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What is Your Favorite Thanksgiving Day Appetizer?

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    What is Your Favorite Thanksgiving Day Appetizer?

    Hey, the wife and I are headed over to the kids for Thanksgiving and I have been tasked with doing Appetizers on Thanksgiving Day. What is your favorite Appetizer? It can be on the grill or not. Looking to bring something new this year. Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving!

    Several years ago, before I became the designated turkey smoker, I made a shrimp remoulade appetizer which was a huge hit. I believe this was the recipe I cut in half: https://www.epicurious.com/recipes/f...moulade-109742 . If not the exact recipe, it is very similar.

    Whatever you make, hope you have a great Thanksgiving.


      We always have shrimp and oysters half shell. My better half makes that beef and sausage cheese dip. Pretty sure it could replace the bird and no one would care


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          I guess the only appetizer we ever had was during my dad's fried turkey phase (10+ years). We would condition the oil by frying Cornish hens first and snack on those while the turkeys fried - we usually fried two turkeys every year.


            1. Deviled eggs.
            2. Deviled eggs.
            3. Deviled eggs.
            4. Cheese ball.


              As a kid I was all about those olives and deviled eggs.

              As an adult the better half lays out a meat and cheese tray. And I eat olives and deviled eggs.


                Jalapeño poppers.


                • SmokingPat
                  SmokingPat commented
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                  How did you serve them?
                  I've made them many times (between holidays), and they end up just being whole pepper snacks I eat. (The Better Half is not a pepper-head.) Do you slice them? Mince them after cooking for crackers/chips?

                • Texas Larry
                  Texas Larry commented
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                  SmokingPat my poppers are pretty standard, sliced in half, stuffed with seasoned cream cheese, each half wrapped in bacon. After grilling them I just lay them out on a tray. They disappear pretty fast. Seems there are never enough.

                The turkey neck………anyone?????

                oh, but real apps? My mom does turkey day cooking, so I think she puts out some crackers, charcuterie and chips and salsa??? Maybe?


                  Potato skins or cheesy garlic bread.


                  The must have hors d'oeuvre is what we call pepperoni bread but is really more of a stromboli. Take pizza dough and roll out to a big rectangle. Shingle sliced pepperoni and mozzarella and then roll up like a jelly roll. Make a few slits across the top and bake at 450-500 degrees until browned. Then slice it into one inch slides. This goes about as quickly as I put it out.

                  I also make sweet and spicy pecans that are crazy addictive and the perfect finger food.


                  I going to throw 2 cream cheese bricks in an aluminum pan and put it on the smoker for a few hours. I’ll cover them in a rub and that’s it. After a few hours I’ll take them off and serve it with some pita chips. Tried it a few weeks ago and my wife who doesn’t like cream cheese along with her brother and sister pounded it. I’m running my smokers all day on Thursday anyway so this will take little to no effort.
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                  • bep35
                    bep35 commented
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                    Is that cream cheese done as a cold smoke?

                  • radiodome21
                    radiodome21 commented
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                    Nope. When I did it I brought my Grilla up at 225 and let it smoke for 2 hours. I put it in an aluminum pan and then added pita chips when I served it. Something similar to this:
                    Smoked Cream Cheese is so tasty and amazing. It's so simple and its incredible as a stand along appetizer or inside other appetizers such as Jalapeño Poppers, Pig Shots, Armadillo Eggs or Texas Twinkies!

                  Kraft Pineapple cream cheese spread on a celery stick is always a MUST HAVE on the relish tray. It is getting difficult to find though.


                  • ssandy_561
                    ssandy_561 commented
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                    I could not find it anywhere this year. I’m so sad.

                  • Debra
                    Debra commented
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                    ssandy_561 no luck finding it in our area either. I suppose it was such a seasonal item that they felt it not worth it this year. I was never able to buy it except during Thanksgiving.



                  • Craigar
                    Craigar commented
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                    Lots of beer.

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                  • MBMorgan
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