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What Cooking Youtube Channels Do You Enjoy?

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    What Cooking Youtube Channels Do You Enjoy?

    Sometimes I like to reflect on how astonishing it is that there are so many Youtube channels dedicated to cooking and BBQ and so many of them are of exceptionally high quality. (I taught video production in the early 2000s and have done some work for PBS, so I know first-hand the work that goes into this stuff.) It seems at least monthly I'm finding a new channel on Youtube to which I at least tentative want to subscribe.

    I have about 25 channels that I checkout regularly, but there are a few that I try to watch all of their videos.

    Here are the ones I regularly enjoy:

    HowtoBBQRight https://www.youtube.com/user/howtobbqright
    This is my favorite. I am a huge Malcom Reed fan, like many on here. He has over 530 videos going back ten years. (And it is awesome to see how his production quality has improved through just sheer experience over that time.) He recently opened a retail store, so his normal cadence has dropped off a bit, but typically he and his wife Rachelle film a video on Tuesday, get it online Thursday, and then do a one hour podcast talking about it on Friday.

    SwineLifeBBQ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCa5...nq2cmJOt9DqTng
    SwineLifeBBQ is done by Mark Williams, a longtime friend and collaborator of Malcom Reed. His channel is not nearly as prolific as Malcom's, but he has some really good recipes in there.

    Hank's True BBQ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeL...cWvs4YCHIKd3BQ
    A few of us might know this guy. Henrik's channel has proven to be really, really interesting. The metalwork videos are fascinating and the BBQ videos have some absolutely unique and tasty flavor combinations.

    Meat Church BBQ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPj...NWgA63aZfQ2bAQ
    Matt Pittman's channel, who is known for his Texas BBQ, his fantastic outdoor kitchen, and, of course, the Holy Gospel/Holy Cow line of rubs. He's an extremely gifted instructor as well.

    Postal Barbecue https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4w...YxFCkxkcgHLWRg
    This is Jabin Postal's channel, who is a professional videographer. If his voice and style seem familiar, he did a great many of the early Slow n' Sear videos when SnSGrills was named Adrenaline Barbecue Company. One of the reasons I really enjoy his channel is that he tends to use either a Weber Kettle with a SnS or a Pit Barrel Cooker, which just happen to be the two grills I have.

    Sam the Cooking Guy https://www.youtube.com/c/samthecookingguy
    I've recently been checking him out more and more. While not a dedicated BBQ channel, he does do a great many grilling recipes. His style is very down-to-earth, albeit noticeable flippant and slightly derisive, so be aware of that.

    Adam Ragusea https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9_...WmMslWRWKnM7dQ
    Adam Ragusea's channel is not a BBQ or grilling channel, but a general purpose cooking channel focusing on the home cook. He is a former professor of journalism at Mercer University and also did radio work for NPR. His production values are fantastic. If you want to see what someone with professional radio experience can do on YouTube, this is the channel to watch. He does a food science video every Monday and a cooking video every Thursday. I've adapted a few of his recipes for the grill. One thing he does exceptionally well is show how things that professional chefs do often do not translate well into the typical home kitchen and how to adjust for that.

    So those are the ones I try to check out every time they release a new video.

    What are yours?

    I don't watch a lot of them because cooking videos just aren't my thing really. I like Henrik, Malcom, and BBQ Pit Boys always have some really cool ideas.

    I do like Paivi Project (her cooking & BBQ vids anyway). She has a goofy sense of humor and her & her husband make some entertaining videos. I forget where she's from...I want to say Finland but I'm not positive.


      BBQ Pit Boys.....they were one of the first, if not the first, in this genre. Many of their original videos circa 2008 are not even in HD. They certainly have a unique style. I used to watch them regularly, but they've fallen off my radar a bit recently. It's not due to the quality of the videos or recipes at all....and I like that they routinely use a Weber Kettle. Maybe I just got saturated with them.


        I think the reason I am so into watching these videos, other than my video production background, is that I learn by watching and mimicking. For example, the reason the SnS was so valuable to me when I was starting out was not necessarily due to its inherent qualities, but that SnSGrills (then ABC) had so many videos on how to use it.

        I was able to prep the meat exactly the way they did it; was able to set up the grill exactly the way they did it and that really helped increase my results and confidence early on.


          Mad Scientist BBQ


            Malcom Reed is the best. This one is clearly my second choice. https://www.notanothercookingshow.tv/recipes


              Primarily Sam The Cooking Guy and Malcom Reed. I also like Kenji and Babish. Babish is more for entertainment than his recipes. He gets a little too complex for me.


                Rick Bayless, which is not very BBQ heavy... or even outdoor cooking heavy... but I subscribed to his member channel.


                  I had no idea Henrik had a YouTube channel ..... fixing that right now!

                  My current list of cooking subscriptions includes

                  Baby Back Maniac
                  BBQ With Franklin
                  Harry Soo
                  SNS Grills
                  Mad Scientist BBQ
                  Meat Church

                  Adding Hank's True BBQ right now

                  And finally, if you don't watch this you really must! Mr. Nigel Ng aka Uncle Roger ...... great cooking comedy

                  Here's an Uncle Roger starter for you! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_KdbASIkB8&t=10s
                  Last edited by ecowper; July 16, 2021, 02:57 PM.


                  • ecowper
                    ecowper commented
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                    Don’t forget the MSG!!!

                  • glitchy
                    glitchy commented
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                    Thank you for Uncle Roger! Freakin Hilarious, though I’ll never be able to watch anything from Jamie Oliver now and take it serious.

                  • ecowper
                    ecowper commented
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                    glitchy wait until you see Uncle Roger talk about Gordon Ramsay’s fried rice!



                    Haven't watched an entire video in years. I started watching the Mad Scientist recently and 10 seconds of that video seemed like an eternity, then I realized the video was 30 minutes. I moved on.


                    • prepperjack
                      prepperjack commented
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                      I'm with you - something about his videos just rub me the wrong way. I don't know why, but I'm never able to make it more than a few minutes.

                    • Dewesq55
                      Dewesq55 commented
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                      When I was first watching him, I felt like he was taking a little of things he had obviously learned from Meathead and not giving any credit or attribution. That really rubbed me the wrong way. Now he is basically "all Franklin, all the time." I did realty like his fire management videos, however. They realty helped me get a handle on stick burning in my COS a couple of years ago.

                    This cat is pretty cool https://www.youtube.com/c/BackyardSmokeMasterBBQ kenrobin


                    Malcom Reed
                    J. Kenji Lopez-Alt
                    Helen Rennie
                    Adam Ragusea
                    Cooking With Rishi
                    Chinese Cooking Demystified
                    I used to watch Mad Scientist BBQ a lot, but not so much recently.
                    Last edited by Dewesq55; July 16, 2021, 07:57 AM.


                    • Michael_in_TX
                      Michael_in_TX commented
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                      (Yay! Another Adam Ragusea fan!)

                    • Dewesq55
                      Dewesq55 commented
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                      Addendum: I have recently watched several videos by this Canadian guy who goes by Smoke Trails on YouTube. He does a lot on brisket and really breaks down the process. He mostly burns sticks in an OKJ Highland and produces what looks to be some good quality brisket. Also for brisket, I keep going back to Harry Soo, although his shtick wears thin quickly with me.

                    Well, I am kind of partial to this channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiB...q51vuhBagRJJ0g (yes, it is mine). Still working on getting some more videos up but I have about 20 ideas in the hopper.

                    But other than that I like:

                    Malcom Reed
                    Mad Scientist BBQ
                    Adam Ragusea
                    Alton Brown

                    and a bunch of golf stuff.


                      I'm a YouTube junky and watch nearly all that you guys have mentioned so I won't list them again. I actually think I need an intervention. Between cooking channels, watch and automotive review channels, and drumline, I never sleep anymore. But I digress. Here are a couple of regular cooking channels I watch beyond the BBQ ones...

                      Chef Jean-Pierre (he's a lot like Emeril when he did a lot of live cooking)
                      Gina - The Italian Grandma (Can't understand but every third word she says but I watch her technique)
                      Cooking Con Claudia (oh what a little hottie)

                      and a special shout out to the Bearded Butchers. They been butchering and smoking more and more of late. Good stuff !!


                      • Michael_in_TX
                        Michael_in_TX commented
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                        I recently discovered the Bearded Butchers! That is some fascinating stuff!

                      • fzxdoc
                        fzxdoc commented
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                        I love watching Gina the Italian Grandma. Good recipes and delightful to watch a natural in the kitchen.



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