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2021 Meat-Up In Memphis Canceled - Rescheduled for March 2022

We've unfortunately had to cancel the 2021 Meat-Up in Memphis. We are rescheduling for March 18-20, 2022. More details and re-booking info coming soon! For now click here for more info.
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  • jwaltz34
    Club Member
    • Oct 2020
    • 10


    Thinking of getting a weber kettle grill. I have a gasser , pbc. and propane smoker. Is there any advantage to a weber kettle?
  • Texas Larry
    Club Member
    • May 2017
    • 1789
    • Wilson County, TX
    • Kamado Joe Big Joe 2
      Weber 22” Premium/SNS
      Weber Jumbo Joe/SNS
      Thermoworks Smoke
      Thermoworks 2K Thermocouple
      Thermoworks Dash
      Too many gadgets, accessories, and tools
      Favorite beer: Alaskan Amber

    Man have you ever come to the right place! Just wait for it. Welcome from south Texas!


    • Panhead John
      Panhead John commented
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      😂😂😂. Just wait for it. 😂
      Last edited by Panhead John; February 6, 2021, 12:03 PM.

    • Panhead John
      Panhead John commented
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      Larry, this guys fixing to know more about Weber Kettles than the engineers at Weber.

    • GolfGeezer
      GolfGeezer commented
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      Panhead John That’s why I bought a Jumbo Joe. Had to run with The Pit herd! Now I have herd immunity....
  • Attjack
    Club Member
    • Aug 2017
    • 4644
    • Primo XL
      Weber 26"
      Weber 22"
      Weber 22"
      Weber 18"
      Weber Jumbo Joe
      Weber Green Smokey Joe (Thanks, Mr. Bones!)
      Weber Smokey Joe
      Orion Smoker

      DigiQ DX2
      Slow 'N Sear XL
      Arteflame 26.75" Insert

      Blaze BLZ-4-NG 32-Inch 4-Burner Built-In
      - With Rear Infrared Burner
      - With Infrared Sear Burner
      - With Rotisserie
      Empava 2 Burner Gas Cooktop
      Weber Spirit 210
      - With Grillgrates
      ​​​​​​​ - With Rotisserie
      Weber Q2200

      Blackstone Pizza Oven

      Portable propane burners (3)
      Propane turkey Fryer

      Fire pit grill

    I have a gas grill and a kamado. But I still use my kettles. I have one in nearly every size. If you ask me the answer is yes. I'm going to cook some wings on one Sunday.
    Last edited by Attjack; February 6, 2021, 10:44 AM.


    • JakeT
      JakeT commented
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      My kettles hibernate in the shop until camping season comes along, then they live in the bed of my truck.

    • LA Pork Butt
      LA Pork Butt commented
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      Me too!
  • JakeT
    Club Member
    • Mar 2018
    • 671
    • Cowtown (NorCal), CA
    • Lonestar Grillz 24x48
      Forno Bravo Casa 110
      Sunterra 60" Argentine Grill w/ Rear Brasero
      KBQ C-60
      Weber Kettle 22"
      Fire Magic a660i
      PK 360

      Bernzomatic w/ Mapp Gas

    You can never go wrong with a weber kettle. The advantages? Simplicity of use, durability, variety of uses, good 'ol charcoal cooked flavors...I and probably most everybody here would say it's a great choice. PK360 is also a great choice with about the same advantages. In my opinion a better looking grill if that matters to you, but it's also a bit more expensive.


    • Richard Chrz
      Richard Chrz commented
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      I’m not sure if I could part with all of my kettles, but if I did, the PK 360 would be my move. I just like a bigger table, so, I would likely have to get a table made for it.
  • tiewunon
    Club Member
    • May 2020
    • 522
    • Virginia Beach, Va

    Welcome aboard from Virginia Beach.
    Concerning the kettle. I like them due to versatility and all the cool add ons and work arounds that are available that make the cooker unique.


    • JakeT
      JakeT commented
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      Good point with the accessories and add ons. That would be one of the cons of the PK grills.

    • tiewunon
      tiewunon commented
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      JakeT you are one honest guy and I respect you a lot for that. I have a PKO and would never let it go. Great grill and your 360 is light years ahead of my PKO.

    • JakeT
      JakeT commented
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      tiewunon thank you! Easy for me to be honest in that respect. I wouldn't need any of the accessories on a weber kettle or PK since I have my arsenal of various cookers.
  • smokenoob
    Club Member
    • Dec 2017
    • 1154
    • Gulf Breeze, Florida

    Weber kettle is my favorite way to make chicken! so......yes!


    • RichardCullip
      Club Member
      • Feb 2020
      • 161
      • Poway, CA

      I only have one cooker and it's a Weber Kettle. It's handled everything I've wanted to cook on it from Brisket to Chicken and most of the meats in between. With the KettlePizza attachment I can also have some nice wood-burning pizza pies. My cooking temperature can range from 225 to 700 degF and most points in between.


      • Richard Chrz
        Club Member
        • Mar 2019
        • 1471
        • La Crosse, Wi

        I bought a used Weber q gasser last year. It sits, been used one time. I use my kettles (like Attjack, one in every size) and my Weber wsm. Don’t think of them as a grill, think of them as a commercial oven, but only more fun, because it is a giant bowl that you get to set up how ever you may want.


        • Jfrosty27
          Club Member
          • Mar 2020
          • 1331
          • Muskego, WI
          • Current cookers:
            Rec Tec RT700 "Bull" pellet cooker
            Smokin-It model 2 electric smoker w/ Maverick 732 temp monitor and cold smoking kit
            Weber Genesis 3 burner gas grill w/ rotisserie
            Charbroil Grill2Go gas grill
            Weber 22" Performer Deluxe kettle grill w/ThermoPro TP-20S temp monitor
            Onlyfire rotisserie kit for 22" kettle
            Weber Smokey Joe
            SnS Deluxe
            The Orion Cooker convection cooker/smoker (two of them)
            Blackstone 17" griddle
            Joule Sous Vide circulator

            Favorite beer: Anything that's cold!
            Favorite cocktail: Bourbon neat

          Oh yes. No outdoor cooking arsenal is complete without a Weber or similar brand kettle. So versatile. And they’re relatively cheap. SnS and Napoleon make nice kettles as well.


          • HouseHomey
            Club Member
            • May 2016
            • 5573
            • Huntington Beach, Ca. Surf City USA.
            • Equipment
              Primo Oval xl

              Slow n Sear (two)
              Drip n Griddle
              22" Weber Kettle
              26" Weber Kettle one touch
              Blackstone 36” Pro Series
              Sous vide machine
              Kitchen Aid
              Meat grinder
              sausage stuffer
              5 Crock Pots
              Two chimneys (was 3 but rivets finally popped, down to 1)
              cast iron pans,
              Dutch ovens
              Signals 4 probe, thermapens, chef alarms, Dots, thermapop and maverick T-732, RTC-600, pro needle and various pocket instareads.
              The help and preferences
              1 extra fridge and a deep chest freezer in the garage
              A 9 year old princess foster child
              Patience and old patio furniture
              "Baby Girl" The cat

              Erik S.

            Kettle Chicken with FOGO is life.

            what they 👆👆 said.
            +172,457.9 on acquiring the Kettle.


            • RonB
              RonB commented
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              Panhead John - somehow I'm not surprised...

            • HouseHomey
              HouseHomey commented
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              RonB I actually had to “Lap” Panhead John multiple times to get to that .9 on his behalf.

            • Panhead John
              Panhead John commented
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              How’s this for hijacking a post! 😂
          • troymeister
            Charter Member
            • Aug 2014
            • 1534
            • Forest Park Il
            • Weber 26

              Weber Performer 22.5, Weber 18.5, WSM 18.5, Smokey Joe

              2 Slow N Sears, Charcoal Rotisserie, Kettle Pizza for Weber 22.5, Vortex, Grill Grates

              Smoke Thermometer, Igrill, Thermapen, Thermapop,Maverick 2 probe
              I love cooking with wine. Sometimes I put it in my food.

              One cannot have too many grills.

            Yes.....the Kettle and Slow n Sear Combo is Awesome. You might want to check out snsgrills.com and look at their kettle. If I didn't have 3 Webers in my yard I would get that grill in a heartbeat.


            • glitchy
              Club Member
              • Jul 2019
              • 1113
              • Central IA
              • MAK 2 Star General
                Weber Summit Charcoal Grill
                w/ Big Joetisserie, SnS LP, and Vortex
                Weber Traveler
                Fireboard 2 Drive
                Anova Precision Sous Vide
                All the (pellet) grills I’ve loved before:
                Traeger Junior Elite^
                GMG DB
                Traeger Texas Elite
                Memphis Pro§
                Traeger Pro 575
                CampChef SmokePro STX (ugly grills need love too)
                Weber SmokeFire EX4§
                Traeger Select
                CampChef Woodwind WiFi w/SearBox^
                Weber SmokeFire EX4§

                ^ = Favorites
                § = Love/Hate Relationships

              Welcome! Like all the others mentioned all the accessories make a kettle the be all do all and fun. Vortex chicken wings or thighs are da bomb. It’s always fun to spin things on a rotisserie. The SnS makes smoking easy. I had a kettle, then a Performer and now the grand daddy Summit Charcoal which I’ve searched hard for or made made all those accessories for that are so easy to find for the kettle.

              If you’re really uncertain, find a used Weber on FB or craigslist. If you study and see the value, a Performer is great for the table, the SnS kettle for everything already pretty much already there and done you’ll want to do later, and the new Mastertouch Premium (I think) Weber looks cool for using as a smoker with the charcoal ring and diffuser.


              • HawkerXP
                Club Member
                • Jul 2016
                • 6425
                • Virginia
                • 2 Weber Performers, 1 kettle, 1 Smoky Joe and a PBC
                  Dot and Chef Alarm with probes
                  Slo n Sear
                  Cold beer

                Welcome. Yes the kettle is the perfect companion for your PBC!

                PBC, PBC, PBC!


                • Richard Chrz
                  Richard Chrz commented
                  Editing a comment
                  I don’t even have a PBC. But, I do enjoy it’s loyal following!

                • frailinryan
                  frailinryan commented
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                  Richard Chrz You should get one!

                • bardsleyque
                  bardsleyque commented
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              • Panhead John
                Club Member
                • Aug 2020
                • 1319
                • Houston, Texas
                • Weber 22” Master Touch Kettle, added a side shelf
                  Weber 14” Smokey Mountain Smoker
                  SnS For the Kettle
                  Set of Grill Grates
                  Thermo Pro Remote Dual Probe Thermometer
                  Rotisserie For The Kettle
                  J. A. Henckels Knives
                  Work Sharp E-5 Electric Knife Sharpener
                  Char-Broil Instant Read Meat Thermometer


                Here’s a review of the SNS Kettle Grill from one of our actual members, Joe Sousa. Our reviewer Max Good also has reviewed this one as well.
                Last edited by Panhead John; February 6, 2021, 12:09 PM.


                • Redwng
                  Charter Member
                  • Oct 2014
                  • 311
                  • St. Cloud, FL

                  I have a Weber Genesis gasser, a Rec Tec pellet grill and a Weber Performer with a SnS Deluxe and the DNG Deluxe. My mood, time available and weather may dictate which is utilized on a specific day. I will say the Performer is the cheapest of my three and we enjoy the charcoal flavor for something different. It took me a few times to understand how the vents control the temp but there is so much help here it wasn't too bad. The ribs on the Performer have been amazing, good luck.




                  2021 Meat-Up In Memphis Canceled - Rescheduled for March 2022

                  We've unfortunately had to cancel the 2021 Meat-Up in Memphis. We are rescheduling for March 18-20, 2022. More details and re-booking info coming soon! For now click here for more info.
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