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Show Us What You're Cooking! (SUWYC) - Volume 34, Summer 2024

A day late and two dollars short, here's the brand new SUMMER 2024 SUWYC!

For the now-expired Vol 33, Spring edition, click here: https://pitmaster.amazingribs.c...

Update on the book and more

In May 2023 I turned in the manuscript for my new book and it was about 300,000 words. Harper Collins said it was twice as long as they wanted. Alas, the contract set no word...

June 2024 - "Great Giveaway" Four Sweepstakes Winners!

As one of your many member benefits each month, paying members are automatically entered to win our monthly Great Giveaway sweepstakes. The prizes vary month to month and are...

BBQ Stars - 120 Videos Now Available To Paid Members!

In May 2024 we purchased BBQStars.com. BBQStars.com is 120 inspiring feature film-quality masterclasses in barbecue and grilling from 12 world famous pitmasters including BBQ...

Propane Tank Recall

I saw this today, 2/23/24 on the web. FYI...

DC News Now
17.7K Followers Thousands of propane tanks recalled due to fire hazard


OBR support of tornado in Clarksville, TN

I'm not sure everyone is aware, but our city, Clarksville, was hit by a pretty devastating EF-3 tornado on Saturday the 9th at around 1:30 in the afternoon. Latest update has...
Channels Topics Posts Last Post
Charcoal Grills
Hasty Bake
Hasty Bake charcoal grill discussion only.
Topics: 60 Posts: 1,284
Last Post: Ranger Brisket
60 1,284
Topics: 3 Posts: 78
Last Post: Pit by Klose
3 78
by glitchy
Topics: 6 Posts: 115
6 115
Topics: 22 Posts: 389
22 389
Topics: 48 Posts: 865
48 865
by RonB
Napoleon charcoal grill discussion only.
Topics: 16 Posts: 134
16 134
Portable Kitchen (PK)
PK grill and PK360 charcoal grills.
Topics: 207 Posts: 3,776
207 3,776
Topics: 46 Posts: 1,121
46 1,121
Weber Kettle
Weber Kettle grill discussion.
Topics: 831 Posts: 18,183
Last Post: Road Webers ll
831 18,183
by Finster
Other Charcoal Grills And Misc.
For any charcoal grill discussion that doesn't fit into the above brands' channels, or for cross-brand general charcoal grill discussion.
Topics: 363 Posts: 6,701
363 6,701
Charcoal Kamados
Akorn kamado by Char-Griller.
Topics: 24 Posts: 373
Last Post: Bye Bye Bandit
24 373
Jerod Broussard
Big Green Egg
A.K.A. The "BGE".
Topics: 82 Posts: 1,485
82 1,485
Broil King Keg
Metal kamado by Broil King.
Topics: 14 Posts: 237
14 237
by Mosca
Grilla Kong
Ceramic kamado by Grilla Grills.
Topics: 3 Posts: 66
Last Post: Pulled the trigger!
3 66
by Purc
For discussion of the new Kalamazoo Shokunin kamado.
Topics: 1 Posts: 21
Last Post: Kalamazoo Kamado
1 21
by Scruffy
Kamado Joe
All sizes of Kamado Joe kamados.
Topics: 60 Posts: 1,273
Last Post: Wind mitigation
60 1,273
LA Pork Butt
Komodo Kamado
For discussion of the renowned, high-end Komodo Kamados.
Topics: 10 Posts: 611
10 611
by Mosca
All sizes of Primo kamados.
Topics: 60 Posts: 1,070
60 1,070
Slow 'N Sear Deluxe Kamado
A.K.A. The "SnSK".
Topics: 40 Posts: 683
40 683
Vision Grills
Vision Grills kamados.
Topics: 14 Posts: 162
Last Post: Vision Woo's
14 162
Weber Summit Charcoal
A.K.A. The "WSCG".
Topics: 172 Posts: 3,435
172 3,435
Other Kamados Or General Kamado Discussion
For discussion of other brands or miscellaneous/cross-brand discussion such as general tips & tricks with kamados..
Topics: 139 Posts: 3,323
139 3,323
Charcoal Drums, Barrels, Bullet Smokers
Topics: 11 Posts: 195
11 195
Brinkmann bullet smokers, such as Gourmet or Smoke'N Grill, often known as "ECB".
Topics: 3 Posts: 28
3 28
by Donw
Gateway Drum
Gateway Drum smokers.
Topics: 10 Posts: 168
10 168
Hunsaker Vortex
The Hunsaker Vortex drum/barrel smoker.
Topics: 9 Posts: 145
Last Post: Drum smoker
9 145
by Murdy
Napoleon Apollo
Napoleon's bullet smoker.
Topics: 9 Posts: 87
9 87
Topics: 147 Posts: 3,260
Last Post: Bronco cleaning?
147 3,260
by STEbbq
Pit Barrel Cooker
A.K.A. The "PBC".
Topics: 1,752 Posts: 32,164
1,752 32,164
Weber Smokey Mountain
A.K.A. The "WSM".
Topics: 220 Posts: 3,802
220 3,802
Other, Drum, Barrel, or Bullet Smokers
For discussion of other drum/barrel smoker brands not listed above, do-it-yourself drum smoker kits like Big Poppa's, other homemade units, or general barrel & bullet smoker discussion.
Topics: 81 Posts: 2,575
Last Post: El Barril
81 2,575
Gas Grills, Flat-Tops
Flat-Tops, Griddles, And Planchas
Discussion of flat-top standalone grills & griddles, like Blackstone and Cuisinart for example. For flat top griddle inserts, see Accessories or the grill channel that the insert goes with.
Topics: 320 Posts: 7,083
320 7,083
Broil King
Broil King gas grills, such as Signet, Imperial, Monarch, Regal, and Baron models.
Topics: 25 Posts: 296
25 296
Blaze gas grill discussion.
Topics: 13 Posts: 217
13 217
Char-Broil gas grills, including TRU-Infrared and Grill2Go.
Topics: 23 Posts: 263
23 263
LA Pork Butt
Napoleon gas grills, such as Rogue, Triumph, and Prestige models.
Topics: 35 Posts: 436
Last Post: Help With Mice
35 436
Old Glory
Saber infrared gas grills.
Topics: 2 Posts: 11
2 11
by 7over
Weber gas grills, such as Summit, Genesis, Spirit, and Weber Q portable.
Topics: 209 Posts: 2,999
209 2,999
Other Gas Grills And Misc.
For discussion of other gas grill/smoker brands, or general cross-brand discussion.
Topics: 211 Posts: 3,372
Last Post: MCS Strikes Again
211 3,372
Bad Hat BBQ
Gas Smokers
Camp Chef
Camp Chef gas smoker, any models.
Topics: 61 Posts: 715
61 715
Char-Broil gas smokers, any model.
Topics: 5 Posts: 18
5 18
by bbqLuv
Masterbuilt gas smokers, any model.
Topics: 28 Posts: 285
28 285
Meadow Creek
Meadow Creek gas smokers and pig roasters.
Topics: 1 Posts: 4
1 4
by clb239
Smoke Hollow
Smoke Hollow gas smokers, any model.
Topics: 4 Posts: 32
4 32
Other Gas Smokers And Misc.
Any other gas smoker brands not listed above, or for general or cross-brand gas smoker discussion.
Topics: 23 Posts: 190
23 190
Bad Hat BBQ
Log Burners, Stickburners, Offsets
Topics: 1 Posts: 17
1 17
Horizon Smokers
Horizon standard flow log-burning offset smokers.
Topics: 19 Posts: 480
19 480
Jambo Smokers
Jambo standard flow log-burning offset smokers.
Topics: 3 Posts: 79
3 79
Karubecue (KBQ)
A.K.A. the "KBQ".
Topics: 206 Posts: 9,601
Last Post: KBQ Fire
206 9,601
Klose offset wood-burning smokers
Topics: 3 Posts: 49
3 49
Lang reverse flow log-burning offset smokers and wood grills.
Topics: 41 Posts: 762
41 762
by pjayt
Lone Star Grillz
Lone Star Grillz standard flow offset log-burning smokers.
Topics: 72 Posts: 1,898
72 1,898
Topics: 30 Posts: 460
Last Post: M Grills M1 Owners
30 460
by Cfies
Oklahoma Joe
Oklahoma Joe offset wood burners, like Highland or Longhorn models, etc .
Topics: 46 Posts: 803
Last Post: Tahoma
46 803
by DaveD
The Good One
"The Good One" brand log and charcoal smokers, such as the Open Range and Marshall.
Topics: 19 Posts: 501
19 501
Yoder Smokers
Yoder standard flow log-burning offset smokers.
Topics: 22 Posts: 346
Last Post: Yoder Kingman
22 346
Uncle Bob
Other Log Burners, Stickburners, Offsets Smokers & Misc.
For log-burning smoker brands not listed above, or other general cross-brand wood burning smoker discussion, advice, tips, etc. For talk about using wood/logs as a fuel, please see the Fuels & Fire channel.
Topics: 342 Posts: 7,578
Last Post: COS!
342 7,578
LA Pork Butt
Pellet Cookers
Topics: 16 Posts: 342
16 342
Camp Chef
Camp Chef pellet cookers.
Topics: 49 Posts: 749
49 749
by tmelosi
Topics: 2 Posts: 24
Last Post: Cookshack FEC120
2 24
Green Mountain Grills
Green Mountain Grills pellet cookers, such as Daniel Boone and Jim Bowie models, etc.
Topics: 40 Posts: 476
40 476
Grilla Grills
Grilla Grills pellet cookers, such as the Original round Grilla and Silverbac models.
Topics: 95 Posts: 1,979
Last Post: Chimp main grate
95 1,979
Topics: 37 Posts: 980
37 980
MAK Grills
MAK pellet cookers, such as their One-Star, Two-Star or Three-Star models.
Topics: 61 Posts: 1,265
61 1,265
Topics: 0 Posts: 0
0 0
Topics: 9 Posts: 61
Last Post: Pit Boss Portable
9 61
by FCDank
recteq (Formerly "REC TEC")
recteq (formerly "REC TEC") pellet cookers.
Topics: 100 Posts: 1,678
Last Post: Recteq 1300?
100 1,678
Traeger pellet cookers.
Topics: 90 Posts: 1,101
90 1,101
Topics: 77 Posts: 1,846
77 1,846
Yoder pellet cookers only. For Yoder log burners, please see the Log Burners channel.
Topics: 37 Posts: 618
37 618
Other Pellet Cookers And Misc.
For discussion of other brands of pellet cookers not listed above, or general cross-brand pellet cooker discussion. For discussion of pellets themselves, please see the Fuels Discussion channel.
Topics: 615 Posts: 11,815
615 11,815
Miscellaneous, Multi-Fuel, or "Other" Grills and Smokers
Miscellaneous, Multi-Fuel, or "Other" Grills and Smokers
Use this for anything that spans multiple types of cookers, such as "Help me decide between..." or "Which is better, pellets or gas?" Please do not use this for specific cooker types or fuel types.
Topics: 232 Posts: 6,517
232 6,517
Santa Maria & Argentinian Grills And Braais
Open-style wood burning adjustable height grills such as Engelbrecht, Lone Star Grillz, and others.
Topics: 102 Posts: 2,034
Last Post: Kudu Grills
102 2,034
by friecs
Engelbrecht (17/434)
Home-Built Smokers And Refurbs
Here is where you can show off your latest smoker build, grill or smoker refurb project, or ask questions & take notes from those who've tackled such jobs.
Topics: 170 Posts: 4,433
170 4,433
by RonB
Topics: 16 Posts: 364
16 364
Electric Grills And Smokers
Current Backyard (Brand) Electric Grills
Let's talk about the newer brand of electric grills, "Current", from Current Backyard here!
Topics: 0 Posts: 0
0 0
Misc. & General Electric Grills And Smokers
For discussion of all other brands of electric grills and/or smokers.
Topics: 155 Posts: 2,550
155 2,550
Pizza Ovens
Pizza Ovens
Discuss any standalone pizza oven here, all fuels.
Topics: 84 Posts: 1,382
84 1,382
Outdoor Kitchens
Patios, Outdoor Kitchens, & Fuel Storage
Show off your outdoor patios, kitchens, built-ins, or your wood piles & other fuel storage areas. Ask questions and take notes from those who've shared theirs.
Topics: 163 Posts: 5,339
163 5,339

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