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Do you have dip, dressing, sauce, other condiment hacks?

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    Do you have dip, dressing, sauce, other condiment hacks?

    My wife and daughter are both pretty, well extremely, picky and won't hardly even try condiments, dressings, and sauces. So, I'm regularly looking for things I can make in in quantities for a meal or two ranging from a couple TBs to a 1/2 cup from regular fridge and pantry ingredients, rather than big batches that the majority of which usually ends up in the garbage. Buying a bunch of different fresh herbs to make a Chimichurri sauce for just myself to eat is a pretty expensive sauce for using a couple TBs.

    The regulars in my quick hack arsenal are:
    1. Southwest/Spicy Ranch - Hidden Valley buttermilk ranch with Tabasco or Cholula chipotle hot sauce. This is great for french fries, chicken strips, chicken wraps, etc. I'm guessing it would be good on a salad, but I love ranch dressing on everything BUT lettuce for some reason.

    2. Taco salad dressing - 2 parts Kraft Zesty Italian to 1 part taco sauce (usually Ortega mild, or packets of Taco John's mild sauce). Recipe came from Taco John's "House" dressing...when they quit offering it, a manager told me what it really was.

    3. Mexican Sour Cream Dip - sour cream with Cholula regular hot sauce. I usually eat salsa with tortilla chips, but occasionally you just want something different. Also, works on some Mexican dishes. Could probably experiment with hot sauces for different food pairings, but the regular makes a solid chip dip.
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    Garlic mayo, (stolen from Clint and riffed) 1/4c catsoup/squirt of KC BBQ sauce/tbsp or 2 of balsamic vinegar, catsoup with a few dashes of favorite hot sauce, and my latest favorite: Duke's Alabama White Sauce (available at https://www.dukesmayo.com/ )
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      I am thankful that my wife and son have always enjoyed spicy food and various sauces. Until adulthood, both of my daughters considered ketchup to be about the spiciest condiment they could handle, haha. Anyway, some hacks I've used:

      1. Duke's Mayo mixed with Tabasco brand sriracha, mixed to taste. This is a good dipping sauce for artichokes.

      2. Frank's Red Hot sauce mixed 50/50 with Newman's Own Creamy Caesar Dressing. This is a great wing sauce - courtesy of Huskee.

      3. Spicy Ketchup. Rather than buy this (often hard to find and always in tiny bottles), just mix some regular ketchup with the hot sauce of your choice.

      Don't really have any other quick hacks off the top of my head. We are condiment folks, and if I looked in the pantry and fridge right now, would probably find two dozen bottles of stuff such as:

      Soy sauce, fish sauce, Dale's Sauce, Worchestershire sauce, A1 steak sauce, Yum Yum sauce, Teriyaki sauce (both thick and thin), Spicy ketchup, regular ketchup, Duke's mayo (squirt bottle and quart jar), yellow mustard, Zaiterrains Creole Mustard, Dijon Mustard, Chick-Fil-A sauce, taco sauce, picante sauce, guacamole salsa, mild and medium Pace salsa, sour cream, greek yogurt..... the list goes on and on.... and this doesn't include salad dressings!

      Good thing we have multiple full sized refrigerators!
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      • jfmorris
        jfmorris commented
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        glitchy Crap I forgot to count BBQ sauces, haha. Or relishes. Also a whole shelf of various pickles and olives.

        Not sure how the well the light version works, as Huskee stressed regular and I never tried the light.

        I've not tried hot sauce or spicy mayo in a chicken salad, but have used diced jalapeños.

      • Huskee
        Huskee commented
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        I suppose the light vrs would work fine, never tried it. There's enough fat in the wings and other things going on that it likely wouldn't be noticeable.

      • glitchy
        glitchy commented
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        Huskee Thanks for sharing thoughts. I will say I cannot usually stand any fat free dressings, but some of the lights are OK. If I don’t love it first try with light, I’ll give the regular stuff a shot.

      Raising Cane's Chicken Tender Dipping Sauce

      1/2 cup mayo
      1/4 cup ketchup
      1/2 tsp Worchestire sauce
      1/2 tsp black pepper
      1/2 tsp garlic powder


      • glitchy
        glitchy commented
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        My son loves Cane's sauce, I might have to try that for him sometime. Personally, I prefer to get them to go and have my chipotle ranch at home. Though this give's me some room to tweak it a bit. Thanks!

      Frank's wing sauce. Tastes great on just about everything and available in most grocery stores. I keep a bottle on hand at all times and use it a LOT. It keeps nearly forever in the fridge too. Give it a try.


      • Polarbear777
        Polarbear777 commented
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        Regular Franks whisked with melted butter is my wing sauce go to.

      Here’s mine. can be scaled to one egg if needed.



        Yup. I do Have. Are ya fishin fer some elaboration, or are we done, here?

        >>Never been real good at tailin what might be merely Hypothetical... One' my Many Failins, I'd haveta reckon....


        • glitchy
          glitchy commented
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          Nothing hypothetical, not thinking full fledged recipes as they have a channel, just simple hacks.

        • Mr. Bones
          Mr. Bones commented
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          Okey-Dokey, Unnerstood...We can go on, from here, now...

        Also it’s nothing fancy but I mix 2 parts Miracle Whip with 1 part A-1 and use it as a hamburger sauce. I’ve tried it with Mayo but I enjoy it more with Miracle Whip.

        I normally chose Mayo but I use Miracle Whip for three things.

        My Burger Sauce

        I use a 50/50 blend of Miracle Whip and Mayo for my macaroni salad

        And probably my favorite thing to use Miracle Whip for is day after Thanksgiving cold Turkey sandwiches on Wonder Bread.


        • glitchy
          glitchy commented
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          I like miracle whip leftover turkey sammies too. I’ll have to give the MW-A1 combo a shot.

        Mayo, lemon or lime juice to taste, and a few dashes of your favorite rub... let sit over night in the fridge. Great with veggies like asparagus or artichoke, but also very tasty on steak or fish!

        Avocado, with or without mayo (use water or some sort of liquid if you skip the mayo), with or without spices (rubs or taco seasoning work great)... immersion blender or food processor to make a type of foam or at least airy spread. Amazing on almost any protein, even good with some veggies. Works well as a dip too.


          my pop was born and raised in New Orleans. this is the go with anything sauce I grew up with.

          Ye old College Inn Remoulade Sauce - NO, LA

          2 hard-cooked egg yolks, grated

          2 garlic cloves, crushed

          1 1/2 tbsp. dark mustard

          1 1/2 cups real mayonnaise

          1 tbsp. Worcestershire sauce

          1 tbsp. paprika

          1 1/2 tbsp. prepared horseradish

          Dash of hot red pepper sauce

          2 tbsp. vinegar

          1/4 cup finely chopped parsley

          Salt and pepper to taste

          mix it up and refridgerate for 12+ hours. super tasty


          • latenight71
            latenight71 commented
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            yes, Sir, glitchy i will post it up over there fo sho.

          • klflowers
            klflowers commented
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            What is dark mustard?

          • latenight71
            latenight71 commented
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            Brown mustard (Brassica juncea) has a dark brown seed coat and is most widely used in Dijon style mustards. Brown mustard has a spicier flavour profile and is also used in combination with yellow seed in the making of English style mustards.


          I do like mayo, horseradish a little lemon and dill, pepper and minced garlic. Great as a sandwich spread especially with turkey or chuckie.


          • ItsAllGoneToTheDogs
            ItsAllGoneToTheDogs commented
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            mayo mixed with horseradish is awesome, also sour cream instead of mayo works great too.

          Chicken Dipping Sauce

          Similar to Jonny’s Jamaica Me Sweet Hot and Crazy

          2 T Mayonnaise
          2 t Prepared Mustard
          1 t Teriyaki Sauce
          1 t Sriracha Sauce
          Big Pinch Onion Powder
          Big Pinch Garlic Powder
          I didn’t measure anything so just add until it looks right.



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