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Y'all gonna laugh ....

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    Y'all gonna laugh ....

    I decided that I wanted to smoke something tonight. Raiding the fridge, I noticed I was out of meat. Except for some Ball Park beef franks .... hmmm. Thinking about how crazy some of the processes out there are for bbq (hotdogs are usually just microwaved where I come from) I decided to go and pull out all the tricks and do these hotdogs RIGHT.

    So .... Out came the blues hog, the dry rub, the instant read thermometer, the maverick et-732, the spritzer and the cherry wood.

    I did 4 hotdogs. One I kept plain with just a dash of salt and pepper. This was my control. The next got the blues hog dry rub, the 3rd got the dry rub and the mustard sauce. The final one got the dry rub and the blues hog sauce.

    I set up my kettle for indirect heat and brought it up to 300 degrees. I then foiled a piece of cherry wood and set it on top the coals and put a water pan directly over that.

    Once I had my maverick set up, I put on the hotdogs. I smoked them for 30, spritzing them with water every 15 minutes. After 30 minutes, I temped them to make sure I had hit my target temp of 150 (yes, I temped a hotdog) then I spritzed them again and glazed the one with mustard sauce and the other with the blues hog. I spritzed them again immediately afterwards to dilute the sauce a bit and give them a nice candied look.

    I let them go 15 more minutes until the sauce had set a bit then pulled them off and foiled them, letting them rest for 5 minutes before digging in.


    My control was delicious. The salt and pepper and cherry wood really helped elevate a previously rather flavorless hot dog.

    The rub only dog oddly enough just tasted MORE smokey. Not bad, just a little bit too much smoke flavor and not much else.

    The mustard dog was rather lackluster. The mustard seemed to mask over the smoke and rub and just made it all taste rather bland.

    The blues hog dog was in a word, incredible. It brought out the smokiness of the rub but added a bit of sweetness and a slight spice at the end. It actually tasted a lot like my ribs. Absolutely delicious. This is a must try.

    Anyway, just my way of entertaining myself for the night. :-) Hope somebody got something out of it.

    So what dog was what, left to right? The kids love hot dogs, I'll tell them I'll smoke them next time.

    And use your top dog, get it? top dog....

    That dog in the bun looks incredible.


    • omnipotence20
      omnipotence20 commented
      Editing a comment
      on the grill pic, the control is on the left, then mustard, rub only dog and then the blues hog dog.

    Excellent write-up! This is what The Pit is all about, sharing fun and informative things and you've succeeded at both. Kudos! I like the adventurous spirit here, I've deep fried them and put buffalo wing sauce on (excellent by the way) never smoked with bbq sauce though.


      I love it! Great way to cook a lot of dogs, most people just boil em but you could smoke probably 50 at a time. I did a post on chubs of bologna and didn't get much traction but around here they love the stuff, I saw a survey sometime back that said bologna is the 2nd most popular bbq meat in OK. I cooked up 25 pounds of it last week and 20 pounds of it was gone in no time.

      Also the kids love dogs and I like finding things to throw on the coals after the main meat is finished and this is a great idea for them while the meat rests.


        Nice !

        Dogs rock! If you don't think so just say Gold Coast Double Char Chicago!

        Great job man


          Oh Man, there is a special place for dogs in our house. I will have to up the ante by using one of the smokers in the future. Thanks for write up Omnipotence!! And Welcome to the Pit Nation. Great contribution for only your 2nd post. Don't be bashful about sharing other things that you have done.


            Originally posted by Jon View Post
            Nice !

            Dogs rock! If you don't think so just say Gold Coast Double Char Chicago!

            Great job man

            I had a Chicago dog while up watching the Cubs, its a nice little salad with a small side of meat!


              See what I mean ?


                When you need to smoke, you need to smoke! I'll have to figure out how to do L.A./Danger Dogs on the kettle with some smoke...


                  My dad detests hotdogs. Not sure why, I think he thinks of them as kid food or desperation food or something. I cannot disagree, but I also love popsicles, gummy worms, and pizza, lol. I love a good hotdog, sometimes it just hits the spot when nothing else does.


                    I PBC my hotdogs, char them little things. Not a fan of boiled hotdogs


                      Great post man! I've never smoked dogs before, but rest assured I will now.

                      As far as the pics go, the Blues Hog Dog just looks the best.


                        Hot dogs, check. Bologna chubs, check. Two more taste treats added to my PBC to-do list. Thanks, OP20 and John!



                          Absolutely genius. Beautiful day out today, Searing a flank steak. But took a look at the fridge at what else we had, remember this post, got inspired!

                          Butterflied a Vienna hot dog, hit it with salt pepper and Tuffy's Q barbecue chipotle rub, onto the gas grill. Hit it with some Q Barbeque sauce near the end and bam.

                          Delicious! Smoky flavor really comes through. Didn't have any buns, that's why I was inspired by you to hit it with spice and sauce instead and just cut.

                          So, hats off to you. THANKS!!
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                            No matter how old I get I will always love hot dogs. The best one I've had in a while was a NY style dog as per this recipe, fantastic, don't skimp on the spicy Dijon! http://amazingribs.com/recipes/hot_d..._hot_dogs.html



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