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How Often Do You Cook?

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    How Often Do You Cook?

    How often do you cook on average? What is the complexity (low ‘n slow Brisket and gourmet Italian only? Burgers and dogs?) and how many people do you typically cook for?

    I see some of you on SUWYC it seems like every day, I want to participate but I can’t make the time to cook that often it seems!

    I cook on average 3ish times a week, with weeknight meals being relatively simple and meant for leftovers. I do my low ‘n slow on the weekends exclusively... Normally cooking for 2, although sometimes 4... not much beyond that with Covid.

    my Weber Kettle works well for this amount and frequency.

    We are Empty Nesters so usually it's just us that I cook for. Since I do most of the cooking the answer is, Everyday. We seem to end up with quite a lot of variety from the very simplest to sometimes much more complex meals. The range is from burgers, soups, stews, salads, and sandwiches of all types or kicked up scrambled eggs to pizza, beef, pork, and fish. The biggest problem at our house is that we like almost all foods.


    • Jim White
      Jim White commented
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      Pretty much ditto here. Although we are starting to have our grandkids over more now, so some weekends go up to six of us.

    • smokin fool
      smokin fool commented
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      +2 I'm retired and my wife's still working so I'm the cook designate.
      Try to mix variety to into the meals by my creativity has it limits.
      Our two kids are more more likely to order in from Skip the Dishes and the like so when I cook we have left overs galore most nights.
      I only smoke on weekdays when my wife's at work so she doesn't lose her mind with me in and out and the mess I make.

    • CaptainMike
      CaptainMike commented
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      Me 4

    My nephew moved out of NYC due tohis business getting shut down bc of Covid 1984. He moved about 5 blocks from me. We started having him over every Wednesday and usually weekends for dinner bc the kid was eating only take out. My other nephew and wife just bought a house 3 blocks from me. Our Wednesday supper club is growing. 😃

    That’s the main day I cook. Try to pull out the stops and make stuff that is more intricate. I’ll also cook something yummy on a weekend as well as a third or fourth day. Mostly 3 days.


    • barelfly
      barelfly commented
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      Love the Wednesday cook! Not fun to lose the business for your nephew, but to have your family closer and together has to be a fun. Enjoy those cooks!

    • JCBBQ
      JCBBQ commented
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      barelfly The rest of our family is all in CA so my sisters are very relieved we spend so much time together.

    Now that the temps are warming up and we have longer daylight, I haven’t been cooking as much because I’ve been getting out on the bikes more. I try to ride three times during the week plus weekends, either mountain bike or road bike so, it’s left overs or salad some nights. but during the winter I was cooking most nights. And it’s usually protein and veg, something fairly simple on the grill. Or Tacos.....because you can never go wrong with meat and a simple board sauce for tacos!

    I have started using the Sous Vide machine a bit more with being out on the bikes - actually has worked well to pull something in the freezer and let it go for a few hours and come home to cooked protein that just needs to be finished. Get some veg going and voila!


    • Old Glory
      Old Glory commented
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      Awesome. I am a roadie love being out on the bike. Now that the warmer weather is back I will be out more often. Ride in the morning cook at night

    • barelfly
      barelfly commented
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      Old Glory riding has been the best thing for me over the last 7 months. I wasn’t riding much prior to this situation due to kids schedule and business travel. But I’m in a groove with it now and it’s been amazing! Love being able to escape the day of zoom meetings by riding!

    As long as it's not raining heavy I probably use my MAK 3 days a week on average. Long smokes I really only have Friday or Saturday night to do for a meal the following day, but will do reverse sear steaks or fish or chicken any day of the week.


      I cook just about every day of the week across the spectrum from four minute grilled shrimp to 14 hour brisket and vegetables,too. I usually cook for me and my wife, but on the weekend I cook for grandkids, son and daughter-in-law, too.
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        Me and the missus are both retired and it's just the two of us 98% of the time. Occasionally, our son and family will come over for a meal. I do all the cooking, usually 5days per week. I give myself a break with carry out or leftovers the other two days. I'm all over the place in germs of the what. Very simple to major undertakings, both indoors and out. I find it fun and rewarding. The reward is you get to eat it!


          It's just the wife and I living at home. She typically works later than I do so I cook everyday. Plus she doesn't have much interest in it. I try to grill or smoke something every weekend and usually the kids and grandkids come over. They love the food Papa makes


            I cook 1-3 times a week. The wife cooks the balance. We mostly do simple-ish meals. Only cook brisket or pulled pork when people are coming over.

            cooking at home saves the budget!


              I’ve been cooking 4-7 times a week for 3-4 people. I do the majority of the cooking, but we get takeout a couple times a week. It’s usually my wife, daughter and I, but bumps to 4 when my son is home from college. Sometimes I’ll cook both lunch and dinner on the weekends, but I don’t cook lunch during the week while working. Usually during the week it’s quick stuff, probably 75% outdoors. I usually smoke something on the weekend for leftovers for lunches the first half of the week. Also, working from home the past year, I do occasionally do an all day smoke during the week for dinner, but only easy things I don’t have to tend to frequently like chuckies or pork butt.
              Last edited by glitchy; April 24, 2021, 10:56 AM.


                Like so many here, it's just the two of us these days ... and cooking for two can get monotonous. So, my wife and I each cook 1 to 3 times per week ... shooting for at least a meal or two or three of leftovers when we do. I cook the "weird stuff". If it involves fire, the Great Outdoors (our deck), expensive cuts of meat, any form of seafood, exotic cuisines (anything outside of the US and Canada), woks, long knives, cleavers, or the Instant Pot (go figure), it's my responsibility. SWMBO handles everything else ... except "artisan"/sourdough bread ... that's mine, too.


                  I am the cook for the most part and cook almost every night but we do get pizza and other take out every once in a while. Our usual weekly meals include regulars like chicken thighs, pork chops, steaks, stir fry, curries, and tacos. Will do some longer cooks like pulled pork or ribs a couple of times a month. During the summer we do more burgers and dogs and in the winter soups and stews. We need to eat more fish.


                    Only on th days I wanna eat lol!

                    Takeout averages ~ once a week, th rest is solely on me...

                    I always cook BIG, to have leftovers...

                    Same amounta effort, an fuel, plus, it gives me some effortless meals, durin th work week.

                    Too dang hard to season tiny batches of stuff, as well...
                    Last edited by Mr. Bones; April 24, 2021, 09:46 AM.


                      I’m a 3-5 times a week, and leftovers in between. I’m the only cook in the house, so occasionally on those 3 times a week, weeks, we may order carry out. But, I like to at least 5 times.


                        My wife usually cooks 1-2 times a week. We usually get take out 1-2 times a week. I cook the rest of the time but it’s often just reheating/repurposing leftovers.



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