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2021 Meat-Up In Memphis Canceled - Rescheduled for March 2022

We've unfortunately had to cancel the 2021 Meat-Up in Memphis. We are rescheduling for March 18-20, 2022. More details and re-booking info coming soon! For now click here for more info.
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NY Strip or Ribeye

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  • djmarko413
    Club Member
    • May 2019
    • 1

    Both are good but ribeye would be my first pick.


    • randy56
      Club Member
      • Aug 2017
      • 516
      • Newburgh In

      Rib-eye once a week for me. i did cook a prime strip steak 1.25 inch a couple weeks ago, ahhhh ya lots of marble, much better than spam. What a fine meal it was.


      • spieri104
        Club Member
        • Oct 2016
        • 3
        • sacramento, ca

        Nothing beats a prime NY strip - nothing. I’ll eat a rib eye if offered one at a BBQ for sure, but I buy nothing but NY strips. If cooked right, they explode with flavor and have the perfect amount of chew at med-rare for me. I’ve sous vide them with a sear at 1800 degrees in our kitchen Blue Star gas oven/broiler, cooked hot and fast on my Weber natural gas grill at 650-700, or my favorite of smoke and finish off with a quick hot sear on gas grill.


        • Huskee
          Huskee commented
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          I'm with you, I prefer a good strip to a ribeye. Strips can have gristle which can be disappointing, but I still prefer them.
      • prepperjack
        Club Member
        • May 2020
        • 64
        • Dallas, GA

        Ribeye is by far my favorite. I can't eat a normal steakhouse ribeye anymore, though, so unless I am sharing with my wife I end up with a strip steak since normally I can get an 8 oz strip steak. I hate sharing a ribeye with her though because she absolutely drowns it in A-1.


        • Donw
          Club Member
          • Jul 2017
          • 3633

          Funny that this thread came around again. Things change because when this thread started I was wholeheartedly in the ribeye camp, but this past year I’ve come to realize that strip is my now preferred cut.


          • Mosca
            Charter Member
            • Oct 2014
            • 3893
            • PA
            • Large Big Green Egg, Weber Performer Deluxe, Weber Smokey Joe Silver, Maverick 732, DigiQ, and too much other stuff to mention.

            I’m strip steaks all the way. I love ribeyes too, I mean what the hell, they’re steaks.

            Here’s my take. There’s no logic or reasoning, it’s just what I like:

            The cap of the ribeye is heaven. I mean, you can even eat that cap well done and it is just fantastic.

            But the eye? Eh. It’s okay. It’s steak. I’m not going to leave any behind, that’s for sure.

            So, about 20% of a ribeye is outstanding, and the other 80% is pretty good.

            But a strip steak, well, it’s just got that perfect combination of bite, chew, meatiness, texture, and I don’t know what to call it, iron-iness maybe; that mineral flavor, not really umami, because ribeyes have umami too; but a strip steak is end to end and top to bottom all there. Strip steaks deliver. Every single bite.

            Oh, and you know what else? PORTERHOUSE, baby! Order the most expensive steak on the menu at just about any steakhouse in the USA, and you get a freakin’ porterhouse, which is about 2/3 strip steak and 1/3 filet. You can enjoy your ribeye whilst I gnaw on the t-bone of my porterhouse to get every little bit of that beautiful red beef off of it. And in the meantime, I get my tenderness from that scallop of tenderloin.


            • Donw
              Donw commented
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              You expressed my change of thoughts on why I now prefer strips over ribeyes.Both are outstanding, but bite for bite the strip just feels like it delivers more. Thanks for expressing it so eloquently.
          • Mosca
            Charter Member
            • Oct 2014
            • 3893
            • PA
            • Large Big Green Egg, Weber Performer Deluxe, Weber Smokey Joe Silver, Maverick 732, DigiQ, and too much other stuff to mention.

            Donw I’ve gotten pretty decent at steaks over the last couple years, and I have learned a couple things that probably lots of people already knew, but I didn’t. I simplify them for my categorizing brain.

            There are two kinds of strip steaks: one is pretty straightforward, and the other one has a sort of half-moon scallop of white in it. The second one is called a nerve steak or a vein steak. Stay away. They are tougher than regular strips. This is a nerve steak:

            Click image for larger version  Name:	image-asset.jpeg?format=1500w.jpg Views:	0 Size:	525.6 KB ID:	1041241

            And, there are two types of ribeyes. One of them has that strip of cap and a nicely defined eye; the other has what sometimes look like multiple eyes. Those are small end and large end. Most people prefer the small end; I absolutely prefer the large end. I think that it tastes more interesting overall. Either way, there’s plenty for everyone.

            Click image for larger version  Name:	43067C5A-FA01-47B7-9ABE-16D643C6749C.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	77.8 KB ID:	1041242

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            • Sweaty Paul
              Sweaty Paul commented
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              Love this. Thanks for sharing! Just learned something.
          • Michael_in_TX
            Club Member
            • Dec 2018
            • 803
            • Texas Gulf Coast
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              Thermoworks Smoke

            Hey old threads are fun.

            I'm strip steak and as Mosca said....Porterhouse if you can get it. For the longest time I felt really weird in that I just did not prefer ribeyes. Of course they are tasty, without question, but man that beefy flavor of a strip.

            If I want melt-in-my-mouth....I'll go eat Jello.


            • DavidNorcross
              Club Member
              • Nov 2017
              • 2435
              • Virginia
              • SNS Kamado
                Weber Summit S-670
                Camp Chef FTG 600
                Camp Chef Escape

                Old Hickory Knives
                More Cast Iron than I care to admit

              I really like them both. Flip of the coin. If I really had to choose it would be the ribeye but it is a tough call.


              • GolfGeezer
                Club Member
                • May 2019
                • 379
                • San Clemente, CA
                • Sam

                  MAK 2 Star
                  Hestan Aspire 36" Grill
                  Blackstone 22" Griddle

                I love both, but prefer NY strip particularly if it is well aged and then use SV with reverse sear. These days finding quality cuts is very hard. Even Costco "prime" has been a crap shoot, sometimes very good and tender and sometimes chewy and a bit "tough".


                • JeffJ
                  Charter Member
                  • Feb 2015
                  • 2488
                  • Michigan
                  • Jeff

                  I prefer ribeye. My wife and younger son prefer NYStrip. My older prefers ribeye. For my 50th birthday my wife picked up Wagyu tomahawks and I cooked them on the kettle. She said it was the best steak she’s ever eaten. I will say that prime strips from Costco were an eye opener. The succulence of a ribeye.


                  • RolfTaylor
                    Club Member
                    • May 2021
                    • 33
                    • Springfield Virginia (DC area)

                    Good debate. Generally I find ribeeyes have less flavor, but more tender. Also, if you want to marinate they take flavors quite well. That's ironic cause marinating is for tough cuts, right?

                    Strip has more raw meat flavor (someone above called it "iron" and I like that description. Yeah it has some gristle. But overall I do tend to prefer the strip.

                    Lately I have been finding very good prices on "petite sirloin". I used to get these at Aldi's and they have great flavor but I found they are too small and too thin. But lately Safeway has been running them as loss leaders. The safeway version is larger and thicker. Being a lean steak they are not particularly tender, but good flavor and not tough, just chewy.

                    I wish I hadn't stock up n quite so many ribeyes when they were on sale or I would grab more of these. My tiny freezer is full (4 racks of st louis ribs, 2 pork shoulders, about 10 corned beef chunks for pastrami, the aforementioned ribeyes and a few of the petite sirloins)!


                    • MBMorgan
                      Club Member
                      • Sep 2015
                      • 6631
                      • Colorado
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                        to fiddle with a more capable cooker)
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                        > 3 Thermoworks Chef Alarms
                        > Thermoworks Thermapen
                        > Thermoworks IR-GUN-S
                        > Anova sous vide circulator
                        > Searzall torch
                        > BBQ Guru Rib Ring

                      I'm not a huge fan of ribeye. For me, it's a bit too fatty for regular consumption. That fattiness, though, makes it nearly indestructible so if someone else is cooking and serving steak, I'm usually relieved if it’s a ribeye that can be eaten with reasonable enjoyment anywhere from rare to well done. At home, I prefer a good strip steak. They're a little harder to cook properly than ribeye, but the combination of taste, texture, and sheer satisfaction of a grilling job done well make them worth it. That said, after more than 42 years of marriage, I still can't seem break SWMBO of her habit of bringing home nothing but filet mignons from the store. Good thing I've learned to cook those, too ...
                      Last edited by MBMorgan; June 6, 2021, 08:58 PM.


                      • zupanj
                        Club Member
                        • Sep 2018
                        • 23
                        • Yardley, PA

                        Today I prefer ribeye but I have nothing against strip steaks. I used to go to a couple of restaurants that only served strips and they were great. I am surprised there hasn't been more mention of t-bones and Porterhouse steaks. I always loved both but find them a little too big to eat in one sitting now that I'm older.


                        • Sweaty Paul
                          Founding Member
                          • Aug 2014
                          • 1647
                          • Hays, KS
                          • Green Mountain Grill - Jim Bowie
                            (I've never regretted having too much grate space).

                            Weber Genesis Gas grill
                            Weber Kettle grills x 2

                          Yes please!


                          Answer is depends as I love them both.

                          Mr. Bones is right, around here they are KC Strips!




                          2021 Meat-Up In Memphis Canceled - Rescheduled for March 2022

                          We've unfortunately had to cancel the 2021 Meat-Up in Memphis. We are rescheduling for March 18-20, 2022. More details and re-booking info coming soon! For now click here for more info.
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