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What Are Your Top 5 Most Hated Vegetables?

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    What Are Your Top 5 Most Hated Vegetables?

    Brad of North Georgia just got me to thinking. Which I rarely do 🙄 He asked me why I didn’t like certain vegetables. Part of it might be because of the crap canned stuff I grew up with, not sure. But anyway, some of it I’ve had fresh since then, and still hate it. Here’s my top 5 worst vegetables I’ll never eat. Some of these are in no particular order. Feel free to add your own "Honorable Mentions" if it’s more than 5.

    1. Brussel Sprouts
    2. Broccoli
    3. Beets
    4. Kale
    5. Rutabagas
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    1. Turnips

    That's pretty much it.


      Not sure I have a top 5 most hated, rather maybe a top 5 I have not learned to cook in a way that I would like.
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        1. Crab grass
        2. Poison Ivy
        3. Dandelions
        4. Poison Oak
        5. Rag Weed
        You asked.


        • Papa Bob
          Papa Bob commented
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          HAHAHAHAHA that was good i needed that 😎😎😎

        • au4stree
          au4stree commented
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          Poison sumac would like a word

        1) Eggplant
        2) Beets
        3) Eggplant
        4) Beets
        5) Eggplant w/Beets


        • FireMan
          FireMan commented
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          I take it ya don’t like eggplant with yer beets.

        • Sam6687
          Sam6687 commented
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          just about the only 2 things in a garden I won't eat, just about everything else, I can at least tolerate.

        • smokenoob
          smokenoob commented
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          must try grilled eggplant!

        1. Brussels sprouts
        2. Lima beans
        3. Eggplant (although I like it a couple of ways)
        4. Okra
        5. Most other beans
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          It would be easier to list the vegetables I will eat; potatoes, corn, beans/peas, pickles, anything that goes into hot sauce, broccoli and asparagus.


            1. Brussel Sprouts
            2. Beets

            And that’s about it. So to fill it out to 5 I’ll delve into herbs and fruits

            3. Cilantro
            4. Cantaloupe
            5. Honeydew


              Cooked Spinach
              Cooked Carrots


                Any of them from a can, and f***ing Brussels sprouts. I refuse to ever visit Brussels, or Belgium for that matter (unless I'm invading it) because of their bitter, vehement, nasty little contribution to the "Fruits and Vegetables" section of the pyramid. It was a corrupt multi-national conspiracy that lead to the elevation of that noxious, invasive, soul-robbing weed into the food chain. I think it was to get even with the Germans for aforementioned invasions, but why punish the rest of us? It is even written of in the scriptures: "Thou shalt not taketh the vile Sprout of Brussels into thy repast for it is evil in any of its incarnations " Rotgutticus 1:1. I'll happily slurp Soylent Green before I let the tiniest leaf of that Devil's Cabbage cross my lips. I have read that even Hercule Poirot detested the disgusting and offensive "culinary treat" from the country of his birth, though I'm told he did enjoy a good Fromage de Buxelles from time to time.

                Other than that, I'm pretty cool with everything else. Who doesn't love a good jicama?
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                • Panhead John
                  Panhead John commented
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                  So…..I take it you’re not real fond of Brussels Sprouts?
                  Last edited by Panhead John; June 24, 2021, 12:46 AM.

                • klflowers
                  klflowers commented
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                  Can you tell us how you really feel?

                • ofelles
                  ofelles commented
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                  Right there with ya!

                My wife loves cooked spinach (and related greens) but cannot eat them. During the cooking process, an enzyme is released that causes her to be violently ill about an hour after eating it. That did make for an entertaining car ride home from dinner one night, before we knew

                As for me ….. Eggplant and beets are way high up my "never gonna eat you" list. And Kale. That stuff is stupid.




                  • Uncle Bob
                    Uncle Bob commented
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                    Plus 1000

                  • Murdy
                    Murdy commented
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                    Are they making Impossible Liver now?

                  • Panhead John
                    Panhead John commented
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                    The only thing worse would be liver flavored Brussels sprouts.

                  Panhead John

                  The two 2nd shift rutabagas I have to clean up after everyday.

                  Rockwell engineers.


                    I don't hate any veggie, but there are some that I just don't see the point of. Eggplant... too much prep and fuss for the results. Beets are fine, esp the orange ones but they take way the hell too long to cook.

                    Brussel sprouts, you all just need to learn how to cook them. Or make them salad - shave them thin, toss in a mustardy dressing. Also, don't buy the large ones.
                    Last edited by rickgregory; June 24, 2021, 09:07 AM.


                    • RustyHaines
                      RustyHaines commented
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                      Yep, buy the smaller, fresh Brussell sprouts. Truly makes a difference.

                    1. Beets
                    1. Turnips.
                    2-5. Any vegetable that masquerades as meat.
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