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Can't Bring Home the Bacon . . .

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    Can't Bring Home the Bacon . . .

    Not at these member prices! Believe it or not I spotted it selling at Ralph's (Kroger) for $12.99/pound just the other day. Restaurant menu prices have already started to reflect the California pork shortage. I guess I get what everyone else wants even when I do vote. But I digress . . . .

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    Sigh.... I was in Costco today, lamenting the sharp increase in meat prices across the board.


      My local Safeway wanted $30.99/lb for prime ribeye.

      From a bacon perspective, it’s time for you to figure out how to make your own bacon. I got my last pork belly at Costco for $3.69/lb ….. crappy bacon at Safeway was $8.99/lb

      bought that pork belly just a week ago :-)
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      • Stuey1515
        Stuey1515 commented
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        I'm with you Eric, I haven't bought bacon since I started making my own a few years ago

      • latenight71
        latenight71 commented
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        unfortunately, it's not just the bacon that is up. All pork is at premium prices because CA passed Prop. 12 in 2018 to require larger pen size for animals to be slaughtered.

      I got a great deal on a pork belly from Schnucks in the midwest (the Lou!) last week. It was less than the Costco price... the rise in meat prices hasn't hit us yet in Missoura...


      • kizeroy
        kizeroy commented
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        I've seen those prices here at Schnucks and Hy-Vee. I could've sworn I even saw some priced at $12 for a brief moment.

      Don’t hate me because I am (cute, witty, enter adjective here). Just got my pig. Doing my own bacon in the next couple weeks. Yes, meat prices have gotten stupid. latenight71 the next time an animal comes around, let’s talk. Same for Attjack I call y’all out because we are "neighbors".

      now that I am not in my old job, it kills me what I pay for protein! But I still respect the process and philosophy.


        And furthermore, watch the packaging on that bacon. It may have gone from 16 oz to 14 or 12 for the same =&$#=$##*3& price!


        • Murdy
          Murdy commented
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          Drives me nuts how canned goods seem to be going down about half an ounce every so often. Currently, iirc, most cans that used to be 16 ounces are 14.5. Same thing with O.J. containers.

        • SheilaAnn
          SheilaAnn commented
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          Murdy you ain’t lyin’

        Yeah, I heard on the news that bacon is at it's highest price in 40 years, correcting for inflation. However, pork bellies at my local HEB are still cheap even though they are $0.65 higher per pound than last year. I bought two the other day and will buy more when I go next time.
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        • 58limited
          58limited commented
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          Stupid spell correct. I didn't have my reading glasses on but I'd say the infatuation with bacon has greatly increased in 40 years too.

        • Panhead John
          Panhead John commented
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          ComfortablyNumb "be along coon"? I need to start getting paid for being an editor. 🥸

        I made 17 pounds of bacon the other week. I’ll be ok for a little while. Then I’ll make more!


          One thing I noticed from my trip to Frisco two weeks ago is you guys have pretty much caught up to us up here in the sticks as far as most meat price go.
          Three, four years ago on similar visits I used to marvel at meat prices at my nephews haunt, believe its Kroger's.
          Now not so much.
          Used to be feed the people with low food prices, now its gouge em for profit.
          Call me a doomsdayer but all I see is corporations creating artificial shortages on order to jack up prices and keep them that way.


            Asked The Wife, she says we usually pay about $20 for a 3 lb package of Wright brand bacon at WalMart. I'll have to pay attention and see if this starts going up.


            • smokin fool
              smokin fool commented
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              Once a month our Walmart will sell 375g for $2.97.
              Get there early, it gets tough, an old blue hair rag dolled me pretty good a coupla months ago.

            Food shortages in one place after another, NW Oregon too.


              The local Kroger here has a three pound package of their house brand bacon for $4.99/lb. We get it all the time. Really good bacon too.

              And yeah, it ticks me off too that the producers of nearly everything are being sneaky in the way they reduce the quantity of product in the packaging. They make the package appear the same to fool you.


                What timing Mr. Frosty. I just got back from Kroger and bought one before you posted that. And I’ll back you up on that too. It is a really good thick cut bacon. Never thought I’d consider $5.00 a pound for bacon a steal though. If Wright’s is on sale I usually buy that brand, but this stuff is almost as good.

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                • Jfrosty27
                  Jfrosty27 commented
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                  Yup. Same stuff. We really like it.

                Charlotte NC Costco had belly for 3.99...which was down 50 cents from the last time I got it...
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                • Murdy
                  Murdy commented
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                  Same price in the Chicago suburbs (St. Charles Costco).

                  They also have St. Louis Spares for $3.29, Backs to $5.19, Pork Butt for $2.49, and Prime Briskets for $4.99.

                Wish I had a bigger freezer...



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