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Bag Of Skinless Boneless Breasts

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    Bag Of Skinless Boneless Breasts

    Hi All,

    During the time of short meat supplies, I threw a 10lb. bag of boneless skinless chicken breasts in my cart. They are frozen w 15% water and kosher salt.

    1. Does that mean they are pre-brined?
    2. Is there some way to cook them on my Trager smoker grill then turn them into pulled chicken?
    3. Or some other way to make them delicious?
    4. How to prevent drying out? Add oil to marinade, or brush w oil beforehand? Shpritz w liquid during cook?

    I would like to come out with something smoky and moist, is that possible? I also have a sous vide device I could use if that will help.


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    They are already brined. We eat more chicken than I'd like and when I cook b/s breasts, I sear them until browned and if they are not done, I move them to the indirect side to finish. I pull them at 158° to help retain moisture. It only takes a few seconds at that temp to kill all the nasties.


      What we do with those is dump the frozen bag into a pressure cooker, add 1 can of rotel and 2 packages of taco seasoning, cook for 45 mins and it'll pull.

      Or do the same in a crock pot at cook 6-8 hours


      • Mr. Bones
        Mr. Bones commented
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        This sounds tasty, an nice an easy!
        I'm gonna haveta refresh my memory on th conversion time fer an Instapot, an try this out, Brother!

        Thanks fer th Great Idea!

        Question: How bigga bag ya usin? On accounta I wait, buy th ~3 lb.'ers, when I catch em on sale...

      • BFlynn
        BFlynn commented
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        @Mr. Bones
        Yeah, it's super easy. I think they're 3lb bags. I hadn't actually looked that close.

      • Dan Deter
        Dan Deter commented
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        We do similar, except a jar of salsa (generally Clint's Texas medium) instead of the rotel.

      Sous vide @140-F for pulled chicken. Google the cook time. I sear in butter immediately after the cook, pull HOT.


        That prebrined bagged stuff makes for better stews n soups n casseroles as stated above.

        Add citrus, with that Rotel above and it’ll fill
        you up pretty good. BFlynn for the win.

        chicken salad is always delicious.
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        • holehogg
          holehogg commented
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          Chicken salad always good minus the salad?

        Originally posted by RonB View Post
        They are already brined. We eat more chicken than I'd like and when I cook b/s breasts, I sear them until browned and if they are not done, I move them to the indirect side to finish. I pull them at 158° to help retain moisture. It only takes a few seconds at that temp to kill all the nasties.
        So if I want to marinade them, I should not use any soy sauce or anything salty in the mix ?

        I'm thinking about trying a Filipino style that involves lemon juice, 7-up etc., some one posted about it but I can't remember the name of it. I had to google it but it was spelled a little differently.

        Inasal, that's the name of it. I don't have all the ingredients but I will fake it and season to taste. A similar common recipe calls for banana ketchup or just ketchup, I suppose I could find it at an asian market but don't have the banana variety in the house, I wonder what it tastes like ? I saw a history channel show on the history of ketchup, quite interesting.


        Chicken Inasal Recipe

        Prep Time1 hour
        Cook Time18 minutes
        Total Time1 hour 18 minutes
        AuthorVanjo MeranoIngredients
        • 2 lbs chicken cut into serving pieces
        • 2 tablespoons ginger minced
        • 2 tablespoons garlic minced
        • 3/4 cup lemongrass chopped
        • 1 cup coconut vinegar
        • 1/2 cup lemon or calamansi juice
        • 1 tablespoon salt
        • 1/4 cup brown sugar
        • 1 cup lemon soda softdrink
        • 1/2 tablespoon ground black pepper
        • Basting Sauce:
        • 3 tablespoons annatto oil atsuete oil
        • 1/2 cup margarine softened
        • 1/4 teaspoon salt
        • 1 teaspoon lemon or calamansi juice
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        • Jerod Broussard
          Jerod Broussard commented
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          My goodness, that many ingredients you could use possum.

        • zzdocxx
          zzdocxx commented
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          Put that down as another thing I don't have in the house . . .

        • RonB
          RonB commented
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          I would not add any more salt. If it's not salty enough, add at the table and then you can dry brine with a little salt next time.

        Pretty much make chicken salad with them,,,,


          I gently smoke em on th kettle, frequently...

          I generally marinade a day, even two, in some Zesty Italian Dressin...my ritual is: flip when afore I go to bed, when I git outta bed, when I git home from work, repeat if over one day

          Then, I eat as is, , or jus chuck em all up in my Icebox, use em in other dishes, chix salad, fajitas, tacos, etc. Omelettes, Hash is Fair Game, too... :Cool:

          Jus gotta be watchful; they can go dry FAST!!!

          They take smoke well, an can be utilized in lotsa other meals...
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          • fuzzydaddy
            fuzzydaddy commented
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            Ditto on the zesty Italian dressing marinade!

          I took some out to thaw just now. They are rather large. They are Foster's Farms, whose whole chickens are also large. They have got that ice glaze on them "to prevent freeze burn" and the package mentions water and kosher salt.

          Thanks for the suggestions. I do have some Bernsteins dressing/marinade. I had been thinking that something with oil in it might help keep them moist.

          1. Might the oil be factor in that regard?

          2. Would oil interfere with picking up the smoke flavor?

          3. Will the extra large size of these boneless skinless breasts cause them to stay more moist? (At the same time, I don't want the outside to be dry/hard either.)

          4. These appear to be large enough that I could inject them. I've seen a few recipes for butter/chicken broth injections. What are your thoughts on injecting chicken breasts ?

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            Looks like ain't nobody done gone an tooken a swing at this one, yet, so I'll step up to Th Plate....

            1> I feel, IME, like th oil does, indeed, prevent em from dryin out quite so much...

            2> As stated in my previous response, ^^^ I generally marinate mine in Zesty Italian Dressin, which is largely oil...No Problem with smoke penetration, whatsoever... (I Likeys some smoke up in my food, fer reference sake...!)

            Fer marinades, truth be told, I jus use whatever store brand Zesty I come acrosst...

            3> They should be better, an moister than th ones I usually buy, which can vary considerable in size, an usually store brand, On Sale.
            Caveat: IF ya cook em jus right.
            Somebody mentioned, previous, they can go FAST!

            4> Cain't really see any harm with injectin em; never bothered, but totally yer choice, brother.

            Blaze th dangTrail, amigo! Worst ya can do is fail, an I happen to hold a Master's Degree in that there. As a result, I ain't too much of a half-arse bad cook !

            It happens, to th Best Cooks an Chefs. Embrace Th Suck, an plow forward.

            Never, EVER, be afeart to experiment. (Or, ya'll NEVER be an experienced, accomplished cook...

            Always, have at LEAST a plan B, cause shite happens...

            Also, importantly, Never be afeart to ask questions up in here, in this Forum...ain't nobody gonna yike at ya, an usually th Cavalry rides over th hill, to th Rescue, in a quicker fashion than today...

            Sorry I wasn' here fer ya, sooner, but sometimes obligations git in th way, amigo.

            P.S: Might give that Nee-Ice Italian dressin a try, but I'd try ya some cheapo store brand fer a marinade, save th Good Stuff fer a nice, fresh garden salad fer yreself, an Loved Ones...

            Th difference will be MUCH more discernible.

            YMMV. Jus my ¢2. An, ya Did Ask lol

            Best of luck with yer cook, please share it with us, an be safe an well!
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            • FireMan
              FireMan commented
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              I think Bonesy’s got it, yes he’s got it! 👌

            • zzdocxx
              zzdocxx commented
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              Thanks Mr. B

              All the above appreciated. Methinks it will be either Eye-talian or Filipino marinade. 👌

              Another question, I'm thinking about brushing them while they are on the grill, I'm just "petrified" of a rock-hard dry exterior.

              MB I think you covered all the bases and we could say you knocked it out of the park.

              OK then, large, moist, and smokey, is what we are looking for. That's what I'm talking about, wish me luck!

              Last edited by zzdocxx; August 21, 2020, 08:08 PM.

            I would be Fearless with yer marinade, be it Eye-talian, or Filipino...

            I've never found them frozen bag yardbird breast thingies to have any discernible level of salinity, so I've also used rubs, marinades that had salt as a primary ingredient...

            Never, even once, have I looked back, an said :"Wow. I wish I hadn't added salt." Ever.
            YMMV, dependin on yer preferred flavour profile.

            Hail, if'n it was me, reckon I'd try out yer Filipino style, mebbe make some nice rice, veggies, throw on some scrams, on th side, an feast down...

            Usedta eat me a whole lotta that,Chow Hall, durin th brief times we'd be back fer a brief while, in th Great Forty-Eight, until our next Great Adventure...

            If it was dry~ish, we'd rehydrate it some, with some soy sauce...if it was bland, some Chinese style hot mustard works a right treat, as well.

            However ya decide to roll, have a great cookout, an please, take us along, Brother!
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            • zzdocxx
              zzdocxx commented
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              Ha, was just logging in to say I'm going Filipino. Need to get 7-up and lemons. Skipping lemon grass, will use zest. Off to the store in a few . . .

              Wondered about the salt; figured dipping finger in raw juice is bad idea.

              Thinking about using bamboo skewers. Still not completely thawed, considering the geometry of cutting the breasts into pieces.

              --Nip off the skinny end and divide in 2 lengthwise ? Or 3?

              --Easier to slice while partly froze?

            • zzdocxx
              zzdocxx commented
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              Just one more thing, what are scrams ? All I can think of is scrambled eggs but I'm pretty sure that's not what you mean .


            • Mr. Bones
              Mr. Bones commented
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              Yup scrams = scrambled eggs...ya gits ya a ticket on 'Th Wheel of Woe' sez 3 x#2 Ham/links/WW/WW/WH/1OE/2scrams/bac/blk/crm/crm/sugar Then quick, like a bunny, ya make that happen in like 90 secs, give or take, an holler "Order Up!!!", to yer Servers

              An yup, scrams go dayum good with jus bout any kinda Filipino cuisine I've ever had...


            Went to Trader Joe's, got lemons, limes and some Pellegrino Lemon flavored Italian soft drink bc that's what they had.

            I had mixed up my approximation of the spices and brown sugar this morning, which tasted acceptable.

            All that was needed was the liquids.

            1 c. white vinegar
            1 c. lemon/lime soft drink
            1/2 c. lemon juice

            Added them in and stirred stirred stirred with a whisk.

            Took a little spoon and tried it.

            Wow ! Tangy Wangy Spangy ! ! !

            I think this is what I have been looking for.

            Up in Santa Maria, birthplace of Santa Maria style bbq, the local Filipino Community Center has a food truck that serves up BBQ on the weekends in the Autozone parking lot.

            In addition to trip-tip plates, they serve some kind of BBQ chicken that I've never had anywhere else. You also get a small plastic container of extra marinade, it is crazy awesome.

            I think Inasal is what they are making, this is the first time I have been able to identify it.

            OK wish me luck, I might break out the Weber Smokey Joe mini grill and do this on charcoal.

            One more note, to subsitute for lemon grass, they internet says use lemon juice plus lemon zest. I think this Pellegrino has the zest in it, it doesn't taste like 7-up. So all good there. The place in S. Maria, I noticed there were little bits of lemon peel floating around in the marinade . . .

            If you can't tell, I am a bit excited about this project !

            Got a couple of pics of the marinade, and the basting sauce which is a little lumpy due to the stick of butter that is in it. Going to post from my phone in a few minutes.

            Decided to sort of butterfly the chix breasts, will see what happens. The recipe I saw online was for legs, and they made a slice down to the bone the whole length, said it was so it would cook faster, or more evenly or something.

            The breasts are still about 50% frozen ! But it might have made them easier to cut. My chest freezer has been running around -20F, does that make them take longer to thaw ?

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            • Mr. Bones
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            Why not wrap them in bacon. And finish with a glaze.


            • zzdocxx
              zzdocxx commented
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              That does sound interesting, though I'm a little far into it at this point and no bacon in the house.

              BTW I'm in San Diego, and all along the other side of the border, from the Pacific to the Gulf of Mexico, bacon wrapped hot dogs are a "street food" favorite.

              In Madrid I loved the sandwiches made on a roll with Serrano ham, delish !!!!

              Let's start a new xraze, hot dogs chicken etc wrapped in Serrano ham cooked on the grill !!! That stuff just melts in your mouth !!!

            I always have a bag fo boneless, skinless chicken breasts from costco in the freezer. Handy for all sorts of stuff. One thing I do with them is lemon pepper, then slowly bring up to 155F on indirect. At 155F, I sear for a couple minutes per side to get some good flavor marks and make ‘em pretty. Then bring in the house and rest a bit, the carry over will get them past 165. Slice it thin across the grain and serve with a salad and some rice pilaf. Quick and easy summer dinner


            • zzdocxx
              zzdocxx commented
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              That is exactly what I have got, from Costco, FF brand boneless skinless breasts. FF does put out a good product from what I've been told.

            • ecowper
              ecowper commented
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              Yep, that’s the ones we buy. Keep a bag in the freezer all the time. Handy for lots of stuff.

            • Mr. Bones
              Mr. Bones commented
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              ^^^This^^^ is purty much where I live, as well, albeit I'll willinly concede that Eric is Way Kewler than me!

              Lemon Pepper seems to always be a Crowd Pleaser. other times Mrs Dash wins th race..

              Personally? I use plenty other things, but other Folks wants what they wants, an what I restrict em to, via th menu...

            Marinade, basting sauce.

            The basting sauce is a little lumpy due to the stick of butter. It is sort of an achiote substitute mixture (from internet) with added lemon juice, salt, and butter.

            I made the slits on the flat side of the breasts. I'm thinking if I put the rounded side down to start it might help to open them up ? They are still half frozen and not opening up too much yet.

            OK I had better step back, preparing this is getting to be a little obsessive.
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