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Beef sausage recipe.

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    Beef sausage recipe.

    I get real good smoked beef sausage at Texas BBQ places but now I want to make my own. Anyone have a good recipe for this?

    I make a texas jalapeno and beef sausage that is wonderful. I don’t have the recipe with me right now but will try to remember to post it up. It’s mainly brisket with some fat back, jalapeños and black pepper. I’ve posted about it here on the board a few times.


      I posted a simple Texas beef sausage recipe here: https://pitmaster.amazingribs.com/fo...sausage-recipe

      Meathead posted this one awhile back - looks good but I haven't tried it yet: https://amazingribs.com/tested-recip...smoked-sausage

      barelfly I'm interested in your recipe as well.


        Always down fer some Hot Guts, taste of Home!

        Betcha texastweeter has a good receipt fer makin some...

        Followin, with Great interest... ​​​​​​​


          Me too.


            Alright, I checked my recipe book and I don’t have it in there. It’s somewhere In the house. let me check with my buddy who I’ve made these with. He has to have it. I’ll post soon. We found it on the interwebs but made some changes to it.

            I’ll be back....in my best Arnold voice.


              Ok - here’s the recipe. Like I said, I found this on the interwebs but don’t know what site it was. We’ve made it a few times and added jalapeño and pepper to bring more flavor out. But this is really good - we were trying to emulate Rudy’s jalapeno sausage and we feel this is pretty close to what they serve but is better because we made it!! Just make sure your #1 cure is measured to what you need/use for your meat measurements.

              mad mike58limited
              HawkerXP Mr. Bones
              Hope you guys like this!

              8.5 lb beef brisket
              1.5 lb pork shoulder
              2.2 oz coarse Kosher salt
              1t. cayenne pepper
              About 3.5 T. coarse black pepper
              14 grams cure #1
              1.5 cups of water mixed with 2 oz dry milk powder
              Made 29 5-6” sausages. Tough to “twist into links. Maybe don’t fill so tight?
              Medium grind. Freeze between grindings. Be careful not to twist casings on the stuffing tube.
              Air dried in refrigerator overnight
              Smoked for 3 hours, low temp smoke so fat doesn’t melt.
              Vacuum sealed and Sous Vide @ 155* for 1 hour - my buddy vac sealed, I just cooked in water
              Ice bath to shock and stop cooking.
              Bloomed by sitting out at room temperature for a couple of hours. Vacuum sealed and froze

              Notes for next batches -
              Add more black pepper (up to 6 T ?)
              Add garlic (fresh or powdered)
              Batch #1 used about 3/4 lb of roasted, peeled, seeded jalapeño. Could have used a little more.


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                Many thanks fer sharin!

              • Skip
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                Thanks for posting this recipe. I'm saving it in my sausage notes.

              • barelfly
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                Troutman here you go

              Here’s a photo of the end product. I posted about these a few times in the past, but it must have been in the Show us thread that.....well, you know.

              Click image for larger version

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                I could start at one end of the links and eat my way through the last link.

              Here's a recipe for mild smoked beef sausage that I like. It was originally based on this. It has been modified mainly by adding the thyme, chipotle and buttermilk powder. We made a 3 pound batch to test out whether it could be stuffed with our grinder instead of the actual stuffer. (Son's wife is getting him a KA grinder/stuffer attachment and I wanted to see if the grinder could do a reasonable stuffing job.) Anyway, didn't take any pictures, but took one of the leftover from the fridge before it ended up as lunch.

              Click image for larger version  Name:	full recipe.JPG Views:	0 Size:	82.7 KB ID:	961524
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              By the way, stuffing using our LEM Big Bite stuffed OK, but it's not a Kitchenaid attachment. If anybody has any experience with stuffing using the stainless steel Kitchenaid attachment, I'd love to hear what you have to say.
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