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Need pheasant recipes!

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    Need pheasant recipes!

    I have 12 pheasants from a recent hunting trip. I want to cook some of them for Christmas. Does anyone here have any great recipes to share??
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    Hi, I am not answering your exact question, but hopefully leading you in the right direction. I have this book that is super comprehensive and helps with all questions meat/poultry/game related. MEAT: THE ULTIMATE COMPANION by Puharich and Travers.

    I looked up pheasant and it mentions fruit, berries, mushrooms, walnuts, hazelnuts, red wine, port, sherry, apple, pear, quince, cream, onion, puff pastry, root vegetables. I would roast the bird and fruit. The fruit would pair nicely with gamely-ness of the pheasant. And I am a sucker for savory bread puddings (bougie dressing šŸ¤£) with lots of mushrooms and leeks and then add hazelnuts. This recipe I have if you are interested.


      What a nice fowl picture. Good eating in the near future. Drumsticks are a little tough but taste so good.
      Stuf them with grapes and roast like a chicken.
      Beer Can Pheasant, give that a try.
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        Agree with SheilaAnn should be a very rustic cook.
        There used to be pheasants galore down the creek basins around here, I haven't seen a pheasant in decades now.




            Blackshirt BBQ I got this recipe while hunting at a lodge in South Dakota. They served it twice and it never fails to please.

            Pheasant Baked in Onions:

            1 Pheasant cut up and sliced thin
            1/4 cup pancake mix
            1 large onion
            1/4 cup melted butter (oleo/margarine)
            1 tablespoon lemon juice
            1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
            salt & pepper to taste
            1/4 cup of sherry is optional

            Roll pheasant pieces in pancake mix. Arrange them in a greased shallow pan or casserole. Slice onion thin and layer over pheasant. Mix melted butter, lemon juice, S & P, and Worcestershire and cover pheasant. Bake at 375 F until tender, about 60-75 minutes.

            I have also varied it sometimes by adding sliced bell peppers or chopped green chiles.
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              I have been cooking and eating pheasant for close to 50 years, and here is my favorite recipe:

              1/2 Yellow onion, diced
              2-3 cloves garlic, diced
              4-6 oz. mushrooms, chopped
              Bacon grease
              2 cans cream of mushroom soup
              Red wine (I usually use cabernet)
              2-3 pheasants, deboned and chopped into 1/2 inch cubes

              Get the bacon grease hot, then cook the onion til soft. Add garlic and the pheasant and cook til everything has a little brown on it. Stir in the cream of mushroom and 1/2-1 cup of wine and let simmer. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

              We like to serve this over hot buttered egg noodles. Have also served over rice or baked potatoes. Take care not to overcook the pheasant as it can get a little dry and chewy. Oh, and watch out for those shotgun pellets.
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                I grew up hunting and eating pheasant .... my mother had the fun of cooking the birds, while my dad and I did the hunting. As I recall, my mother cooked the birds whole like a cornish game hen. I believe that she stuffed them with bread, berries, and apples, salt and pepper on the skin, and then roasted them like that.

                As far as recipe goes, I don't have anything more specific than that.


                  There's a hand full of pheasant-specific recipes over at the Meat Eater website, including one for spatchcocked pheasant if you plucked and pan fried if you breasted them out. Can't speak for either though.


                    My wife and I like to filet the breast and pound it flat then dredge it in egg and panko bread crumbs and fry it like a pheasant piccata. Leg and thighs go in the pressure cooker for pheasant noodle soup or pheasant and rice. Just make sure you get all the pellets out before cooking and eating.


                      There's nothing wrong with breasting them out and frying them.
                      Anybody that doesn't like fried pheasant isn't a friend of mine.

                      Coq a vin works really well with pheasant.

                      My South Texas buddy slices the breast into strips, and wraps each one in bacon with a jalapeno slice.
                      I imagine you could cook the tongue from an old sneaker that way and it'd still taste good.

                      You can brine and smoke the legs separately.

                      If none of those float your boat - gumbo.


                        Many years ago, I was served a roasted whole pheasant served with a brown gravy with toasted almonds and sliced water chestnuts over a bed of brown/wild rice. There was a kick of cognac in the gravy. Mighty tasty.



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