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Do ya like smoke?

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    Do ya like smoke?

    Well, of course you do or you wouldn't be here.

    But is there anything you have cooked that you didn't like the added smoke flavor?

    The first time I smoked a chuck roast, I saved the drippings and made gravy. I did not care for the smoky flavor that added to the gravy, so I have not saved the drippings since.

    OK - whatcha got?
    Last edited by RonB; November 18, 2021, 07:34 AM.

    Hmmm... well I didn't cook them but I've smoked a few shirts and jackets. I now have a jacket just for this and it never gets hung in a closet.


      I have heard people mentioning they use their pellet grills to bake, not sure I would care for even the slightest wood flavor on let’s say an apple pie. These pellet grills do impart a slight cooked over wood taste to the food.


      • DavidNorcross
        DavidNorcross commented
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        With higher temps on a pellet cooker you really do not get any smoke in my experience.

      • ItsAllGoneToTheDogs
        ItsAllGoneToTheDogs commented
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        For most pellet grills you wouldn't get much if any heavy smoke flavor at common baking temps. I haven't baked anything on my MAK since the new firmware but it chucks out pretty decent smoke well past 400F now so anything I baked would possibly have more smoke flavor than before the firmware upgrade. But then again, if max smoke absorption happens at lower temps, maybe it's still a non issue since baked items heat up very fast on the outside at least?

      • bbqLuv
        bbqLuv commented
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        Yes, Bake in a pellet grill works well. In a pellet grill the higher the temp the less smoke.
        My Trager has a super smoke mode that adds more smoke flavor up to 225*F. When doing pizza I start in the super smoke mode for the first few minutes, then complete at the suggested temperature. So good.

      I did some Cheez-Its once on advice from here. Did not like. Of course, I tried to cold smoke with a smoke tube, just letting the fan run on my Yoder - I think I got bad smoke. They were bitter and gross. I threw them out.

      Honestly not a fan of smoked cheese, and I tried smoking some eggs once in the shell on advice from a friend. Did not like those, either.

      I think some things just don't lend themselves to smoky flavor very well.


      • efincoop
        efincoop commented
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        I did deviled eggs once With my inexpensive cocktail smoke generator. Just smoked the yoke mixture. They were a bit hit.

      Honestly, a lot of things. There's a reason home ovens went to gas and electric, beyond convenience. I treat smoke as a flavor, and go from there.


        Usually smoke once a week, grill 3-4 times a week. Nowadays we are trying to be a little more healthy so I don’t smoke ribs/butts/brisket super often.

        Butterball white meat turkey roasts are absolutely incredible on the smoker. They’re the ones that look like footballs, in the frozen section. I don’t really care for the dark/white meat ones or the Cajuns.


          I like smoke a lot, but I smoked a head of cauliflower last year, after seeing some do it on here. It was too smoky. The cauliflower absorbed a lot more than you would think. I think its fine grilled, but without an excess of smoke.


            Originally posted by RonB View Post

            The first time I smoked a chuck roast, I saved the drippings and made gravy. I did not care for the smoky flavor that added to the gravy, so I have not saved the drippings since.
            If you make homemade ramen: beef or pork drippings can help make a phenomenal smoky, rich broth. Give it a try next time.


              I grill at least once per week and try to smoke 2-3 time/month depending on my schedule. I just got a new stick burner and I plan to to a pork belly & pasture raised turkey cook Thanksgiving weekend. Many folks say a clean burning fire on a stick burner will impart a very mild smoke flavor. I found that to be true on the 1 rack of ribs I cooked so far, so I look forward to experimenting with cooking different foods.


                I have never gotten a flavor using clean smoke that I didn't like. I have baked chocolate chip cookies on my offset and I was disappointed that I couldn't tell the difference if I had done them in the oven. There really wasn't much of a smoke flavor. The times that I don't like the smoke flavor involve incomplete combustion and dirty smoke. I blackened jalapenos the other day on my charcoal chimney and I disliked the flavor because the chimney was putting off white smoke instead of clean, clear smoke.


                  I haven't experimented with anything other than meat on our BKK but pan drippings for gravy off turkey and beef are a big hit around here.
                  Everyone's tastes are different, no biggee.


                    I do not care for smoked seafood / fish. I will grill it but not smoke it.

                    No to smoked salmon, no to smoked shrimp, no to smoked lobster, etc.


                      this is a longer list for me than most..i don't like smoked:

                      and honestly i've done a few chickens on the smoker and i could take it or leave it

                      and there is probably more. i don't believe adding smoke will always "take it over the top"


                        I like almost everything smoked, with a few exceptions.

                        Don't like smoked cheese, and I WAY over-smoked some broth/turkey that didn't turn into the lovely soup I had imagined. I've saved drippings for gravy and found them to be just too much.

                        I've never tried smoked baking - apple pie, bread, whatever. I suspect that a bit is good, but not much more is too much.

                        A friend made a smoked whiskey sour for me last New Year's. Meh. Ok, not amazing.


                          Food talk doesn't go in the Off Topic channel

                          Yep, it gets old if it's on everything.



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