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Online BBQ recipe resources

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    Online BBQ recipe resources

    Did a search for online recipes but could not find anything. I'm new here so not that good at navigating and searching yet.

    I rely on online recipes for all my cooking. Primarily seriouseats and epicurious. Are there any good online BBQ recipe sources besides AmazingRibs? Would be great to have good searching instead of just text searching thru discussion threads which can be hit or miss.
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    Did you find "the Channels" page, scroll down to recipes and then see the categories. LOTS of awesome recipes there.


      Have you tried here yet?


      Also on the free site there’s a ton of recipes.

      Meathead's AmazingRibs.com is the leading BBQ and grilling website, featuring 2100+ pages of recipes, techniques, cooking science, myth-busting, and hands-on reviews.

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        To be clear, you're asking about outside sources, other websites? If so you could try browsing our Cookbooks, Books, Websites, TV, Videos & Other Media channel.

        And try searching "websites" on the free site (you can get there by clicking Meathead's image on the very top graphic, try it!)
        It will get you these pages:


          I do know about the free AR recipes and the recipe discussion forums in pitmaster. I mentioned that. Curious about other online bbq recipe sources.


            Since this wasn't about beef, I moved this topic from Beef Discussion to the Cookbooks, Books, Websites, TV, Videos & Other Media channel that I referenced above.

            Further, searching here in "The Pit" is problematic, we know. The software here is vBulletin, and it is what it is. Also, searching here will only bring up results here in The Pit, which is member-submitted items. If you want to search the main AmazingRibs.com site, you can click Meathead's face to go there and then search, OR you can simply click "Options" in the search box, and then select the AmazingRibs.com button to search there. Play with the Advanced Search options, they will be your friend if you're looking for more specifics.


            • big_mack
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              Huskee thanks for explaining things. I'm new and have to get familiar with how to navigate the pit and use search etc. This has been a good way to get the learning curve ball rolling.

            • Huskee
              Huskee commented
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              No problem big_mack ! We get it. We try to have some good resources here for those not too familiar with forums. Try clicking Help in the far-left of the main red menu bar above. It has a lot of tutorials and FAQs that might help you as well.

            • Panhead John
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              big_mack I can’t believe you’re not already familiar with navigating the pit. You’ve been here almost a full day already! 😂 Kidding. It was 6 months before I learned how to post a video. You’re doing just fine!

            I use websites and apps that are designed for my particular method of making bbq. When I look for anything on my WSM I’ll head over to the virtual Weber bullet forum and start there or just google WSM ribs. For my pellet smokers I’ll open up my Traeger app, which is great, and browse through that and then google chuck roast pellet smoker.


            • big_mack
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              Thanks for that info. I did find the Traeger recipes on their website already from searching and bookmarked it. Also landed on the Weber bullet site while searching on something related to Weber but did not poke around looking for recipes. I'll check it out.

            Welcome to The Pit.


              big_mack It would also be helpful if you could be more specific. For instance, ask the question "how do I best smoke a pork butt to make pulled pork?" That then would illicit some direct responses. We have a whole section on both the Pitmaster and the Free Side of the site that discusses that topic in detail including recipes, step-by-steps, techniques and pictures.

              Sure there are other sites like ours but they pretty much operate the same way. It's sharing information and the general knowledge contained within. Again try to be specific in what you're looking for.


              • big_mack
                big_mack commented
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                I was specific about not being specific! lol. sorry, that was meant to be funny. I just want to know about bbq online recipe sources. Not some specific recipe. and I'm just getting up to speed on navigating the pit forum so on a learning curve right now.

              • Troutman
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                I don't think there's a lot of specific bbq mainstream recipe sources out there like regular cooking cuisine. That's what makes us unique, it's all about preparing barbecue. That said you might try some websites like Steven Raichlen's at https://barbecuebible.com/

              Dude, in addition to the great input on how to use The Pit, I recommend using YouTube to do some recipe specific searches as a start. For example, search for "smoking a brisket". You will get TONS of videos/recipes, so it is a bit of like The Abyss. Also, many folks here in The Pit use serious-eats.com for recipes and techniques. Kenji's detailed and well documented research has guided many cooks.

              Cooking, and BBQ and grilling, are a joy - pick your targets (butts, brisket, brats, pork, chicken, fish, veggies, etc.) and WATCH OUT for MCS!


              I've found a lot of recipes I like over on heygrillhey.com - a lot of the recipes will call for seasoning blends she sells, but I just substitute MMD or something else, and have had good luck with anything I've tried from over there. I made a smoked baked beans and smoked Mac and cheese recipe from over there twice now, and it was a hit both times.

              Another good place is barbecuebible.com, but knowing what I know now, while Raichlen has some great recipes, his directions are often lacking. I.e. cook to temperature of a piece of meat, not until it "presses firmly with the thumb" or some such nonsense.

              For the most part though, I get my BBQ recipe inspiration here.
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                In addition to here, I look at Jess Pryle’s and Malcom Reed’s sites when I’m looking for ideas:

                The best smoking, grilling and meat-lovin' recipes using Hardcore Carnivore seasoning, including brisket, burnt ends, tri tip and more.

                Meet Malcom I'm Malcom Reed and these are my recipes. I spend my life cooking – mostly slow-smoked barbecue. Every week I share a new recipe on my HowToBBQRight YouTube Channel. And I travel the country cooking in over 20 competition barbecue and World Steak Cookoff contests each year as Killer Hogs barbecue team. Shop with Malcom Get the HowToBBQRight ... Read More

                I occasionally watch Raichlen’s show too, but sometimes get hung up on all the old wive’s tale crap he still propagandizes, like jfmorris suggested.


                  My favorite general recipe site is:

                  Simply Recipes is here to help you cook delicious meals with less stress and more joy. We offer recipes and cooking advice for home cooks, by home cooks. Helping create “kitchen wins” is what we’re all about.

                  There is a grilling subsection, one of my favorites is Grilled Cjicken with South Carolina BBQ sauce (mustard based):


                  They have some sauce recipes that are very good.
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