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    I have recently discovered a strong taste for horseradish. I have been putting it on everything I can. Anyone have recipes or suggestions for how to incorporate horseradish into things?

    Mix horseradish and freshly ground black pepper with Mayo a use on a BLT. Best BLT ever.


    • Smokerstoker
      Smokerstoker commented
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      We have been making quite a few blts lately. I can just picture my wife rolling her eyes when I start mixing in the horseradish lol.

    Mix equal parts Mayo, horseradish and Dijon mustard. Put either a boneless skinless chicken breast or cod filet in a gratin dish. Spread the horseradish mixture on top. Dust with panko bread crumbs and bake in the oven until done


      Ketchup, horseradish, black pepper, dash of hot sauce, a little garlic powder, small squeeze of lemon or lime juice makes a great cocktail sauce


      • Dan Deter
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        I've never tried the garlic powder, but that's pretty much how I've always made it. And everything is added to taste.

      • klflowers
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        Dan Deter, I just use a pinch. I never measure, just taste. We like garlic a lot though.
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      Put horseradish in your deviled eggs.

      Make a salad vinaigrette with herbs and freshly grated horseradish.

      Mix horseradish in with sour cream and add to mashed potatoes.

      As you can probably tell I love horseradish also.


        Bloody Caesar! Enough said!


        My contribution to your happiness: https://barbecuebible.com/recipe/thr...eradish-sauce/


          Not sure how to make them and I really don’t care for them but the woman loves them. We buy pickled horseradish beets.

          Also I have horseradish powder. I’ll add it to my beef rubs instead of cayenne powder. I like the flavor it adds to beef better than powders made from chili.


            I use wasabi powder in rubs and in remoulade. Nice horseradish-y hit.

            I'm always on the hunt for a good hot horseradish product. It seems to be hit/miss, even with fresh horseradish from the produce section. Much like jalapeños--some are not, some not.

            Usually I purchase whatever jarred horseradish can be found in the refrigerated section. Haven't found one brand yet that is consistently sinus-clearing.

            Any suggestions?



            • ssandy_561
              ssandy_561 commented
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              The thing with horseradish is the longer it sits around the more the heat wares off. You might want to look into grating your own. Also they say the larger around the root is the hotter the horseradish is.

            Dont have any recipes really, but I will say its pretty easy to grow. My inlaws sent us a bunch from SD that we planted and can hopefully harvest some here in NC this year. We love the stuff on almost everything. Just remember fresh is super potent (and often used to make faux wasabi)


              Have you seen Meathead's Secretariat Horseradish Cream Sauce?


                Grind your own. And a vin and all the others fixings you like. The HR juice is amazing!!

                i use it often.



                  Here is a simple video on how to make it. I don’t put sugar in mine. I also suggest not adding all the water at the beginning. Hers looks a little to watery for me.

                  Remember you can always add more but it’s difficult to remove the water once blended.


                  • Murdy
                    Murdy commented
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                    " but it’s difficult to remove the water once blended."

                    Wrap in a clean dish towel and twist to squeeze it out if necessary, but better not to add too much in the first place

                  My wife has made cranberry-horseradish dip:


                  There are several recipes on line, and not sure which she followed, but it's good.


                  I too love it. In years past I could not find the root locally and am stuck with the hit or miss that Kathryn mentioned.

                  I may take another run at the local markets to see if I can find the roots. Fresh is fantastic compared to what comes out of a jar.

                  Years ago I traveled to St. Louis on business at least twice a month and there was a restaurant I frequented that had some fantastic horseradish. I asked where they got it and discovered the Horseradish Capital of the World is across the river from St. Louis here.



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