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French Omelet Disasters

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    French Omelet Disasters

    Working from home has offered a lot more time to play in the kitchen (in normal times I have an insane commute). I've been attempting to learn the classic French omelette. I was reluctant to post anything here until I saw Meathead recently posted a recipe for it on the free site. I consider myself a good cook and know my way around the kitchen for a home cook. I have yet to come close to mastering the French Omelette. Forget mastering. I haven't come close period. Every time I end up with average scrambled eggs. I've studied Pepin's, Julia's, and Kenji's techniques. Have not yet tried Meathead's.

    Scrambled eggs and American/diner omelettes I can do in my sleep. The French is easily my biggest challenge in the kitchen.

    Anyone out there mastered this one and have any tips? As I told my wife, I can smoke a great brisket and can't make a French omelette or decent rice.
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    Can't help with the French Omelette. I bought a rice cooker and we use it 2-3 times per week. Perfect rice every time.


    • Polarbear777
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      An instapot etc works great for rice. And it does lots of other stuff too.

    • Old Glory
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      I haven't mastered brisket yet but I don't get to try often because my wife is not a big fan. She was the same with the rice cooker but since we use it so often she came around.

    • Reds Fan 5
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      Polarbear777 we renovated our home two years ago. We lived in our basement for 6 months during the project and ate almost every meal from an Instapot or Crockpot. We have some Instpot PTSD.

    I have had great results with the recipe meathead posted. Ive watched pepin’s video on country vs french omelette and 2 things jump out:

    1. the disturbing use of a metal fork in a non stick pan
    2. i have no idea how he moves it around like that and DOESNT get scrambled eggs.

    so overall, i guess im no help, lol


    • Cheef
      Cheef commented
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      We do use a set of non stick metal pans for every day that are advertised as metal utensil friendly. Love the things. Bought them at Costco from a demo sale about 2 years ago and so far no problems at all.
      The wife actually likes them better than the Hestan.
      I like being able to get out a pan and not get into trouble for scratching around in them.
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    • grantgallagher
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      Cheef i just saw an ad for them. intriguing design

    • Huskee
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      Probably because he gets all the pans he needs from sponsorship or his team buys new pans each month. Guessing.

    Omelettes and I tangle. I usually end up with scrambled eggs. I think one of the issues is that I don’t have a proper omelette pan.

    As for rice, I cook Jasmine Rice all the time and this is my method. Works perfectly every time.

    2 cups jasmine rice
    2 1/3 cups water
    2 qt saucepan

    Add water and rice to pan, turn to high, cover
    As soon as it boils (about 3 minutes on my stove) turn it down to the lowest possible heat setting
    Cover and let simmer at low for 8 minutes, then fluff/stir rice
    Cover and let simmer for 7 minutes, fluff/stir again and test for done
    Done equals still firm, but easily chewed, slightly nutty flavor
    If done, take off heat, cover, let stand 5 minutes
    If not done, cook 2 more minutes, then check for done
    Take off heat, cover, let stand 5 minutes
    Serve as desired


    • Reds Fan 5
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      ecowper, I have American/diner omelettes mastered. The French one, though, is a challenge. Thanks on the rice recipe. As noted, in a comment above, my wife just takes care of it.

    • ecowper
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      Reds Fan 5 my wife is anti Rice Cooker for the same reason as yours. Hopefully you can demonstrate success with my rice technique. It works well.

    I can help you with French Omelets. I have learned a few tricks over the years. It took me a very long time to get it right. Once I did....Wow. It's hard to explain so I will make a video of the way I have learned from a friend who teaches Culinary School at Triton College. I'm out of eggs right now but this week I'll do it.


    • Skip
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      Looking forward to your video troymeister.

    • troymeister
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      Ok Coming soon!

    • Henrik
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      Yes!! Video!!

    I love making French omelettes. They don't always look great but I love the soft texture that melts in my mouth. The Pepin technique is not as difficult as it may seem but, as usual, the devil is in the details. Here's a link to someone who documented their journey and he's able to tease out some of the keys. Alex and the omelette

    Note that Pepin isn't really scraping the pan with the fork more than incidentally. He's really just moving the egg.

    Enjoy the ride,
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      I get about one in five right. Here’s a tip: put the messed up part on the bottom.


        Reds Fan 5 Skip My video failed but the Eggs did not....I'm going to a do a French Omelette Redux...Very soon.

        Basically the method similar to Meathead's Except I just add a little water, no cream or cornstarch. I have the broiler pre heated. When it comes time time to flip it or turn it over like Meathead does, I put it under the broiler for 10 seconds or less. Don't close the door, watch it very closely. Just enough to cook the top a little but not all the way...Then remove pan, tilt and roll. That's how renowned Chef D. from Triton College taught me. Good results 99% of the time.

        Click image for larger version

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        I watched all the videos, too, and was never happy with my results. This tutorial is what finally helped me: https://www.seriouseats.com/2016/04/...-omelette.html

        *THE KEY - cook it on low heat, as he discusses, until you learn to judge the exact time to stop agitating and be ready to roll it. I literally took the flame down to almost off to practice the technique (also a great way to practice super-soft scrambled eggs). Think of it as making soft scrambled eggs, and then at a moment when they are still raw, turn the bottom layer into an egg-pancake, with fluff on top.

        The equipment recommendations in that tutorial are also helpful - pan size/condition matters a lot.

        *BONUS - if you want to stir like crazy, but not scratch your pan, pick up something like this: https://www.amazon.com/Calphalon-Nyl...5031943&sr=8-1

        I use that fork-thingy for both French omelets and scrambled eggs.

        *FINALLY, when you get the technique down, this filling is one of the best omelets I've ever tasted - really deep and satisfying flavor: https://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/...et-with-chives
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        • Reds Fan 5
          Reds Fan 5 commented
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          I think high temp is part of my problem. I thought I had it low but likely not low enough

        I have practiced the Julia Childs method for years, and can do it decent.
        EDIT: I can do it decent some days. Other days it would be less of a mess to just dump the pan full of eggs on the floor.
        Julia Childs 15 second omelette.
        This lady was a Super Star.
        Seems she was a purist. Very limited or no additions to her omelettes.
        There are hundreds of videos and instruction on line to her method.
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        • fzxdoc
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          She makes it look so easy, even without the fancy schmancy cooktops that we have today.


        • Cheef
          Cheef commented
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          It seems her methods go against modern day thinking.
          When you do hit her method right it is authentic, and unbelievably good.
          She also worked for the OSS during the Second World War.
          A lot of folks characterize her as a clown because of her voice but in fact she is rumored to have been a bad a**.
          Pepin held her in highest regard.
          To my mind these 2 will always be the ABSOLUTE Masters of the Kitchen.
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