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Tips for my 2nd attempt at pulled pork?

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    I buy mine from Sam's as well. Pretty much the same treatment as Fuzzy, but I don't tie mine. For removal I have a pair of insulated PVC gloves - I just scoop it with both hands, step over the big yellow Lab parked in front of the grill and drop it onto the foil for wrapping and resting. Anything that is left on the grill grates is MINE...well, and the Lab's.

    On my Kamado Joe a 7-9 lb shoulder takes roughly 16 hours. I put mine on the night before around 11:00 pm. They are usually done by late afternoon the following day, I don't use the crutch I let it power through on its own. A few hours in the cooler and they are still too hot to handle bare handed when pulling.


    • fuzzydaddy
      fuzzydaddy commented
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      Now I've got to try not using twine and see what happens 😏. All my butts have a bone. I have silicone gloves to remove the butts with.

    scottranda you've got some excellent advice here and an expert thermometer coming, you'll nail it next time! BTW my first butt the same thing happened. I though a loooong time was 3-4 hrs. We ate a delicious dry roast pork. My first ribs essentially the same thing happened. I think we're meant to do these things so we have good stories to tell others one day.


      Huskee maybe we should start a new topic/thread... our grilling disaster stories!

      But, yeah, I mean, this whole thing is trial and error. You learn from your mistakes, and keep trying. With a Forum like this, my learning curve is greatly, greatly, greatly reduced! I'm going to remember the Sourdough posts for when I tackle that mountain!


      • Steve Vojtek
        Steve Vojtek commented
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        scottranda The Sourdough post created by Wartface will be updated regularly by me and hopefully others .. It is really not the mountain you think it is - i thought the same until i tried it...

      We have a fail thread already here, I'm in there a few more times than I'd like.


        ​John Huskee jholmgren Steve Vojtek

        OK folks! Here's my 2nd attempt! Got the ThermaQ and it is amazing! I hope to cook it at the right temp this time

        When I used butcher's twine, do I want to get the PB in a ball? Or just tie it together? I could have really tied it tight, but then backed off a little.

        Also, I put it on at 7am. I hope to eat by 5:30pm... you think I have enough time?

        6 pound pork butt at 225 degrees!


        • Letmebefrank
          Letmebefrank commented
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          You want to tie it into a loaf - you want to get to a uniform thickness so the whole thing cooks at the same speed.

          On timing, you never know some butts just take longer than others, but in general if that were on my unit it would probably not get done in time...I would say just be ready to crutch that once you hit the stall. Some people take the temp up to like 275 once they crutch (even in an inside oven) as well which will speed you up.

        • jholmgren
          jholmgren commented
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          I don't tie mine at all - rub it and plop it on the grill. When you are cooking low and slow, I don't think you need to worry too much about uniformity of size. It all gets pulled and mixed anyway.
          Looks like your vents are set about the same as mine when I'm cooking @ 225* but I don't think 10.5 hours will cut it. 12-14 is usually the minimum for me at 225*. If you crutch it, you may hit your time but I'd think you are probably going to be eating a bit later.
          Good luck!

        scottranda Probably a bit late, but 10 hours is my done time for unwrapped when I cook at 275 or so, at 225 you will have to crutch it, around 1 or so depending on the bark.


          scottranda, I was just going to say what John said. 275 is fine for pork butt. My last 10lb shoulder was on from 6AM to 4PM, then an hour in the cooler wrapped in foil and a towel. No crutch. It was awesome.
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            Alright! I will bump up the temp!

            4 hours into the cook: 153* meat temp, 235* grill temp.

            Picture attached.

            I will keep an eye on it when it stalls. I will have to crutch it if the stall goes on too long. I'm going to try to create a bit more bark on it before I crutch.

            Your feedback is always welcome!


            • boftx
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              I usually figure an hour and a half per pound, and allow for two hours per pound on heavier cuts at 225 - 250 degrees. For example, I started cooking two 9lb butts at midnight and they hit the stall at about 8AM at 160 degrees IT. It's 9:40AM now and they are at 162 IT. I'll put them in a pan and cover with foil when they hit 170. I don't crutch as such, I want to trap the drippings as it renders from 170 and up to use as a sauce as well as keep the moisture in. It's my opinion that the time it takes to go from 170 to being done is what makes it so tender.

              I expect them to be done around 2PM or so, just in time for the block party.

            ​boftx Mosca John jholmgren Letmebefrank

            Here's my cooking log.

            Is it possible I didn't experience a stall? It seems to be moving quite well.

            If in the last hour, the meat IT went up 8 degrees, and I have 30 more degrees to reach 202/203... It seems I'll be done in about 3.5 hours, which puts me at 4:30pm and gives an hour to 1.5 hours to rest.

            Is my thinking logical?

            I haven't wrapped it at all!


            • boftx
              boftx commented
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              I expect it will start going up again at a faster rate, say 15 - 20 degrees per hour. In any event, you should finish in good time to let it rest a while (if you can resist eating it as soon as it's ready!) Wrapping and letting it rest is going to make that one tender hunk of pork.

            WE'VE STALLED AT 172!!!


            • scottranda
              scottranda commented
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              I say "we" because I feel like this pork butt is "ours" since ya'll have helped me so much! Sorry you don't get to taste!

            • barney
              barney commented
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              Bless your heart. Ya'll are going to love the end product. Be patient my friend.

            • BruceB
              BruceB commented
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              Those stalls happen! My PB stalled at 174 last night, and the PBC died at 12.5 hours. It's wrapped and on the gasser indirect today to finish. Way too hot to be running the oven in the house today.

            HAHA the sneaky stall gets another! You are only allowed to mention done time in planning, as soon as you mention it during the cook, especially to say there was no stall, you get one. Be about 185 by the 4:30 time you mentioned


              Sounds like fun! Bbq guests eat when the meat's ready, which often in my case is 2 or 3 hrs later than expected! But that helps the eaters REALLY love it!

              Oh and John I love your new avatar. But I'm not thrilled with how poorly Michigan is represented on that ribeye


                Sooooo good! Thanks to all who helped me on my 2nd attempt (first successful attempt)!!

                The meat just MELTED off the bone! I yanked the meat off at 198 to give it an hour to rest. Dinner time was at 6pm, so everyone was hungry and happy!


                • Mosca
                  Mosca commented
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                  This is awesome! I'm glad I was able to help some. Cooking for friends and family is one of life's true expressions of love. And when it comes out perfect, and everyone is overjoyed, well, that is so much better!

                Looks great, Scott


                  Awesome, glad everything was a success, if you get it right the first time everyone will think it's easy. Smart to pull and rest, resting is almost as important as cooking to me.



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