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My Pulled Pork Egg Roll Recipe

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    My Pulled Pork Egg Roll Recipe

    This started as a way to use left over pulled pork and is so popular with friends and family that I now dedicate an entire pork butt to making these. One 9 lb pork butt can make about 60 (or more) egg rolls:

    1 - 8 1/2 to 10 lb Pork butt, smoked and pulled - I use a savory rub rather than sweet for this: Salt Lick's rub is my go-to.

    3 poblano peppers, chopped

    3 jalapeno peppers, chopped

    3 large carrots, julienned

    1 large leek, thin sliced

    about 1/3-1/2 small cabbage head

    1 - 8 oz. bottle Asian Garlic Chili sauce (or more to taste)

    Egg roll wrappers

    Pull the pork butt and mix everything together. Lots of youtube videos show how to roll egg rolls, that is how I learned - it is very simple but it is also nice to have help as it is monotonous and a bit time consuming. Fry in hot oil until golden. To make ahead, I fry to set the wrapper, freeze, then vacuum seal them (vacuum sealing unfrozen ones will cause them to flatten). When i want to cook them I remove from the vacuum bag and let thaw, covered lightly with foil, and then fry them.

    For one variation that I made I used a 1 quart jar of home made Kimchi instead of the cabbage, carrots, and leeks. I still added the peppers and garlic chili sauce. The kimchi I made was all shredded or julienned - many kimchis use whole cabbage leaves and large chunks of veggies.

    I have also made these with left over brisket and me and my friends are equally divided over which is better.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	100_2551.JPG Views:	1 Size:	194.5 KB ID:	699513

    Click image for larger version  Name:	100_2552.JPG Views:	1 Size:	127.3 KB ID:	699512

    Awesome!! My Filipina wife does egg rolls Filipino style. We’ve used pulled pork before but usually ground. Try it with won-tons, totally awesome as well.

    Got some pix of the finished product?


    • 58limited
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      Sorry, no pics of the finished ones.

    • RonB
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      I used to have a great lumpia recipe, but it disappeared some years ago. All I remember is that it had chopped pork and chopped shrimp in it...

    • Troutman
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      Yea lumpia can swing either pork, shrimp or both. Pulled pork is generally cut down fairly fine as it looks like he did above.

    Looks great! Thanks!!


      This looks fabulous, and perfect timing... had a bbq party last night and about 2/3 of a butt leftover. Already texted the recipe to SWMBO!


        An update: My friend's wife came up with a simple but good dipping sauce for these:

        Stubbs Original BBQ Sauce 1-1.5 cups
        dijon mustard 2-3 big TBS
        brown sugar 1/4 cup or so
        small splash of Apple Cider Vinegar
        Asian Garlic Chile Sauce....maybe 2-3 tsp. Depends how spicy you want it. I use a tablespoon or more.

        If you make the egg rolls with brisket you might want to cut back on mustard, sugar, and maybe use a smokey Texas style BBQ sauce.

        My friend's wife also came up with a dessert egg roll recipe:

        1 block cream cheese
        1 small egg
        maybe 1/4 cup powder sugar

        Roll and fry as you would would a regular egg roll, sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar after they fry.
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        • 58limited
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          Forgot to mention: If you can, save some of the juices from the pork butt (or brisket) and add a little to the dipping sauce.
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        • 58limited
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        i am a huge fan of the egg roll and spring roll food delivery system. those sound FANTASTIC.


        • texastweeter
          texastweeter commented
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          lol delivery system.

        I missed this, how awesome! I LOVE eggrolls. I've been known to dedicate an entire plate to them, stacked, at the Chinese buffets (of which I sadly no longer frequent).


          Those sound great. There was a bar back in Western New York where I grew up that had may different things wrapped in egg roll wrappers and deep fried.

          Some of my favorites that I remember

          Shredded corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and caraway seeds served with thousand island dressing

          Thinly sliced and chopped beef, jack cheese, diced tomatoes and caraway seeds served with creamy horseradish sauce

          Chopped ham and cheddar cheese served with honey mustard sauce

          Sandwich pepperoni slices and provolone cheese slices served with pizza sauce

          Damn I miss that bar!


          • Murdy
            Murdy commented
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            There used to be a bar by me that would wrap a ham slice and a slice of swiss cheese around a pickle spear, wrap it in an egg roll wrapper, and deep fry it. They served it with a sweet/hot mustard. I miss that too.

          Oh.My.Good.BBQgods. Those sound amazing. I feel like a goof for not having thought of that myself. Thank you so much, 58limited , My egg rolls may not end up as pretty as yours are, but I'll definitely be eating your BBQ dust on these. What a great idea.

          Thank you!

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            These have officially made my "To Do" list.

            Sweaty Paul


              Thank you for this inspiration. Saturday I somehow still had pulled pork left over from poker night and, after seeing this, I knew I had to try a version of it. While I was too lazy to follow your recipe exactly, I made a generic version that turned out great! I found that it goes well with a variety of dipping sauces too. Surprisingly, I think my favorite was Alabama White Sauce.


                Huskee How about this for the Asian Cuisine channel? Kind of an Asian Southwestern American fusion.


                • Huskee
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                  Done thanks!


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