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dumb pulled pork question

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    dumb pulled pork question

    I smoked a butt tonight to 205°and currently letting it rest wrapped in towels in my cooler. i want to serve it about noon.

    i usually pull and servea few hkurs after removed from grill

    When sbould i pull it and will i need to heat it first. and what temp if needed?


    I'm in the pull it now camp when its hot to warm because its easier to pull apart and shred the meat.
    My PP goes into a slow cooker with a can of root beer and a bottle of bbq sauce for 2-3 hours finishing.
    After that it can be stored in the fridge or frozen in containers or freezer bags and reheated in a pot on the stove, back in the slow cooker, preferred method, or nuked what ever is easier for you.


      You'll want to keep an eye on its temp. Don't let it get below 140° without a plan to quickly chill it to below 45°. One option would be to wrap it and stash it in a 170° over until you're ready to serve.


        If you have a sous vide then shred, bag, then hot tub it tomorrow. But a 16 hour hold in a faux cambro seems like a long haul to me, I'd double wrap with maybe a half cup of apple juice and hold in a warm 160 degree or so oven, then shred before serving.


        • Potkettleblack
          Potkettleblack commented
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          If you have a sous vide, you can bag the whole butt intact, reheat it later to 140-150, and then shred for service. That's what I do for pot lucks at work.

        • CaptainMike
          CaptainMike commented
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          Even gooder, PKB!

        I'd go with the oven set at the lowest temp, then shred just prior to serving. I tried shredding and holding in the oven once, and the meat was an ugly gray/brown mess after a few hours.


          Aren’t ya glad ya called! Let us know what ya do & how things turn out.


          • bbqLuv
            bbqLuv commented
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            I agree with FireMan but add pic's please

          Agree with FireMan there is no dumb questions. Let us know how it goes.


            When I make pulled pork ahead of time I shred and put into an aluminum pan, cover and refrigerate. When I am ready to reheat I add some apple juice, bbq sauce, and vinegar to the meat mix it up cover and reheat in the oven.


            • Draznnl
              Draznnl commented
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              +1 to this.

            • ofelles
              ofelles commented
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            There's so many ways to do this and none are wrong. I wrap the pork butts when smoking, so when they are finished i'll let the butt cool some, take it out of the foil and shred it in a pan and save all the juice from the wrap. Cover it and stick in the fridge until ready to reheat. Then put the pan in a 220 degree oven, still covered, until it warms up good....say 120-140 degrees. While that's going on, i'll put all the juice left from the wrap i saved and heat it to a light boil. Now just take the pork out of the oven and add the hot juices back into the meat. I've found this works for me but everyone has their own way and like I said, none of them are wrong.....just have fun and enjoy cooking BBQ and sharing with friends and family!!


            • smokin fool
              smokin fool commented
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              Excellent point I forgot, keep the juices for the reheat.
              I put them in the slow cooker with the root beer and bbq sauce.

            • Dadof3Illinois
              Dadof3Illinois commented
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              smokin fool there’s tons of flavor in that fatty juice!!

            I plan on a 17 hour overnight cook to serve for noon. It takes about an hour to stabilize the cooker at 225. Then it is a 12 - 14 hour cook to an internal temp of 200. After that it is wrapped and held in an ice chest with old towels for 2 - 4 hours depending on the actual time for cooking a 10# Boston Butt. It will still be plenty hot when you pull it, and I find that resting it helps separate the excess fat between the various muscles. That being said, start your fire about 7 pm the night before.


              when my pork butt hits 203° I put it in the deep stainless pan I plan to shred it in, and then cover very tightly with heavy aluminum foil. Then into the oven 170° until I’m ready to shred and serve. I’ve had it in the oven for up to five hours and it has come out great. I must admit, that since going to the oven 170° method all my pool party visitors miss my pork butt smoky towels.


              • Troutman
                Troutman commented
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                Oooo smoky towels. Those are the best !!!

              I like pulled pork



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