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Recipe Writing

This is a sticky topic.
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    Recipe Writing

    Please help us restrict this Recipes Only section to actual recipes only.
    If you are sharing a recipe please include a list of ingredients, instructions, and a picture. It is very helpful to tell us how many servings it makes and how long it takes. You don’t need to be formal. A simple recipe could be “Take a 3 pound pork belly, remove the skin, dry brine for 3 hours or more, sprinkle with Meathead’s Memphis Dust, and smoke at 225F until it hits 175F. Freeze, slice, and fry as needed.

    But a little formality really helps!

    Here's a guide to writing a recipe similar to what Meathead and the team use on the free site and in books. You don't have to stick to this religiously, but if you come close you will help people who want to try cooking it.

    Recipe Name (in the post title)
    Please make the recipe name/title as descriptive as possible, and please place your recipe in the proper Recipes Only sub-channel.

    Tell us about the recipe, what it is supposed to taste like, and if it is copied from a book or website, give credit where credit is due.

    Makes or Serves
    How many portions this makes, how many people it serves as written

    Takes (how long)
    Tell approximately how long it takes to prepare and cook the recipe.

    Serve with
    Optional, but if you think there are some sides or drinks that go well with this recipe, do tell.

    Special tools
    Tell us if any special tools needed, beyond common measuring spoons, cups, etc, such as a pizza peel or fat separator.

    List all ingredients needed, in order of use.

    List the steps in order and in detail. Assume the reader knows nothing and you're teaching it all here.

    1) Prep (details)
    2) Fire up (cooking device and fire/temp details)
    3) Cook (details and time)
    4) Serve (details)

    Show us as much of the process and the finished product if you can.
    Last edited by Meathead; November 28, 2020, 10:12 AM.

    Gentle reminder folks- this here Recipes Only main channel, and all of it s sub-channels, ending in "... Recipes" (e.g. Pork Recipes, Dessert Recipes, etc) are for posting recipes. This is not for posting questions about recipes, or a call for recipes, or any other food/meat/veggie discussion. That type of discussion belong in the Discussion channels.

    To post there, please scroll to the bottom of the Recipes Only landing page and notice Technique, Discussion, And Everything Else Food. Click it and find the proper Discussion sub-channel if you're not posting an actual recipe but simply want to ask questions about or discuss a food/meat/veggie, etc.

    Thank you for your help in keeping your forum organized properly!



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