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Easy Weeknight Burgers

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    Easy Weeknight Burgers

    I've spent a while coming up with what I think is an easy weeknight burger. Nothing special or fancy. No need to "grind your own", mix in ground bacon, marinade somehow, etc. Just a simple burger that comes out juicy and flavorful. You can cook it on a traditional pan, cast iron, or the grill. Any method works well.

    Makes or Serves
    This recipe makes 3 burgers about 1/3 pound each, plus all the fixings.

    Takes (how long)
    Total: 60 minutes
    Prepare the burgers: 5 minutes
    Chill and internally marinade the burgers: 30 minutes
    Prepare the "fixings": 10 minutes
    Cook the burgers: 10 minutes
    Serve and garnish: 5 minutes

    Serve with
    Whatever you really like with burgers. I like salted steak fries. You might like something else. And a cold beer!


    1 lb ground beef - 90/10 is just fine
    2 tbsp grapeseed oil, divided (if cooking on the grill, only need 1 tbsp)
    1 tbsp worcestershire sauce
    1 tsp Morton's kosher salt
    1 tsp garlic powder
    1/2 tsp fine ground black pepper

    Fixings (what I like, your mileage may vary)
    Quality BBQ sauce
    sliced beefsteak tomatoes
    Pickles - I prefer to buy something high quality and slice myself. If you can't do that, the Clausen slicers are pretty good
    Lettuce - iceberg is best. If you have to use romaine, break out the spines of the leaves
    Bacon - at least two slices per burger (I use my own, naturally).
    Avocado - slice it about 1/4" thick

    Tip: Cook the bacon in the same pan you will cook the burgers in, leave a TBSP, or so, of bacon grease and substitute for the grapeseed oil
    Tip: Cook the bacon with a press so it is nice and flat and even.

    1. Prep the burgers
      • put all burger ingredients into a mixing bowl and gently mix together by hand
      • Do not over mix the ground beef
      • Form 3 patties out of the ground beef mix
      • Lay out on a cookie sheet that is lined with wax paper (to avoid sticking and breaking)
      • Make a thumbprint in each burgers. This helps keep the burger from puffing up in the center as it cooks
      • Put burgers in the fridge for 30 minutes. I find this helps the flavor, acting as an internal marinade.
    2. Prep the fixings
      • Slice all the cold veggie type ingredients about 1/4" thick (tomatoes, pickles, avocadoes, etc)
      • If you haven't already, cook the bacon while the burgers are in the fridge
      • Toast the buns if you desire
      • Cut the cheese so it will fit on top of the burgers without tons of overlap
      • Cut the lettuce leaves (or tear by hand) so that it is slightly larger than the buns
    3. Cook the burgers
      • Prep a grill to medium high heat or preheat a pan on the stove. If using an IR therm, we are going for 400F direct heat
        • If using a pan on stove, add bacon fat or grapeseed oil and heat in pan. We use grapeseed oil because it can get to 420F without scorching, unlike olive oil
      • put burgers on direct heat, cook for 4 minutes on side 1, then gently turn to avoid breaking them, and cook an additional 4 minutes
      • Turn one more time, put cheese on, cook covered for about 2 minutes.
      • Burger internal temp should be 160F, give or take. Cook to well done to kill all the pathogens and stuff.
      • Reserve burgers on a cookie sheet (or plate or whatever) and allow to rest for a few minutes
    4. Lay out all the fixings and buns and let people assemble their burgers as desired.
    5. Enjoy!
    Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_2221.png Views:	12 Size:	939.7 KB ID:	965366
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    Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_2223.png Views:	12 Size:	710.4 KB ID:	965364

    Looks delicious! I personally would leave off the avocado but my wife would take my share.


      Nothing like easy peasy burgers..... their the Cat's meow. I like the thumb print trick. Been doing that for years. Got that tip from my brother-in-law of all people since he was not a very good cook and couldn't even boil water.


      • ecowper
        ecowper commented
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        I read it somewhere .... life changer for making burgers easy

      You did a great job explaining each step and the final product looks fantastic.


      • ecowper
        ecowper commented
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        Thanks Redwng ..... I think these are pretty tasty and easy to make. Enjoy!

      Burgers and PBR go together.
      We add a little Worcestershire also.


      • ecowper
        ecowper commented
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        bbqLuv the best thing that goes with PBR is a round of golf and a cigar!

      • bardsleyque
        bardsleyque commented
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        best thing that goes with pbr is an Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout!!!

      Huskee I put this in the wrong channel, do we want to move it to burgers?


      • Huskee
        Huskee commented
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        Done, thanks

      I do something similar and also mix in the bacon especially with 90/10. Curious, for a lb of beef, how much bacon do you use?


      • ecowper
        ecowper commented
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        If I mix in bacon (which I don’t in this recipe), I do about 1/2 lb in each 1 lb of beef.


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