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Porterhouse trim ?

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    Porterhouse trim ?

    Im cooking 3 of these tonight for a family meal, probably on the kettle.
    . I am wondering if it makes sense to separate the filet and strip from the bone and trim them up a little?
    . Just thinking then i could hit my target temps easier for each section
    any suggestions??? Click image for larger version

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    That's not a bad idea if you don't care about a big in-tact steak. I suppose it's like separating a brisket. Might matter a bit less on a steak than a brisket but won't hurt.


      I wouldn’t and here’s why.

      1. You pay for that “cut.”
      2. The bone is kinda like insurance.
      3. You would only cook three steaks instead of six.
      4. They will not trim up as well.
      5. You already have a finished product.
      6 It looks pretty.
      7. You’ll end who with 6 small portions and not enough bones to really do anything with in a short period of time.

      IMHO..... don’t overthink it. Cook quality meat well and it will be delicious and tender.

      Dont stress on 134° or 139° as quality meat don’t care.

      Did I mention that these are pretty? Why shouldn’t the family get some show pieces every now and then.

      Recap. Just cook them well and it will be a home run.


      • Dewesq55
        Dewesq55 commented
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        ^^^^^^ This!!!!

      • troymeister
        troymeister commented
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        Took the words right out of my mouth!

      • Henrik
        Henrik commented
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        Speaking my language

      Cook like HouseHomey says, then separate from the bone and slice and have the presentation back in place with the bone.

      But, yes, cook whole! And enjoy those things! Those call for a pour of your favorite bourbon while cooking!


        Yup the only knife I’d that to those is a steak knife on a dinner plate



          That is all.


            Don’t separate and trim. If you’re gonna do that you might as well have bought a sirloin strip and some tenderloin separately, and at a lower price.

            Grill it, serve it, and let your family cut/carve on the plate.


              Thanks for the advice all! Worked out great
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              • HouseHomey
                HouseHomey commented
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                Oh man!! Look at that. You had 3? That is some steak right there!

              Yes sir HouseHomey Click image for larger version

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              • barelfly
                barelfly commented
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                The one on the left in the precook and middle on the grill! Now that’s a porterhouse steak!!!!! No wonder you didn’t touch one of them! Ha! Great cook!


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