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The McRib is back November 1!

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    Huh, I would have thought klflowers would be the one to share this breaking, Earth-shattering, oh-so-not-fake news to the group. His internet must be down...


    • klflowers
      klflowers commented
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      I hadn't seen the ads yet Cap but now that I know...

    • tbob4
      tbob4 commented
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      The Ernest comment - hahahahahahahahaha. My belly hurts

    • Ernest
      Ernest commented
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      CaptainMike HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...... are we not squeezing a little lemon juice to finish it all?

    Never had a McRib.


      I like the McRib. Let the hate begin.


      • Attjack
        Attjack commented
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        You seem to be firmly with the majority.

      • CaptainMike
        CaptainMike commented
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        I tried one when they first came out in our market area, gotta be late 70's/early 80's, and it was pretty awful. Maybe they're better now, but once bitten, twice shy.
        Last edited by CaptainMike; October 7, 2021, 10:05 PM.

      Maybe I'm an oddball on this but I have never in my life eaten a McRib. dig the commercials and concept but I'm a Big Mac guy.

      also, if you haven't seen it, this film is worth a view. Great cast.




          Mc Wib? Hell no. Thanks.


            I will admit while I am not a fan of the McRib especially. I do like the BBQ sauce they use on it.
            McRib seems a decent value but I am astounded at the $7 so called fish sandwich they are actually able to sell.


            • mcook2201
              mcook2201 commented
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              Although I will be indulging in the ol McRib, the only thing I ever eat at Mc'Ds is the Filet-O-Fish. $7 must be the new McSea Bass one...

            • Debra
              Debra commented
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              Near my house right now the 2 for $7 is running as the 2 for 1 special.

            I’ve never had a McRib but the last couple of years AR reviews have had me intrigued. Unfortunately, I won’t wait in line. I don’t know about McDonalds’ outside of my sphere but 20 - 30 minute waits are standard for McMuffins/Big Macs around here. This has nothing to do with demand - staffing issues.

            I still remember the “if you aren’t served within x minutes, your meal is free” days.


            • Debra
              Debra commented
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              I remember when McDonalds actually made a reasonably good hamburger.
              I will give my age away here and also remember a few other burger places that seem to have disappeared.
              Griff's Burger Bar at 10 for a dollar.
              Big Scotts - they specialized in burgers and a very good milk shake.
              And my all time favorite for late night dining was Sambos.

            • Mr. Bones
              Mr. Bones commented
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              Debra >1Yup. >2 We had a Griff's Burger Bar here in LFK, early '70's...sadly, they went away...first time this ol Hillbilly had ever seen any kinda A-Frame / Chalet typa structure, found it both intriguin, an puzzlin...
              >Cooked at Sambo's, fer quite some time, while adolescent. Wanna talk bout learnin yer Skillz??? Nuthin more fun than th 12-7 shift, dealin with alla th drunks after th bars closed . To add icing to th cake, frequently, we would have a Greyhound Bus ctd->
              Last edited by Mr. Bones; October 10, 2021, 08:45 AM. Reason: h

            • Mr. Bones
              Mr. Bones commented
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              Debra ctd->pull in, sometimes several a shift, fer a 30 mike meal stop.
              Nuthin but arseholes an elbows, when yer th (only) cook.
              I can Flat-Arsed make 2 72" Flattops SING, Sister. Deep fryers, too, btw.
              Jus sayin.
              Ahhhh...such Great Memories
              Last edited by Mr. Bones; October 9, 2021, 12:23 PM. Reason: Th Final Frontier...:-p

            Drum roll…Not.


              Thanks for the warning.


                Never had one never will.I really try to avoid fast food places.


                  Watching TX-OU, Arbies has a commercial for the Country Rib Samage!
                  Looks ok, not as messy as the McRib


                  • rickgregory
                    rickgregory commented
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                    See the video I embedded on page 1

                  • smokin fool
                    smokin fool commented
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                    Sorry for duplicating,completely missed your post 😑

                  • rickgregory
                    rickgregory commented
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                    no worries - I mostly wanted folks to be able to see the video

                  I have never tried it. I guess I should to see what all the fuss is about. I do Meatheads version all the time though. Great way to use up leftover ribs.


                    Hey remember everybody,
                    ITS NOT A WIB , it’s CWAP!


                      Not one th Die Hard Fans of th McRib, but I'll eat em, when in season...they are what they are; nuthin more, nuthin less. (Same As It Ever Was) They ain't never pretended to be otherwise.

                      Those ya what ain't never tried one, try ya one, fer Cripes Sake.

                      Don't open th box with any kinda cork sniffin negative bias, remain objective.Yer not at my pit, nor yer own. Be fair. Be objective, an scientific.

                      Write a review, if ya want...this is how Science advances.

                      Then, form an Edjumacated Opinion.

                      Love it? Great? Hate it? Great, as well. Yer call, faux chaux, hauxs.

                      This site is alla bout th Science of Food. Yes? No?

                      Formin a (prejudicial) judgement, havin never investigated th subject matter is decidedly Non-Scientific, an any output derived by this method is invalid, an useless to th rest of th Scientific Community.

                      Me? Where do I personally stand, on th McRib?

                      They otay, when at best; ~meh~ when not, which is true of every single visit I've made to McDonalds, an every menu item ever ordered....



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