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Two Recipes I Used with Leftover Pulled Pork

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    Two Recipes I Used with Leftover Pulled Pork

    Thought I'd share a couple ideas for pulled pork leftovers that aren't listed underneath the main recipe.

    The first is pulled pork rolled up in collard greens. In the picture attached, I cooked the greens, layered them with some grownup mustard, added microwaved leftover pork, and sprinkled some grated pepper jack. I then rolled them up (or tried to, not my strong suit), and popped them in the oven for 5-10 minutes to melt the cheese and serve them hot. I'd think onion, coleslaw, and jalepenos could work with this too.

    The second is an idea I got from this recipe, which uses some different vegetables, but I decided using pulled pork couldn't hurt anyone. I cooked some chopped onion in a pan, added enough pork to cover about a layer in the pan, and then poured about 6-7 whisked eggs on top. Over medium-low to medium heat, cover for 7-10 minutes, and the eggs should rise to cover all the pork you added in. Remove from the heat, add a layer of your favorite cheese, then re-cover. After a few minutes the residual heat should be enough to melt the cheese on top. Like an omelette, you can use this concept for a limitless combination of ingredients.

    Click image for larger version

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    That second picture is a fine looking frittata. I'm confused though... what is this "leftover" of which you speak?

    I have 3 teenage boys so I've only heard rumors of food in this state.



    • Breadhead
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      I know what you mean about the young ones eating you out of house and home.

      When my son was playing division 1 football he would occasionally bring 2 or 3 of his teammates over to the house for some of dad's home cooking. These young men were in the weight room daily and had enormous appetites.

      I would buy 2 whole beef filets and grill them. Then I'd make a huge pile of fettuccine Alfredo and a big pile of asparagus with a bunch of garlic bread. Of course they brought the beer.

      I'd sit back and watch those guys devour ALL of it!!! It was unbelievable how much they could eat.

      I told my son he could only brings friends over once a month.😎

    • OneCharmingPig
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      And now I know what a frittata is haha, thanks

    • jholmgren
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      Nice - yeah, ain't it cool when you find out there's a fancy name for something you just kinda figured out on your own?

      I pretty much do all my eggs this way now, I got tired of trying to get the darn omelettes to fold without breaking - this way is a lot easier.

    Both look great to me.


      I love the egg bake idea. Genius my friend.


        Nice. Recently I've put leftover pork butt in bebimbap and dirty rice. Both were winners.


          Goes good in Jamabayla, fajitas, quesadillas and for the New Orleans folks - red beans and rice.


            Tacos, tamales, and enchiladas are good ways to use pulled pork. It can also be used in breakfast hash. Strips of your frittata could also be rolled up in flour tortillas to make breakfast tacos. Flour tortillas could also substitute for the greens in your first recipe.



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