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What Is your cooking to-do list?

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    What Is your cooking to-do list?

    I save ideas for what I want to cook in the near future on my phone. As a result, I always have a ready list of suggestions for SWMBO so I can cook something new that I haven’t cooked before.

    In no particular order:
    • Hot dogs (rippers)
    • Chicken fried steak
    • Home ground burgers
    • Yorkshire pudding and Beef Wellington (if possible!)
    • Smoked Meatloaf
    • Pulled beef chuck per Polarbear
    • Empanadas
    • Attjack fried chicken
    • Eric (ecowper) chili
    • Eric Beef rub
    • Hanger steak
    • Deep fried British fish and chips
    • Chimichangas
    • Floutas
    • Deep fried chicken fingers and fries
    • Falafels
    • Samosas
    • Fried ice cream
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    Something I should be doing as well......thanks for the idea!


      I usually go to the grocery on Sunday to get the staples (meat/milk/veggies, Etc) for the upcoming week. Usually at Mariano's (Kroger). Then my wife goes to Aldi on Monday to supplement what I don't get or won't pay for (i.e. eggs). As for cooking meals, now that I'm working from home for at least the rest of the year I help plan the meals too since I'm also able to make them. This makes my smokers much happier, as they get used more. Throw in the fact that our kids are back to playing sports this has been much better for us and I usually will put my dinner suggestions on the calendar we keep in the mudroom. Next up.......Smoked pork butt carnitas.

      I don't really have a list; but when I see something I really want to make I bookmark it on my iPhone.
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      • Santamarina
        Santamarina commented
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        Smoked pork butt is my favorite way to make carnitas. I smoke it just like a normal butt, but use my Mexican seasoning instead of my usual modified-Memphis Dust. Once pulled I fry up small batches, toss it in some corn tortillas, hit it with some onions, cilantro, and my homemade salsa. BAM…my favorite carnitas!

      • TripleB
        TripleB commented
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        Santamarina - me too!

      No particular order
      • Attjack fried chicken
      • Eric (ecowper) chili
      • Jhoskins chili
      • J Kenji Lopez Alt chili
      • Filipino ribs w/Ginger Plum Sauce
      • Piri piri chicken
      • Various sorts of chicken curry
      • Smoked chicken(s) on my KBQ
      • Brisket
      • Enchiladas
      • Chile verde
      • Deep dish pizza
      • Chile Naan

      My list is always long... I spent like 45 minutes last night going through the BBQ Bible by Steve Raichlen looking for inspiration and, as always, found some.


      For me, my next project is to clean and season my new wok and start learning how to stir fry. This will be done on my weber kettle with a Vortex to get the wok hot. My first wok cook will most likely be a shrimp stir fry.

      I do have a recent order of St Louis style ribs and beef short plate ribs from Wild Fork Foods in the freezer which will get cooked in the near future.


        This sounds like a good thing for me to dream up as I lay on the beach next week! Drink beer and dream of BBQ...


        • STEbbq
          STEbbq commented
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          I was thinking of you when I posted it!

        • Clark
          Clark commented
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          jfmorris Since I don't drink, I would eat BBQ and dream of drinking beer.

        Good one!

        -Elk Backstrap (Currently in Freezer from last years haul)
        -Seal Meat (inbound from a village in Togiak)
        -Attjack fried Chicken
        -Smoked and Braised goat. (Dutch Caribbean-Style......I had this in Bonaire and I have been trying to replicate it for years!)
        -Beef Bacon
        -Pork Hocks
        -Grouse (from up coming hunt)


        • Spinaker
          Spinaker commented
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          You use navel or belly. The hardest part is finding that, then you simply use Meathead's curing calculator and recipe and you are good to go.

          We ate all the Carbrito they had. Me and my brothers ate everything they had in the back of the restaurant. Johnny Booth

        • Johnny Booth
          Johnny Booth commented
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          I don’t think I have ever seen beef belly. My version is the fattiest part of the point on a smoked brisket. chilled, then sliced like bacon. Frying that creates a melt-in-your-mouth slice of smoked beef brisket. We use it on beef, lettuce, and tomato sandwiches. Yummy.

        • Spinaker
          Spinaker commented
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          Yeah, I suppose I could use point. Nothing wrong with that. But I would like to find navel. I do think it is interesting though........Katz's says they use "navel meat" for their pastrami. However, after being there several times, they sure do look a lot like briskets they are slicing and serving. Johnny Booth

        I do all the cooking and my wife and I set a weekly menu. So whatever the family wants to eat, they let me know and I make it....So I'm essentially a chef DJ (always taking requests ). This week my daughter requested Chicken/Sausage Gumbo, which we will have on Thursday and I already have the base made and just need to add the meat.

        Like many of you, I will make Chili on Halloween. It's not very hot, but savory with 3 types of beans (my wife likes beans).

        On my cooking bucket list is smoking a whole hog on the offset.


        • TripleB
          TripleB commented
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          STEbbq - Yes, a suckling pig is more realistic to me as well. Probably around 15-20 lbs. I have to find a group of people that will eat it. In Los Angeles, they're a bit squeamish on looking at a whole pig and pulling meat off it.

        • Draznnl
          Draznnl commented
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          Oy vey STEbbq . You should have mentioned it before I'm on my way out of town (the great move south is in less than three weeks). I would have loved to go in on a suckling pig.

        • STEbbq
          STEbbq commented
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          Draznnl I will mark you down for the ZC suckling pig party if it ever happens. Maybe Potkettleblack and Max Good want in.

        Hmm, actually write out a list instead of just looking in the freezer or at the butcher's for some inspiration. I like it. A trifle more organized than my cook planning has been, but deservedly so. Thanks STEbbq .


          I would a like few chances at some point to learn a whole hog cook on a pit

          pork belly


          several types of fish still to cook.

          Also, I would like to learn to do the big (to me cook), I would like to gain the knowledge on how to manage (with help) a bbq for 100 plus people at a time. With consistency at a high level.
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          • STEbbq
            STEbbq commented
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            I have thought about coho salmon quite a bit but it has yet to formally make the list.

          • ecowper
            ecowper commented
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            My current favorite pork belly cook is based on the Banh Mi recipe on the free side. I do the pork belly and the pickled veggies, but don’t do the rest to make sammiches. Turn it into an appetizer. Very good!

          I do the exact same thing, STEbbq . I actually have several "notes" in my phone, and a separate folder in my email where I email myself specific recipes or links to recipes so everything is always in one place. One phone note is a compilation of everything I have cooked, want to cook, or have in the freezer to cook (excluding the obvious cuts/meals like brisket, ribs, steak, burgers, etc.). The other is what exactly I am cooking this weekend. Right now this is the list from this summer (bold means I have not yet cooked it):

          "Eats List"

          Rocky Mountain shrimp
          Grilled Oysters
          Homemade sausage - brats/garlic brats, kielbasa
          Fatties - breakfast, roasted red pepper/bacon jelly, mushroom/onion, etc.
          Jalapeno Poppers
          Attjack fried chicken
          Pork Belly BLT's
          Stuffed pork loin
          Double smoked ham
          smashed potatoes
          shrimp ceviche
          Stuffed Peppers
          Brat fatties (use homemade brat sausage instead of regular sausage) - mac n cheese, jalapeno cheddar, etc.
          Smoked meatloaf
          Caprese salad stuffed flank steak
          Grilled shrimp boil
          Country fried steak
          Country fried chicken

          Philly cheese steak
          Pork belly burnt ends
          Smoked shrimp
          Smoked chuckie
          Smoked salmon
          Steak, chicken and shrimp hibachi/fried rice/veggies/yum yum
          Smoked Scotch Eggs
          Avocado eggs (whole stuffed jalapeno wrapped in sausage wrapped in bacon)
          Avocado bomb (whole stuff avocado wrapped in hamburger wrapped in bacon)
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            Tacos Al Pastor on the Blackstone patio oven
            Kettle fried wings
            Vortex ribs
            Smoked Lamb Shoulder
            Spaghetti squash stir fry


              First off, I'm really touched by my Chili making some of these lists. Thank you!

              and then there's all the things on my own list to try and get to

              Yorkshire pudding for sure
              Cochinita Pibil
              Leg of lamb - have a whole one, need something new for it
              Warak enab (Dolmas, but Lebanese)
              French Lentil Soup
              Chuck Roast done Texas brisket style
              Philly Cheese Steak on the HB (use the grill grates griddle side up)
              Meathead's Char Siu ribs
              Sardines grilled in grape leaves

              I have two grape vines in the backyard and I'm going to figure out how to preserve the leaves and use for Warak enab and sardines.


                Chicken and Dumplings
                Pork Belly and smoking bacon
                Philly Cheese
                Pulled Chuck Sandwiches
                Working on perfecting the pizza crust
                Brunswick Stew
                Chicken Marsalla
                Chicken Parm

                Just a start.


                • ecowper
                  ecowper commented
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                  David, you gotta make bacon! You have all those chickens and wonderful, fresh eggs. They were made for home made bacon. :-)

                • STEbbq
                  STEbbq commented
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                  I would also reserve some pork belly and do porn belly burnt ends. I may be kicked out for saying this but I like 'em better than brisket burnt ends at least the way I do 'em. 😱😱😱😱

                • DavidNorcross
                  DavidNorcross commented
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                  I have a few belly's in the freezer, just have not taken the time. This is a to-do list for sure. Have made everything on my list these are items I want to do again soon.
                  Last edited by DavidNorcross; September 29, 2021, 03:51 AM.

                Homemade authentic curry
                Homemade authentic chicken tikka masala, or butter chicken, either/or
                (^ by authentic I mean close to as good as a good Indian restaurant^)
                Homemade naan bread, although some storebought is darn good.
                Getting more familiar with Dutch oven things (I have 2 and rarely use them)


                • mnavarre
                  mnavarre commented
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                  https://www.kingarthurbaking.com/recipes/naan-recipe Super easy and turns out great.

                • jfmorris
                  jfmorris commented
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                  I will second how easy naan is to make. It only takes about 30 seconds per side on a cast iron skillet too.

                • PBCDad
                  PBCDad commented
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                  My favorite site for Indian recipes is https://www.indianhealthyrecipes.com/ (definitely some not-so-healthy recipes there too). Whenever I make any of the recipes there I feel like I'm doing things the "real" way.
                  The recipes aren't written super well all the time, so definitely read through the whole thing before you start...


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