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Bagels What is your go to's

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    Bagels What is your go to's

    1st, I tried to find a channel for this but did not see a perfect match. Being this for me is a breakfast food for the most part, here it is. Please move as deemed needed.

    So went to https://www.tandembagelco.com/bagel-index today. Got a couple of bakers dozen. I get a one for me and my wife get's one but most of it goes to my daughter.

    My selection;
    3 poppy
    3 onion
    3 sesame
    3 everything
    1 onion

    The other was stuff like snickerdoodle and similar stuff that should be outlawed.

    So, curious if you're a bagel person what is your pleasure.

    ​​​​​​​And my favorite to garnish is cream cheese and lox (cold smoked salamon)

    For me it's everything with cream cheese, lox and capers. We were out of cream cheese recently so I used labne instead. I thought it worked pretty well.


    • JCBBQ
      JCBBQ commented
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      Geat combo. Always everything for me. usually add a little red onion and slice of tomato with this mmmmmm. My usual is toasted everything w bacon egg and cheese -Breakfast of Champions!
      Last edited by JCBBQ; December 3, 2021, 09:30 AM.

    Snickerdoodle isn't a bagel. It's a doughnut that wasn't fried. That said, I like (in order of preference) onion, everything, sesame seed, garlic or poppy seed.

    I'll go with cream cheese, lox, and onion any time. But, for a special treat, stone ground mustard and hard kosher salami makes one heck of a sandwich.


      Salt with scallion cream cheese, Nova, red onion, capers, and a slice of tomato. Got to be Nova. Non of that stinky lox for me.


        I love a plain bagel, untoasted, with cream cheese, lox, a little dill, salt, pepper, and capers. Oh man. Heaven.


        • ItsAllGoneToTheDogs
          ItsAllGoneToTheDogs commented
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          I'm with you other than the non-toasted part. I like a warm bagel with cold cream cheese and other toppings.

        Unfortunately, a good selection of bagels is scarce here. Back in the 80s there was a big bagel fad in Texas and bagel shops popped up everywhere. Now I'm just limited to what I can find in the store. I like the garlic bagels but can't find them locally.


        • smokin fool
          smokin fool commented
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          Yup, back in the late 80's I remember my MIL taking duffel bags bags of bagels when she went to Dallas to visit the family. I was actually quite funny when I think back about it.
          They kept clothes down there, if they needed more clothes, Ross's was two blocks away.
          Bagel shops are few here now too, all industrial grocery store stuff now.


        Sliced Nova Lox, tomato, capers, onion on a toasted everything.

        Veggie cream cheese is good as well.


        • HawkerXP
          HawkerXP commented
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          We had pizza bagels at our wedding reception. My contribution.

        • Old Glory
          Old Glory commented
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          Hard to beat a good pizza bagel!

        All the ones with jalapeño I'll eat that with nothing added or some kind of meat
        after that the poppyseed with cream cheese, lox, tomato, and cucumber.


        • Mr. Bones
          Mr. Bones commented
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          I def enjoy th jalapeño ones, cheese cooked in is a bonus! :yummy)

          Queso fresco is nice on those, as well as yer favourite meat, Brother!

          Cukes is a rilly nice add, on th more trad!


        Either warm from the oven or toasted - both with butter.
        Hebrew National beef bologna with mustard.

        Do you prefer NY style or Montreal style? I now usually make Montreal style - when I can find the recipe.


        • HawkerXP
          HawkerXP commented
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          What's the difference? Ons is frozen and the other yells at you?

        • RonB
          RonB commented
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          HawkerXP - Montreal have a hint of sweetness and no attitude.

          When my wife and I visited her parents on long Island, her Dad and I would sometimes go to the local bagel store. It was open 24 hours but still had a line waiting every time we went. Great bagels too.

        #1: Plain: cream cheese or butter, and will use for an egg sandwich with ham and Valentino hot sauce.
        #2: Egg: ^

        #3rd: Cinnamon Raisin - Cream cheese/butter only
        4th: Asiago cheese ^


          Everything bagel toasted with jalapeño cream cheese plus thin onion sliced on top. Lox is also good.


          • IFindZeroBadCooks
            IFindZeroBadCooks commented
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            I would have added a sandwich like other folks but as I enjoy an egg and bacon plus other toppings bagel sandwich too. However, I don’t consider the bagel the star of the show there.

          Wife likes plain, I like onion. Lightly toasted, cream cheese, very thin slice red onion, thin slice tomato and mound of lox. However, the grill where I golf makes a great breakfast sandwich on a bagel toasted on the griddle, egg omelette, slice of American cheese and bacon. Yummm!


          • Mr. Bones
            Mr. Bones commented
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          58limited not surprised Texas isn't a meca for bagels, brisket you got it. Anywho, here is an alternative. https://www.newyorkerbagels.com/. Came upon them in the peak of the pandemic when everything was shutdown. Their business pre-pandemic was mainly supplier to many restaurants, delis's ect. Well with everything shutdown, they needed to alter their business model. Shifted to the consumer.

          That being said these are the ultimate. Huge. I could only eat 1/2 at a time. Pricey, yes. At $72 for 3 dozen. But for me it was 6 dozen. I haven't used them in quite some time since things have opened up. You might want to look into. Give it a shot if you don't have alternative, this could be it.

          I have no affiliation so this opinion is purely on product and service.


          • 58limited
            58limited commented
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            Thanks, I'll give them a look! I've made them twice (during the pandemic), maybe I need to play around with them some more. Even as a teen I thought that it was quite weird that bagels suddenly became a craze in Texas (Dallas area, at least) but we had a large influx from New York during that time plus the Yuppie culture was at its height.

          • ofelles
            ofelles commented
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            Just ordered some!

          There is a bagel shop nearby by but a dozen bagels costs a vital organ....$24/dozen
          If I get them fresh and warm, butter piled on until its running off your elbow.
          Industrial, a light toast, butter until its running off your elbow.
          Cream cheese, yes, pass it over.
          Also Canadian bacon, tomato, lettuce maybe cheddar cheese, mayo, salt and pepper is a winner every day of the week.


            I'm boring. I just go toasted multigrain with cream cheese (or with bacon, egg and provolone).



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