuss cooking competition-style or practicing for a comp, or just sharing your pics and experiences.
Topics: 68 Posts: 1,084
68 1,084
2020 American Royal cost
by Donw
Discuss what judges look for, scoring, judging classes, sharing your experiences if you're a BBQ judge, etc.
Topics: 25 Posts: 301
25 301
Rectangular Chicken Thighs
Discuss how to organize an event in your area or share your experiences if you're organized events before.
Topics: 11 Posts: 104
Last Post: NC/VA BBQ Guys
11 104
All other competition talk that doesn't fit into the Cooking, Judging, or Organizing channels (please use those channels if your topic fits there).
Topics: 195 Posts: 2,809
195 2,809
Hey @Ahumadora You Got Competition
BBQ And Cooking Classes
Discussion about upcoming BBQ or cooking classes or experiences/pics from classes you've attended, near or far.
Topics: 63 Posts: 1,177
Last Post: MasterClass
63 1,177
Meat-Ups and Member Gatherings
Check in here to see info on "Meat-Ups", or to post a call-to-action for Member Meat-Ups in your area.
Topics: 91 Posts: 2,307
91 2,307
Recipes, Technique, Food, Cooking
For all other food & technique discussion.
Topics: 140 Posts: 19,810
140 19,810
Ribs, pulled pork, bacon, ham, etc.
Topics: 2,287 Posts: 34,223
2,287 34,223
Anything beef: steak, brisket, pastrami, pulled beef, beef heart, shank, etc. For burgers please use the Burgers channel.
Topics: 3,145 Posts: 51,142
Last Post: Sunday Roast
3,145 51,142
Sunday Roast
by ecowper
For any and all chicken & turkey recipes and cooking talk, including duck. For goose and other hunted waterfowl, please use the Wild Game channel.
Topics: 869 Posts: 12,358
Last Post: Sigh...thighs again
869 12,358
Old Glory
Sigh...thighs again
For all burger talk- cheese, beef, chicken, turkey, lamb, even veggie!
Topics: 175 Posts: 3,545
175 3,545
Sharing my burger secret with the Pit!
by Huskee
Topics: 133 Posts: 1,603
133 1,603
Rare Lamb Chops on the PK
by TripleB
For all fish & seafood recipes and discussion.
Topics: 268 Posts: 3,853
Last Post: Fun Salmon Recipe
268 3,853
Fun Salmon Recipe
by TripleB
Anything hunted: deer, bear, elk, moose, goose, pheasant, rabbit, etc.
Topics: 121 Posts: 1,425
121 1,425
Full smoker load of venison sausage
by Murdy
If it's cured, smoked, made of meat, stick-shaped, tube-shaped, finger food or eaten on a bun, talk about it here!
Topics: 190 Posts: 3,123
190 3,123
Your favorite recipes, doughs, baking techniques, or storebought pizza discussion. For pizza ovens or pizza-baking gear, please see the Pizza Ovens channel in the Grills, Smokers, and Cookers section.
Topics: 180 Posts: 3,015
180 3,015
Classic Mexican or Mexican/American fare, including homemade tortillas- talk about it here.
Topics: 31 Posts: 616
31 616
Need a suggestion - Nachos
Storebought or home-grown, types, recipes, all discussion starring "the glorious fruit"!
Topics: 57 Posts: 924
57 924
Smoked/Baked beans with Bean Blend?
Pasta dishes, Italian or otherwise; homemade pasta, anything involving oodles of noodles. For pasta sauce, please see the Other Sauces channel.
Topics: 17 Posts: 232
17 232
Mesmerizing Pasta Video
by gcdmd
Cheese types, uses, cold-smoking cheese; all cheese talk!
Topics: 8 Posts: 84
8 84
It’s back: Mimolette!
Anything potato: fries, baked taters, chips, scalloped, mashed, tots, hashbrowns, potato casseroles, Au Gratin, etc.
Topics: 49 Posts: 605
49 605
Jerod Broussard
Easy Awesome Oven Potatoes
If you eat it from a bowl or with a spoon, no matter what's in it, (unless it's Jello or ice cream) it probably goes here!
Topics: 104 Posts: 2,020
104 2,020
From apples to hot peppers to basil; tomatoes to watermelon; home-grown, storebought, or canned; dishes they go in or on; talk about it all in here.
Topics: 172 Posts: 2,726
172 2,726
Mr. Bones
anyone buy pepper plants online?
All the other finger foods, snacks, and dips we love.
Topics: 90 Posts: 1,470
Last Post: Smoked nuts help.
90 1,470
Smoked nuts help.
by Timmy12
Commercial or home-made, types, recipes, uses, and general discussion of any and all BBQ sauces.
Topics: 183 Posts: 2,647
183 2,647
BBQ Sauce recipe from Meathead
by Donw
Rub & seasoning recipes, commercial suppliers, marinades and injection recipes and suppliers, deep fry batters; if you put it on meat or veggies, chances are it goes here. Please see BBQ Sauces or Other Sauces for sauce discussion and recipes.
Topics: 365 Posts: 5,570
365 5,570
How Do You Test Your Rubs?
From dry or wet brining to pink Himalayan salt to curing- talk salt here!
Topics: 30 Posts: 458
Last Post: MSG In Dry Brine
30 458
MSG In Dry Brine
All baking; breads, cakes, sweet or savory, oven or even smoker baking discussion.
Topics: 213 Posts: 4,962
213 4,962
Bread with my daughter
Recipes for home-made, or discussion of commercial: ketchup, mustard, tartar sauce, aioli, butter, maple syrup, honey, relish, etc.
Topics: 77 Posts: 1,198
77 1,198
Classic breakfast foods; eggs, omelets, quiche, sausage gravy, scrambles, hashes, cereals, oatmeals, etc.
Topics: 48 Posts: 712
48 712
Homemade Egg McMuffin
by Huskee
Homemade or storebought desserts, ice cream, Jell-o, caramel, candy, etc. If it's baked, like pies or cakes, it's probably best in our Baking channel.
Topics: 71 Posts: 885
Last Post: Spatchcocked Peeps
71 885
Spatchcocked Peeps
Any and all sous vide recipes and technique discussion. For sous vide devices, please see the Sous Vide Devices channel under Accessories.
Topics: 394 Posts: 7,735
Last Post: Sous-Vide Chuckie
394 7,735
Sous-Vide Chuckie
by fzxdoc
Anything cooked on a rotisserie or spit; recipes, techniques, etc. For rotisserie devices please see the Rotisseries channel under Accessories.
Topics: 32 Posts: 755
Last Post: Hard to find roast
32 755
smokin fool
Hard to find roast
Sammys: sandwiches, grilled cheese, Philly steak & cheese, Banh mi, etc.
Topics: 87 Posts: 1,350
Last Post: Banh Mi?
87 1,350
Banh Mi?
by fzxdoc
Any recipe made in, and unique to, a Dutch oven; even it overlaps any of the above Recipe & Food channels.
Topics: 29 Posts: 395
29 395
All those other "small" things that don't really fit in any other channel.
Topics: 93 Posts: 1,377
93 1,377
Looking for rice recipes
by Mosca
Marinara, red sauce, teriyaki, adobo, fish sauce, honey or brown sugar glazes, other. For BBQ sauces please see the BBQ Sauces channel.
Topics: 78 Posts: 1,012
Last Post: “Passata”?
78 1,012
smokin fool
Discussion of all cooking & frying oils; olive, corn, canola, peanut, avocado, sunflower, safflower; types, uses, preferences, etc.
Topics: 3 Posts: 83
3 83
Deep Fryer Oil Storage?
This channel is for food, cooking, & technique discussion that doesn't fit in the above channels; such as multiple meats, cooking for a crowd, or specific techniques such as wrapping, etc. PLEASE use the proper channel above that fits your topic best. If you'd like to simply show off pictures of your cooks, please see the "Show Us What You're Cooking" topic in this channel, which we update seasonally.
Topics: 1,278 Posts: 50,018
1,278 50,018
Surviving the Corona Virus - BBQ Edition
by dubob
Topics: 42 Posts: 1,051
42 1,051
Topics: 13 Posts: 523
13 523
Where Do Get Your Wine
Topics: 54 Posts: 471
54 471
Mint Juleps for a crowd
Whisk(e)y, Scotch, Gin, Tequila, etc.
Topics: 88 Posts: 2,451
Last Post: Larceny 92
88 2,451
Mr. Bones
Larceny 92
Topics: 3 Posts: 25
Last Post: Texas Mead Cup
3 25
Texas Mead Cup
by Obi-Dan
Coffee, soda "pop", smoothies, etc.
Topics: 30 Posts: 645
Last Post: Iced tea
30 645
smokin fool
Iced tea
Topics: 16 Posts: 5,280
16 5,280
For Sale, Trade, Or Wanted
This section is for the sale/trade or want ads of barbecue & cooking related items only.
Topics: 329 Posts: 3,767
329 3,767
FS: KBQ, used 3 times
by CivilQ
Pitmaster Club Shirts & Swag
Here we'll keep the links to the merchants who will print and sell Pitmaster Club-themed shirts and other gear.
Topics: 3 Posts: 63
3 63
Fuels And Fire (Not For Grills And Smokers)
For discussion of charcoal itself; types of charcoal, sales on charcoal, etc. For charcoal grills or smokers, please see the corresponding channel
Topics: 243 Posts: 4,215
243 4,215
For discussion of gas as a fuel; propane, natural gas, butane, etc. For gas smoker or grill discussion, please see proper gas grill/smoker channel.
Topics: 13 Posts: 157
Last Post: Of mice and man...
13 157
Of mice and man...
For discussion of wood as a fuel: wood types, flavors, etc. For wood-burning smoker or grill discussion, please see proper grill/smoker channel.
Topics: 187 Posts: 3,629
Last Post: Crepe Myrtle?
187 3,629
Crepe Myrtle?
For discussion of wood pellets as a fuel: types, flavors/species, brands, sales, etc. For pellet cooker discussion, please see proper pellet cooker channel.
Topics: 10 Posts: 134
10 134
Best pellets? Real information?
by Huskee
Hay, corn cobs, etc; any other grill or smoker fuel source or using multiple fuel sources.
Topics: 11 Posts: 1,654
11 1,654
Steve R.
🔥 Feed the Flame! 🔥
Do you use Weber Starter Cubes, or Tumbleweeds, newspaper, or a blow torch? Talk about your favorite fire-starters here!
Topics: 5 Posts: 112
5 112
Grills, Smokers, And Other Cookers
For discussion of vertical cabinet-style insulated smokers, sometimes referred to as "water smokers", or gravity-feed smokers from brands such as Myron Mixon, Assassin, Backwoods, Humphrey's, Stump's and Spicewine.
This channel is for discussion of specific charcoal grills only; for smokers please see the Charcoal Smokers channel; for charcoal types or charcoal sales please see the "Fuels And Fire Discussion" category above.
Hasty-Bake (20/396)
Klose (2/61)
Napoleon (1/9)
Weber Kettle (521/10,970)
For all round, barrel/drum and bullet cookers like Pit Barrel Cooker, Weber Smokey Mountain, Napoleon Apollo, Gateway, or homemade drum smokers.
Barrel House (11/195)
Brinkmann (1/8)
Gateway Drum (3/53)
Hunsaker Vortex (5/122)
Pit Barrel Cooker (1,391/24,681)
Weber Smokey Mountain (129/2,004)
For discussion of ceramic or metal round insulated oven-like kamado grills & smokers, such as Big Green Egg, Kamado Joe, Akorn, and Primo.
Akorn (12/137)
Big Green Egg (36/729)
Grilla Kong (2/40)
Kalamazoo (1/20)
Kamado Joe (17/382)
Komodo Kamado (4/57)
Primo (20/379)
Vision Grills (4/58)
Not interested in starting a fire? Talk about electric smokers here, such as those from Masterbuilt, Bradley, Smoke Hollow, and Char-Broil.
For discussion of diner-style outdoor standalone griddles such as the Blackstone or Camp Chef; griddle or plancha inserts; and the wood-fueled Arteflame.
For discussion of gas grills (not smokers). Inside you'll find channels for many popular brands such as Weber, Blaze, Napoleon, Char-Broil, etc, and a multiple or miscellaneous gas grill channel.
Blaze (10/174)
Broil King (13/105)
Char-Broil (17/214)
Napoleon (11/166)
Saber (1/5)
Weber (111/1,482)
For discussion of gas smokers or hog roasters (not grills). Inside you'll find channels for many popular brands such as Camp Chef, Masterbuilt, Meadow Creek, Char-Broil, etc; and multiple or miscellaneous gas smoker talk.
Camp Chef (39/427)
Char-Broil (3/12)
Masterbuilt (15/142)
Meadow Creek (1/4)
Smoke Hollow (1/10)
For discussion of wood-burning smokers, often referred to as stickburners, offsets, or pipe smokers; or other wood burners like the Karubecue (KBQ) or The Good One. Inside you'll find channels for brands such as Oklahoma Joe, Jambo, Lang, Yoder, Horizon, Lone Star Grillz, etc; and a multiple or miscellaneous wood-burning smoker channel.
Horizon Smokers (13/371)
Jambo Smokers (1/50)
Karubecue (KBQ) (97/6,990)
Klose (1/13)
Lang (29/476)
Lone Star Grillz (24/571)
M Grills (6/103)
Oklahoma Joe (26/501)
The Good One (10/397)
Yoder Smokers (14/236)
Use this for anything that spans multiple types of cookers, such as "Help me decide between a drum smoker and a log burner," or "Which is better, pellets or gas?" Please do not use this for specific cooker types or fuel types.
Discuss all open-fire (no lid) cookers, such as the popular Santa Maria and Argentinian style cookers and Braais, or campfire grills.
For all wood pellet grill/smoker talk. Inside you'll find channels for many popular brands such as Camp Chef, MAK, REC TEC, Green Mountain, Grilla, etc; and multiple or miscellaneous pellet cooker talk.
Camp Chef (17/231)
Grilla Grills (8/122)
MAK Grills (12/224)
REC TEC (71/1,143)
Traeger (15/216)
Weber (31/1,025)
Yoder (7/80)
Discussions of pizza ovens, all fuel types, built-in, portable table-top, or kettle conversion kits. Brands such as Ooni, IlFornino, Blackstone, Camp Chef, or KettlePizza.
Pizza Ovens (24/429)
DIY: Outdoor Kitchens/Patios, Refurbs, And Home-Built Smokers
Here is where you can show off your latest smoker build, grill or smoker refurb project, or ask questions & take notes from those who've tackled such jobs.
Topics: 115 Posts: 2,649
115 2,649
Lockdown Loctite and Stripdown
Show off your outdoor patios, kitchens, and built-ins, or ask questions and take notes from those who've shared theirs.
Topics: 34 Posts: 1,196
34 1,196
Outdoor grill/BBQ tool storage
by jlazar
Accessories, Thermometers, And Cookware
Topics: 474 Posts: 7,699
474 7,699
Stop by here to talk about temperature controllers like the Party Q or Digi Q
Topics: 256 Posts: 3,141
256 3,141
FireBoard enhancements!
Topics: 69 Posts: 1,520
Last Post: My first knives
69 1,520
My first knives
Aftermarket grill grates, such as GrillGrate brand and others; as well as build type (cast iron, stainless steel, etc).
Topics: 22 Posts: 287
22 287
Topics: 33 Posts: 899
33 899
Topics: 96 Posts: 2,117
96 2,117
Topics: 113 Posts: 3,895
113 3,895
Show Us Your Cast Iron Pieces !!!
Come here to read and share info on your favorite kettle accessories.
Topics: 424 Posts: 8,904
Last Post: SnS in the U.K.?
424 8,904
SnS in the U.K.?
Topics: 103 Posts: 2,023
103 2,023
Anova Sous Vide Containers
Topics: 11 Posts: 187
11 187
The most insane whole hog cutting board
by fzxdoc
Topics: 4 Posts: 44
Last Post: New toy
4 44
Jerod Broussard
New toy
Topics: 23 Posts: 409
Last Post: Kitchen Aid Grinder
23 409
Kitchen Aid Grinder
by surfdog
Topics: 13 Posts: 390
13 390
Fed Up With FoodSaver Vacuum Sealers
by fzxdoc
All other accessories, add-ons, gadgets and cookware items that do not fit in the other sub-channels.
Topics: 801 Posts: 13,598
Last Post: DIY Mop Brush
801 13,598
DIY Mop Brush
Cookbooks, Websites, TV, Videos & Other Media
Talk about your favorite cookbooks, web articles, cooking sites, video recipes, and TV cooking shows.
Topics: 177 Posts: 3,229
Last Post: The Spice Companion
177 3,229
The Spice Companion
by Skip
BBQ Joints, Steakhouses, And Other Restaurants
If your restaurant has multiple locations or you're looking for recommendations spanning multiple areas, pleas use this channel, otherwise please select a single state's or country's channel below. If your country isn't listed, please use Other.
Topics: 11 Posts: 182
11 182
Tell me about Mission BBQ
by Mosca
Topics: 8 Posts: 62
8 62
Topics: 1 Posts: 4
1 4
Turnagain Arm Pit BBQ
by MrSkimo
Topics: 4 Posts: 18
Last Post: Little Miss BBQ
4 18
Little Miss BBQ
by fttank
Topics: 2 Posts: 6
Last Post: Bentonville Ar
2 6
Bentonville Ar
by _John_
Topics: 21 Posts: 151
21 151
Tips for great BBQ in CA needed!
by Timcee
Topics: 3 Posts: 22
3 22
Best BBQ Joints in Colorado Springs
Topics: 1 Posts: 6
1 6
Topics: 0 Posts: 0
0 0
Topics: 15 Posts: 71
15 71
Smoking Roberts BBQ New Port Richey
by Huskee
Topics: 3 Posts: 18
Last Post: Q in D.C.?
3 18
Q in D.C.?
by Rod
Topics: 17 Posts: 102
17 102
Jamaican Soul Restaurant Savannah, GA
Topics: 1 Posts: 30
Last Post: Hawaiian BBQ
1 30
Bighorn Dave
Hawaiian BBQ
Topics: 0 Posts: 0
0 0
Topics: 25 Posts: 193
25 193
Topics: 4 Posts: 13
4 13
Topics: 9 Posts: 38
9 38
CornBred in Ames, IA
Topics: 4 Posts: 41
Last Post: Jones BBQ KCK
4 41
by jgreen
Topics: 5 Posts: 28
5 28
Any Kentucky recommendations?
by EdF
Topics: 7 Posts: 641
7 641
Topics: 2 Posts: 5
Last Post: Maine BBQ
2 5
Maine BBQ
Topics: 6 Posts: 20
6 20
Awesome Baltimore Deli
Topics: 12 Posts: 90
12 90
BT Smokehouse- Sturbridge
Topics: 23 Posts: 126
23 126
Topics: 11 Posts: 96
11 96
Manny's steak house in Minneapolis
Topics: 2 Posts: 3
2 3
Letha's BBQ-Inn Hattiesburg, MS
by D.C.
Topics: 13 Posts: 128
13 128
Topics: 1 Posts: 7
1 7
Road trip to Bozeman MT
by ecowper
Topics: 3 Posts: 39
Last Post: Testicle Festival
3 39
Testicle Festival
Topics: 5 Posts: 28
5 28
Best Ham Ever, Plus Some Darned Fine Chicken
by Willy
Topics: 1 Posts: 7
1 7
Yankee Pride
Goody Cole's Smokehouse
Topics: 7 Posts: 64
7 64
Paydirt!! Real BBQ found in NJ!!
Topics: 0 Posts: 0
0 0
Topics: 17 Posts: 258
17 258
How the Mighty Have Fallen
Topics: 31 Posts: 253
31 253
Topics: 0 Posts: 0
0 0
Topics: 4 Posts: 24
Last Post: Nice Story...
4 24
Nice Story...
Topics: 3 Posts: 9
3 9
Chase's BBQ Shack - Woodward, OK
by Huskee
Topics: 5 Posts: 57
5 57
Jerod Broussard
Smelling BBQ but eating ramen
Topics: 6 Posts: 53
Last Post: Bacon Week 2020
6 53
Bacon Week 2020
Topics: 0 Posts: 0
0 0
Topics: 15 Posts: 165
15 165
Lewis Barbecue - Charleston SC
by Huskee
Topics: 5 Posts: 22
5 22
The 10 Best BBQ Joints in South Dakota!
Topics: 24 Posts: 178
Last Post: Pigeon Forge BBQ
24 178
Pigeon Forge BBQ
by Alakso
Topics: 81 Posts: 1,027
81 1,027
Elgin, Southside market ---meh
by JoeInTX
Topics: 3 Posts: 34
3 34
Salt Lake City, UT — R&R BBQ
by Willy
Topics: 1 Posts: 4
1 4
Topics: 23 Posts: 156
Last Post: ZZQ - Richmond VA
23 156
ZZQ - Richmond VA
Topics: 13 Posts: 61
13 61
Topics: 1 Posts: 7
Last Post: Charleston, WV
1 7
Charleston, WV
by Huskee
Topics: 16 Posts: 73
16 73
LDs BBQ, East Troy WI
by Hoovie
Topics: 0 Posts: 0
0 0
Topics: 3 Posts: 24
Last Post: 3 bbq's confirmed
3 24
3 bbq's confirmed
Topics: 3 Posts: 10
3 10
Charcoal - Sydney Area
by robbpf
Topics: 9 Posts: 110
Last Post: BBQ pits in the GTA
9 110
smokin fool
BBQ pits in the GTA
Topics: 1 Posts: 16
Last Post: Peruvian in Chile
1 16
LA Pork Butt
Peruvian in Chile
Topics: 1 Posts: 2
Last Post: Copenhagen
1 2
by Henrik
Topics: 3 Posts: 42
3 42
Anybody tried Bodean's?
Topics: 1 Posts: 5
1 5
Topics: 0 Posts: 0
0 0
Topics: 0 Posts: 0
0 0
Topics: 3 Posts: 29
3 29
Topics: 4 Posts: 15
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Ton's Kitchen
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Noma in Tulum
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South Island NZ BBQ??
by EdF
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Rooftop Smokehouse, Barcelona, Spain
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Texas Style BBQ In Sweden....
by Attjack
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St. Martin?
Meat Suppliers & Butchers
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Jimmie Rhoden
Orange Beach
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Looking for Prime Black Angus Brisket
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butcher in arkansas?
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Orange County Ca butcher shops
by LDimick
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Edward's Meats - Wheat Ridge
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Ferraro's Market
by tlaw
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Herman's Quality Meat Shoppe
by JPP
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Good place to find any cut of meat
by capoteo
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Terrific Butcher in Washington, D.C.
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8 40
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Ream's Meats in Elburn IL dosent.......
by Mosca
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Eric T
Mooresville Value Market
by Eric T
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2 13
Iowa Premium Brisket?
by JGrana
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5 76
Brant’s Meat Market
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2 2
Doc Smoke J.Y.D.
Crestwood Meats
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(Grill Beast)
great butcher in Louisiana
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Wagner's Meats, Mount Airy MD
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Howard City
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MN Butchers
by AllenW
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St. Louis Butcher - Max's Meats and Deli
by luv2q
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Great Butcher
by Huskee
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Morgan Ranch
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John Mull's Meats in Las Vegas
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Great East Butcher
by TimmyR
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8 34
Awesome Butcher in NJ!
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0 0
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Clifton Park, NY
by AdamJG
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Larry's Supermarket/butcher in Raleigh
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1 1
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2 20
Finding good ribs - Cleveland
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Bill Kamp's Meat Market in OKC
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The butcher shop
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14 62
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HC in SC
Butcher Summerville, SC
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Memphis, TN
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7 44
Z Bar Cattle Company - Keller, TX
by Huskee
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Snider Brothers Meats
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0 0
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beef ribs
by Pequod
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Candy Store for Carnivores!
by ecowper
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5 43
Butchers in Wisconsin
by Andrrr
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0 0
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1 7
Most local Carnicerias
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4 4
The Australian Meat Emporium
by coreboy
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11 26
smokin fool
Wholesale Club Meats?
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2 16
Richardsons, Ealing, London
by fzxdoc
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0 0
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Last Post: Aberdeen.
1 2
by Huskee
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Best BBQ supplier in Stockholm, Sweden?
Topics: 68 Posts: 862
68 862
Sam's, Costco, Restaurant Depot, Kroger, Publix, HEB, and others.
Topics: 40 Posts: 1,031
40 1,031
Oak Smoke
Choice "prime rib" half off at Walmart
Topics: 26 Posts: 431
Last Post: Ground beef recall.
26 431
smokin fool
Ground beef recall.
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Many merchants pay us a small referral fee when you click our links and purchase from them. On Amazon it works on everything from grills to diapers, they never tell us what you bought, it has zero impact on the price you pay, but has a major impact on our ability to improve this site! If you like AmazingRibs.com, please save this link and use it every time you go to Amazon




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Pit Barrel Cooker Smoker

Griddle And Deep Fryer All In One

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grill grates

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kareubequ bbq smoker

Our Favorite Backyard Smoker

The amazing Karubecue is the most innovative smoker in the world. The quality of meat from this machine is astonishing. At its crux is a patented firebox that burns logs above the cooking chamber and sucks heat and extremely clean blue smoke into the thermostat controlled oven. It is our favorite smoker, period.

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masterbuilt gas smoker

The First Propane Smoker With A Thermostat Makes This Baby Foolproof

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masterbuilt gas smoker

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PK 360 grill

Is This Superb Charcoal Grill A Kamado Killer?

The PK-360, with 360 square inches of cooking space, this rust free, cast aluminum charcoal grill is durable and easy to use. Four-way venting means it's easy to set up for two zone cooking with more control than single vent Kamado grills. It is much easier to set up for 2-zone cooking than any round kamado. Beautifully designed and completely portable. Meathead says it is his preferrred grill.

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fireboard bbq thermometer

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Finally, A Great Portable Pellet Smoker

Green Mountain Davey Crockett Grill

Green Mountain's portable Davy Crockett Pellet Smoker is one mean tailgating and picnic machine. But it's also gaining popularity with people who want to add a small, set it and forget it pellet smoker to their backyard arsenal. And with their WiFi capabilities you can control and monitor Davy Crocket from your smart phone or laptop.

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