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Plant based.... WAGYU?

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    Plant based.... WAGYU?

    the plant-based Wagyu beef alternative that fooled master chef Hidekazu Tojo

    I dunno, the article has an advertisement vibe to it. Nevertheless, I am impressed by the bar that food scientists have decided to attempt. I’ll withhold praise and judgement of the product simply because it is one report (slightly edited and repeated at other sources). And anyhow I haven’t tried it. But if you think about it: it should be just as easy to make fake beef taste like Wagyu as it would be to make it taste like dog food. So make it taste like Wagyu, no?

    I'm actually not surprised. What makes Wagyu so good is the mouth feel that the oleic acid (a monounsaturated fat) gives you. It melts down like butter making it more oil like than solid. So if you were to add a similar fatty oil to some umami plant based flavor components (like soy), I would think you'd get a similar flavor profile. That's why I think it's actually easier to do then trying to re-create a piece of prime beef which relies more on the texture of the meat than the fat.

    But what do I know. where's my coffee....


      I saw that too. I do wonder if they use special Japanese plants that you can't get in the US though...


        This article “議案名「家畜遺伝資源に係る不正競争の防止に関する法律案」の審議経過情報 about sums it up.🤔


        • ofelles
          ofelles commented
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          The "link" doesn't work! 😀🙄

        Wait a minute, I thought all beef was plant-based meat......


          They weren’t serving burgers either. “Thin strips.”

          By time you add stuff to thin strips it’s gonna be like a competition Spare rib.

          interesting though. This stuff can’t be good for you. Perhaps like seed oils are good for us right?

          save the planet sure, if you don’t kill yourself first with that junk.
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          • Troutman
            Troutman commented
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            I was gonna say "Save the Whales" but then realized whale blubber is kind of nasty !!

          To quote - “Certainly, if you were not an experienced wagyu eater then you would not be able to tell them apart".
          I read that as "if you don't have any frame of reference or know any better, you wouldn't know it wasn't wagyu".

          My wife wanted to try the "beyond meat" beef alternative.... until she looked at the nutritional content. It's pretty high fat.

          We are sticking to our plant based animals.

          BUT, If anyone tries this, and it's really good in a stir fry or something, I'd give it a shot.


          • HouseHomey
            HouseHomey commented
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            Know what’s good in a stir fry? Meat.

          An appeal to health isn't going to hold much weight coming from us, people who cook fatty pork shoulder and brisket. I mean, let's not pretend that red meat, especially what we cook, is *healthy*.

          The plant based options aren't trying to be healthier, they're an appeal to a handful of markets. First, the vegetarians and those serving them who want to find something like meat. This made little sense to me until I talked it over with some and many vegetarians were meat eaters and have fond memories of cookouts. This lets them get close but not eat meat. It also lets people who are doing cookouts include them. Second, people who aren't vegetarians but would like something that's ecologically less harmful. Third, people who might overlap with group two but for whom the primary appeal is that they can have a burger etc without something having to die.

          Burgers were the easy market because something like 60% of beef consumed in the US is ground beef and because Impossible, Beyond and the like didn't have to solve the problem of getting it to look and feel like steak, just to taste like it with a very similar mouthfeel.
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          • BFlynn
            BFlynn commented
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            Oh, for sure it has it's place. And I'm not against it.

            If one of y'all tell me this waygu is tasty, I'll give it a shot.

          Ya know, they can do what they want to with grass, makin it taste like & all. But, I don’t give a flyin rip! Give me the real deal!


          • Mosca
            Mosca commented
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            FireMan, I’m with you. If someone served it to me, I’d eat it. But I won’t buy it, nor will I serve it to anyone.

          The terrorists are winning folks!


            So what do ya cook that crap on, a George Foreman grill? Remember, we got a lotta serious peeps with some heavy duty equipment here, to cook soy patties? Veggies exclusively? We also have Ahumadora nearing the USA, picture one of his rigs with a tinker bell burger! It’s Amazing Wibs, not AmazIng umami mash.


              I’ve never understood why anyone would buy wagyu ground beef (or beef-alike). Wagyu is all about the marbling and ground beef is marbled by definition. And the fattier it is the less expensive it is. So why pay a premium for extra fat? Just because it is made from wagyu scraps? Once you grind it, where it comes from becomes meaningless.


              • SparkDog
                SparkDog commented
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                That’s what I thought when I saw it in the grocery store

              Fake news about fake meat.

              Next thing you know, they'll muscle out a ham and call it Pig-cana.



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