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Which chuck would you cook if you could cook a chuck?

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    What the chuck?????

    I like the look of that right one for some smoked chuckie!


      I highly recommend doing one of them this way. I posted this recipe a while back, thought this would be a good time to bring it up again. Smoke the other one as planned. This is the best roast I’ve ever done. Don’t laugh because it’s done in a crockpot. Several members also said it became their favorite roast ever.

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        Id grind them both with equal amount of brisket couple of lbs. pork butt, depending on total weight of cuck and brisket. I see Oklahoma onion burgers.


          Bottom line after my cooks - The marbled one on the right was definitely more moist and more tender. The pronounced sinew was unnoticeable after the cook. I would say it was clearly the better cut of meat. However, the one on the left was preferred by my taste testers due to the difference in the way they were cooked.

          Both were dry brined for 18 hours. Both were rubbed with black pepper and garlic powder. I had planned to cook one on the gasser @ 275 and one in the Bronco @ 225. Bring them both to probe temp of 203 taking lots of picts and documenting everything. While the cook was going on, I had some side projects to tackle. As is to be expected, the unexpected happened and yada yada blah blah blah - I ended up cooking both at around 275 and took no picts and documented nothing.

          The marbled one on the right was cooked on the Weber Spirit with a smoker tube full of Traeger Competition blend pellets. It cooked for about 6 hours and 45 minutes. It was so-so looking with minimal bark, no smoke ring but a nice looking pinkish gray hue. Had a mild smoky flavor.

          The sinew-less one on the left was cooked on the Bronco with Embers charcoal and 2 foil packets of the same pellets. It cooked for about 7 and 1/2 hours. It was beautiful. I can still hear it barking 6 days later! Awesome smoke ring and pinkish hue. Had nice pronounced smoky flavor.

          I rested both to 160, shredded them and kept them in a broth boat @ 150 degrees overnight. (both turned very grayish after the overnight broth bath but the flavor profile held. Served them to my 10 coworkers for lunch the next day. Unanimously, the Bronco cooked chuck was favored for it's better taste but everyone also agreed the Weber cooked was moister and more tender.


          • Dalmore
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            Panhead John It was on the grate on a silicon grate cover. (I hated the grate cover BTW. I'll be hard pressed to use one of those again when smoking something.)

          • Troutman
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            See I told you to do the one on the left

          • TripleB
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            I'm probably wrong, but the one on the right looked like the flat iron cut. Still a chuck, but different cut. Flat iron steaks are very tender and moist, like a filet.

          I would have chosen the one on the right but I wouldn't shred all of it.

          I would keep enough meat not shredded as my wife make a fantastic beef stew from a smoked chuck roast. I do wrap it and when I bring it in to rest she will take the liquid and pour into a plastic container and put it in the fridge. Usually the next day she will take the meat and start her stew process but she takes the liquid container out of the fridge, scrapes the hardened fat off the top and uses that liquid to make gravy for the stew. We will usually wait a day for it to get better in the fridge and it comes out fantastic! The smell through the house is amazing.


            Is there such a thing as a bad chuck roast to cook?


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              I don’t think so

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              Not that I have, personally, thus far, been made aware of, Brother...

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              Richard you could have made this post as the 2nd comment and saved us all alot of time....So True!
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            I like chuck roast, I also like beer !!!!

            Click image for larger version

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            • RickyBobby
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              That looks absolutely outstanding!

            How much chuck would a wood chuck cook if a wood chuck could cook chuck?

            Chuckie the wood chuck has got one on right now!

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