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2021 Meat-Up In Memphis Canceled - Rescheduled for March 2022

We've unfortunately had to cancel the 2021 Meat-Up in Memphis. We are rescheduling for March 18-20, 2022. More details and re-booking info coming soon! For now click here for more info.
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I have really done it now.....suits me right for showing my pics to a few friends

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  • dmcneil
    Club Member
    • Jun 2018
    • 43
    • Leavenworth County, Kansas
    • Weber Genesis 310 (Vintage 2007 and still works)
      Mak 1 Star w/Wifi (Purchased June 2018)
      Spitjack Magnum Injector
      Lavatool Javelin PRO Duo Digital Thermometer
      Geekhom Grilling Gloves

      Favorite Beer: Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA
      Favorite Wisky - Macallen 12 Year neat with a splash of water (18 Year when I have $$$$ to spend)
      Favorite Drinks - Manhattan (Bulleit Rye), Old Fashioned (Bulleit Rye) and Martini (Sapphire Gin)

    I have really done it now.....suits me right for showing my pics to a few friends

    I showed some friends my pics of my cooks since I joined the ranks of this crazy group. My friends were pretty amazed that a newbie could have such success and I was a little prideful. A few have smokers and they were impressed with my results. I was feeling good.

    I have played poker for the last 8 years with this group and every year we celebrate my birthday and a good friend's birthday on Labor Day weekend with a big poker game. Today I got a call pleading with me to cook a brisket and a pork butt for our Sunday party. I tried to talk them into two pork butts since I know I can cook them but they really wanted the brisket. I have only cooked one brisket and it turned out amazing....so I said okay. Now my reputation and manhood is on the line.

    The local store is having a very good sale leading up to Labor Day, however, when I went to the store today they were sold out except for two behemoth 20 pound briskets. For 5 minutes I looked at the colossal piece of beef and my confidence shrunk. My first brisket was only 13 pounds but this must have come from a cow the size of Texas.

    I put it in my cart along with my minuscule 10 pound pork butt and walked toward the check out as everyone parted the isle to get a better look at the biggest piece of meat this side of the Mississippi. I am not a big guy and the women were wondering if I was going to be able to lift it out of the cart. After manhandling the package onto the counter the high school football player bagger looked at me and then at the meat and said..."do you need some help out with that?" Kids these days.

    It is now in the refrigerator and every time I open the door I look at that thing and wonder...what have I done?

    Don't worry....I won't ask how long it will take to cook. I know it will take a long time and I will cook it until it is done. But....I am looking for any advice on cooking something this big. I plan on wrapping in foil at 160 or so mostly because I don't really want to cook it for 24 or 25 hours.

    I look forward to hearing from all of you. Thanks.
  • obiQsmoker
    Club Member
    • Jul 2018
    • 150
    • Seattle Area
    • Started this tasty craziness in 2018.
      Using a Traeger Silverton pellet smoker.
      Home is the Seattle area...
      So much to learn, but it’s a helluva fun education!

    OMG - ROFLOL! I’m cooking my first brisket Sunday - a 15-pounder, so I’m no help, but dude, you made me laugh! Thanks for that - and good luck with the cook. I’m anxious to hear how it went.


    • Steve R.
      Club Member
      • Jul 2016
      • 2516
      • Elizabethtown, KY
      • Current line-up of cookers: Weber 26" kettle w/ SnS and BBQ Guru adapter; Weber Smokey Mountain 22" w/ Guru adapter.

      You got this. There is nothing like a little pressure to bring out the best in you. I know this from experience.


      • Henrik
        Founding Member - Moderator Emeritus
        • Jul 2014
        • 4490
        • Stockholm, Sweden

        Well written post, put a smile on my face! Don’t worry, you got this. Which grill/smoker are you gonna use? Wrapping is good to shave off a few hours. You could also cook that behemoth at 260 deg F to save some time, it can take it. You go man!


        • dmcneil
          dmcneil commented
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          Henrik I have a MAK 1 Star. I was thinking of cooking a little hotter but I was concerned about drying it out. I will inject so hopefully that will help.

        • Mosca
          Mosca commented
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          As far as drying out, the size/temp ratio will be the same, so don't mess with it. Anywhere from 225 to 275 is fine. I've injected and not injected; it certainly won't hurt anything.

        • CandySueQ
          CandySueQ commented
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          Bet you could trim 5 lbs of fat of that hunk of beef!
      • JGo37
        Club Member
        • Apr 2018
        • 1576
        • the LOU
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          Kitchenaid #810 Charcoal Grill - highly modified
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          Weber DE-code Red Limited - 'Lucille'


          Ancient heavy CI Propane Turkey Fryer, for lighting chimneys
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          Fyre Dragon Kettle Drippin' Ring, Burnin' Cone & Drippin' Pan - 2 sets
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          Fyre Dragon Kettle 2-Zone Smokin' Sheet
          OneGrill Rotisserie for the Kitchenaid
          Smoking Tubes: 2x12" & 1x6"
          Weber Gourmet Grill w/Griddle, Pizza Stone & Wok

          My Helpers:

          Anova 900W Sous Vide Cooker w/Radios
          Instant Pot 6Q Duo
          Nesco Tabletop Roaster
          & the PIT!

        You need a contingency plan. I play monthly Texas Hold'em with a group that averages ~ 24, and we that can take turns hosting. I host 4-5 times a year. I also take on smoking challenges, but I always smoke a big lamb roast slow too, and 10 pounds of beans in a cast iron roaster. Just sayin'... have an extra choice or two of what you do best, and you have no worries...

        But I have faith - smoke that cow.


        • Nuke em
          Club Member
          • Jun 2016
          • 756
          • Nj

          Go big or go home. You are living flesh. The brisket, not so much. See, ya already have 1 leg up on it. You will do fine. When it’s all said and done you’ll still be the man.
          Your either on the porch with the big dogs or under it. I have faith everyone will admire your big hunk of meat when you show it to em.
          Im still debating if I want to see pics or not...


          • kbremer
            Club Member
            • Aug 2017
            • 112
            • Palmer Nebraska

            That story was great!!! You will be fine


            • RonB
              Club Member
              • Apr 2016
              • 13624
              • Near Richmond VA
              • Weber Performer Deluxe
                Pizza insert
                Smokenator 1000
                Cookshack Smokette Elite
                2 Thermapens
                lots of probes.

              Great write up! Ya got this - just give yourself plenty of time. A brisket can take a long time in a cambro.


              • JeffJ
                Charter Member
                • Feb 2015
                • 2469
                • Michigan
                • Jeff

                Cooking a 20 pound brisket really is not much different than cooking a 13 pounder. It might take a bit longer but the process is the same.


                • Mosca
                  Mosca commented
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                  Agree! It's still a brisket.
              • HawkerXP
                Club Member
                • Jul 2016
                • 6392
                • Virginia
                • 2 Weber Performers, 1 kettle, 1 Smoky Joe and a PBC
                  Dot and Chef Alarm with probes
                  Slo n Sear
                  Cold beer

                The big whole packers from Costco usually have at least 2 to 3 pounds of hard fat that needs to be trimmed off. So you'll see a little shrinkage there. Good luck!


                • Troutman
                  Troutman commented
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                  Great point. My last one (the reason I hate cryovaced anything) was about 15# and by the time I cut out all the deckle fat I was done to about 11#. Worst I've ever had. That big brisket gonna shrink some.
              • Troutman
                Club Member
                • Aug 2017
                • 7834
                • 1521

                • OUTDOOR COOKERS

                  BBQ ACCESSORIES

                  WOOD & PELLET PREFERENCES

                  SOUS VIDE

                  INDOOR COOKWARE

                Personally I try to pick briskets for their leanness (always a ton of fat but get one manageable), flexibility and shape. That's something we don't talk a lot about here but the more uniform the shape the more even it will cook. You get one with a high point and a real thin flat end and you got a challenge on your hands from the get go.

                You will be fine with your big prize. Trim her down to about 16-17# and just go for it. Make sure you give her a lot of love and a good rest (my wife would love to hear me say that to her !!) . Good luck and let us see the outcome !!!


                • Mudkat
                  Club Member
                  • Feb 2017
                  • 2072
                  • At a river near me, MD
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                    Weber Smokey Joe (2)
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                    Lodge 10.5" Double Loop Skillet
                    Cast Iron 9" Skillet
                    Cast Iron 12" Skillet
                    Weber 22 Grill Grates
                    Home Built 55 Gallon Ugly Drum Smoker - "MUDS"

                  Ditto what everyone said here. Remember, you can hold it for hours in a cooler cambro so just start a little earlier and hold it longer if it's done sooner than you thought. Hope you win big. That puppy must of cost a lot!


                  • dmcneil
                    dmcneil commented
                    Editing a comment
                    Mudkat it was on sale for $2.99/lb. Not too bad especially since I am getting reimbursed by my poker friends who will in turn try to take it back from me at the table. ;-)

                  • Mudkat
                    Mudkat commented
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                    Sounds like good times! Right up my alley!
                • jfmorris
                  Club Member
                  • Nov 2017
                  • 3576
                  • Huntsville, Alabama
                  • Jim Morris

                    • Slow 'N Sear Deluxe Kamado (2021)
                    • Camp Chef FTG900 Flat Top Grill (2020)
                    • Weber Genesis II E-410 w/ GrillGrates (2019)
                    • Weber Performer Deluxe 22.5" w/ GrillGrates & Slow 'N Sear & Drip ‘N Griddle & Party Q & Rotisserie (2007)
                    • Custom Built Offset Smoker (304SS, 22"x34" grate, circa 1985)
                    • King Kooker 94/90TKD 105K/60K dual burner patio stove
                    • Lodge L8D03 5 quart dutch oven
                    • Lodge L10SK3 12" skillet
                    • Anova
                    • Thermoworks Smoke w/ Wifi Gateway
                    • Thermoworks Dot
                    • Thermoworks Thermapen Classic
                    • Thermoworks RT600C
                    • Whatever I brewed and have on tap!

                  As others have said, cooking 20 pounds is no different than cooking a smaller one - just may take a little longer. That said - I will bet once you trim the fat on that bad boy that it will end up at least several pounds lighter! I find a good filleting knife or boning knife to be of great assistance in the trimming. I usually pull 2 to 3 pounds off the bigger briskets I've bought.

                  If it is USDA Prime beef, start checking it for probe tender at 195F in the thickest part of the flat. That is the spot to put your leave-in probe as well.

                  Glad to see you have the MAK 1 Star, and have room to cook both that and the butt at the same time!


                  • dmcneil
                    dmcneil commented
                    Editing a comment
                    jfmorris I agree about the knife. I have a Dalstrong Shogun boning knife and I love it.

                    Thanks for the advice on where to put the probe. I was wondering about that.

                  • jfmorris
                    jfmorris commented
                    Editing a comment
                    dmcneil be sure to not put the probe in the fat layer between the flat and point, and just center it as well as you can in the thickest part of the flat itself. Set your high temp alarm for 195F, and start checking for doneness at that point. If its prime beef it seems to finish sooner than choice.
                • Mosca
                  Charter Member
                  • Oct 2014
                  • 3819
                  • PA
                  • Large Big Green Egg, Weber Performer Deluxe, Weber Smokey Joe Silver, Maverick 732, DigiQ, and too much other stuff to mention.

                  Lots of good advice. The MAK is a great tool, let it do its work.


                  • CandySueQ
                    CandySueQ commented
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                    Amen to that! MAK will do you good.



                2021 Meat-Up In Memphis Canceled - Rescheduled for March 2022

                We've unfortunately had to cancel the 2021 Meat-Up in Memphis. We are rescheduling for March 18-20, 2022. More details and re-booking info coming soon! For now click here for more info.
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