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And now, what to do with that leftover rib roast!

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    And now, what to do with that leftover rib roast!

    Here is the coup de gras of leftovers: rib roasts make the most excellent Italian Beef Sangwiches.

    First, a link to Meathead ‘s Italian Beef Sangwich page, which is a delight, and which taught me everything I know about these beasts (except how to eat them, I been to Portillo’s):


    So now you maybe got a leftover rib roast, probably around or two or ‘tree pounds still. Slice that son of a gun as thin as you possibly can: 1/8-1/16”.

    Have some nice crusty steak rolls ready. If you’ve made a few rib roasts (Mosca looks in the mirror) you planned ahead, and bought the rolls when you were buying the rest of your meal.

    Toast those rolls. Make a bullion out of Better-Than-Bullion, Heat a couple cups of water to simmering, add 2tsp of BTB. 2 cups is right for 2 sandwiches. (Oh yeah; Better-Than-Bullion. If you don’t [i[always[/i] have this in your fridge/panty, you should put it on your next shopping list. There are lots of flavors. Get the beef and the chicken, the turkey, ham, and mushroom are good, but not essential. Beef and chicken work for 98% of what you'll do with it [which is make killer soups and gravies]).

    Put the sliced beef in the bullion, and let it soak until it is nice and gray. Put it on those buns, and serve them with the bullion on the side as a dip. Or, if you want to be authentic, ladle the dip over the sandwich so it soaks into the bread and everyone will need a whole roll of paper towels!

    Now, here's the thing. You have made a basic Italian Beef. But you also have... A BLANK CANVAS. Ask yourself: what would be good on a sandwich like this? And, what do I have right now that would be good on a sandwich like this?

    Mosca’s answer, this time, was: Cooper sharp cheese. Fried onions, mushrooms, and red peppers. And chopped giardiniera, because that is traditional and I had a jar of it left over from the last time I made Italian Beef Sangwiches! Next time it might be something different. Maybe sun dried tomatoes? Roasted Hatch Chiles? You can do what you want! Substitute marinated artichoke hearts for the giardiniera, they would probably be awesome.

    Anyhow, this is Mrs Mosca’s comment, on the Italian Beef Sangwiches: “I think I like these better than the prime rib the other night.” And you know what, I had just been thinking the same thing. Really. Happy 31st Anniversary, dear, the love of my life!

    Click image for larger version  Name:	CBB93395-CE4F-45EF-8A45-E9E804742593.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	2.10 MB ID:	908715

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    Last edited by Mosca; September 9, 2020, 05:42 PM.

    Oh man. Yum.


      I can't improve on that! But I can stop you from eating it 4 days in a row... Set aside some chunks for beef & broccoli stir fry. There's a method called 'velveting' I'll post this week.

      I need a slicer off Craig's list - maybe:

      Click image for larger version

Name:	table saw.jpg
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      • RonB
        RonB commented
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        That looks exactly like the broken saw in my shop. My Dad bought it over 40 years old and it is beyond repair...
        Last edited by RonB; September 9, 2020, 07:42 PM.

      Don’t forget to keep a pound of that leftover roast for some killer beef hash on Sunday!


      • theroc
        theroc commented
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        +1. Love roast beef hash!

      Nice sammy, I'd be in on that all day long.
      Happy Anniversary


        Happy anniversary Mosca. That sandwich is making me hungry and I just left the dinner table 15 minutes ago. I love the Corelle plate. My mom had that same set.


          Happy anniversary! And thanks for the idea on what to do with the leftovers. Main reason we haven’t done one since it is just the two of us this year.


            Nice lookin' lady. How is she doing these days?

            Nice looking sammy, too, BTW.


            • Mosca
              Mosca commented
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              Thanks for asking. She’s doing well, there are some chronic complications from the radiation but they beat the alternative. Love life.

            • Skip
              Skip commented
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              GREAT News on Mrs Mosca !

            What a wonderful treat for your wife, a delicious meal that keeps on morphing into even more delicious meals. Happy anniversary to you and your beauty of a wife.



              Happy Anniversary! Nice looking sammie there! It reminds me of an Italian Deli near me called Serelli's. They make a Shaved Prime Rib sammie with Melted Provolone, a little Horse Radish, Au Jus, and a little Giardiniera on Toasted Italian Bread. I think I'll pick one up today.


                That sandwich looks delicious! Happy Anniversary to Mr and Mrs Mosca .


                  Happy anniversary! Great re use of the prime rib!


                    Happy anniversary! Great looking sammie; I have some left over SV chuck that I think will receive the same treatment!



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