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Bacon on the Slow n Sear

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    Bacon on the Slow n Sear

    So the last of my "test" cooks on the Slow n Sear happened this morning. I started out last week with an approximately 14-lb pork belly

    Click image for larger version

Name:	19477820988_9cf3669d55_o.jpg
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    In the past, I've broken it up and frozen some slabs and then cured and smoked as it was wanted. This time, I decided to cure and smoke the whole thing and then freeze the cooked bacon. I had to break this down into 3 slabs even for the cure because it was too wide for the standard 11" Foodsaver bags.

    Followed MH's maple bacon recipe since everyone loves it. Cured for a week. Here it is after being rinsed.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	19827718315_bf38d6bcb1_o.jpg
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    Then I realized that it was too big to fit all three slabs across my kettle. Luckily, I've got a Hovergrill Cooked at about 250 with some apple wood chunks. I knew the higher grate would be hotter, so I probed one of the lower slabs and the upper slab. Top slab finished only about 10-15 minutes quicker.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	19641821558_9af8508c4e_o.jpg
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    Here's the completed top slab

    Click image for larger version

Name:	19207220354_2fc9011ab8_o.jpg
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    And the two bottom slabs - no appreciable difference

    Click image for larger version

Name:	19643232649_d8cc60a575_o.jpg
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    And the first slice.. The ends taste so good with that extra carmelization. This slab is a bit fatty, but oh so good both fresh and when cooked up. (From previous experience I can tell you that not only is this good for breakfast with eggs, but it makes a great bacon cheeseburger.)

    Click image for larger version

Name:	19829849485_dbe8945818_o.jpg
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    Another SnS success story. David Parrish / Huskee - let me know before Adrenaline Barbecue goes public because I want in on the IPO
    Attached Files

    Public, ugh! That's way too much work to get all the accounting in order. There's the SEC fees, public filings... yuck!

    That bacon, though, is pretty darn amazing!


    • richinlbrg
      richinlbrg commented
      Editing a comment
      BTDT, eh? LOL
      (And don't forget the audit!)

    • David Parrish
      David Parrish commented
      Editing a comment
      Rich I LIVE for audit. lol

    I love this recipe so much. In the past 5 months. I've almost always had a belly on cure or in the fridge. Most of it i share with family and friends. Its a huge hit!! Looks like yours turned out awesome. Well done.


    • Livermoron
      Livermoron commented
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      Same here. We do 16-20 pounds, and the neighbors smell it over the fence and submit their orders to my wife before it's even off the smoker!

      Great bartering tool...

    That is some great looking bacon!



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