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Shall I sell my Egg to buy a Summit?

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    Shall I sell my Egg to buy a Summit?

    I have a large Egg gathering dust in a corner of my garage. It’s got some sentimental value, as well as being my ticket into "the club". LOL

    I cook on various of my Kettles, including a 26”. But for some reason, I am continually tempted to buy a Summit.

    Am I nuts?

    How do the two compare, other than size? (18” vs. 24”). Had anyone else made this switch?

    I have both an XL Egg and a WSCG. If I had to get rid of one I would keep the WSCG.


      Welcome to the Pit. Do not have either. There are folks here in this forum that love their eggs and their Summit's. Seems like you have an itch that seems scratching. Dont blame you. Has happened to all of us. I am sure others will jump in here soon.


        I’d go ahead and buy the Summit and hell, keep the egg too. And no, you’re not nuts, the reasons you buy it don’t really matter. We just like seeing fellow members spend their money. We’re all a bunch of enablers here. You won’t get one single person tell you not to get it. 😂
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        • IdahoJim
          IdahoJim commented
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          Don't get it! Uh oh. Am I going to get kicked out of the Pitmaster club?

        • Panhead John
          Panhead John commented
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          IdahoJim That’s only your first offense…so, probation for now!

        Sounds like you need a Summit.


          Hi I posted this in another thread. I do love the WSCG. It is so versatile. I use it at least 3-4 times per week. With the two level fire grate it is super easy to switch between cooking modes: Hot Fast or Two zone to Full Kamado.

          "I have a WSCG and a BGE XL and I have cooked on both.

          BGE Pros:
          More mass with the ceramics. They take longer to heat up but stay hotter longer and may be slightly more stable.
          Great Low and Slow
          Can get really hot for good searing
          More like an oven I do feel you get more heat radiating out of the thick ceramic walls.
          I would choose the BGE for Pizzas
          I have a Woo Ring and the Ceramic Grill Store plate setter so I can pull out the grill grate and plate setter to add charcoal.

          BGE Cons:
          Takes longer to heat up ceramic mass
          More mass means that it is harder to bring temps down if you overshoot target.
          Heavy and fragile.
          Not as good at two zone or direct grilling.
          Need rig to lower grill grate to get closer to fire
          Have to pull everything out to add chunks and charcoal
          Need to pull everything to clean ash

          WSCG Pros:
          Good at Low and Slow
          Insulated to hold heat and remain stable yet less mass means you can correct temps if you overshoot.
          Great at direct and two zone cooking
          Sears very well
          Fire grate has two levels.
          Easier to switch out heat deflectors
          Easier to add wood chunks and more charcoal because of hinged grate and deflector
          Lighter not fragile
          Gas Assist lighting
          Easier to clean ash
          Both a Kamado and a Kettle

          WSCG Cons:
          Less mass means less stability and less oven like cooking
          BGE better at pizza (I assume)
          Longevity not proven
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          • Donw
            Donw commented
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            Good analysis.

          • BBQandLove
            BBQandLove commented
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            Thanks. That’s especially helpful!

          • tbob4
            tbob4 commented
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            Awesome job!

          Welcome to the Pit from the Gulf Coast of Florida. I don't have either an egg or a WSCG, but I'm sure you'll get plenty of knowledgeable advice.
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            I have neither. But I have just received my 10th outdoor cooker, an Oklahoma Joe’s Bronco. Certainly didn’t need it but I wanted it so I got it. My point is that if you want the Summit, get it. And keep the BGE too. Heck. Why not?


            • Jfrosty27
              Jfrosty27 commented
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              Panhead John No I haven't even unpacked it yet. Been busy with some other things. May not get to it until spring in fact. Getting cold up,here!
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            • DTro
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              Jfrosty27 I'm sure that Bronco would love a little fire to keep it warm in that cold you speak of.

            • Mosca
              Mosca commented
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              He wants to sell it to help offset the cost. Eh. I dunno. Space issue? Couldn’t be, it’s sitting in a corner collecting dust.

            If the BGE is gathering dust it's likely lost its appeal. If you can afford it I say go ahead with the WSCG if that is what it takes to keep the fires burning. I have the WSCG and really love it.

            As Panhead John says, no one here is going to talk you out of it. Great threads aren't written about the BGE collecting dust. They're written about the next big thing. Have fun!
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              Welcome to The Pit.

              I don't have either cooker, but new ones are always fun.


                I have neither but check out Traeger Pellet grills.
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                  Dust never sleeps, get the Summit! 😀


                    What size is your egg? I don’t have a BGE but I have a Primo and I’d never get rid of it bc A. I use it a lot and B. It’s incredibly versatile However, I can see getting rid of a small kamado. AND, if you’re not using it…

                    Get the Summit!

                    Enablingly yours,



                      Got the Summit, but no egg. If I had to keep only one cooker of the many I have it would be the WSCG.


                        It’s called MCS. More Cooker Syndrome. Very similar to GAS; Gear Acquisition Syndrome. Actually I think it’s a special subset of GAS.

                        Basically it means that after a while you have a feeling that you MUST obtain a new cooker. It’s a very common affliction among Pit members. It’s an itch that must be scratched. You are doomed! Good luck….😂



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