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What's Your Most Used Cooker?

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    What's Your Most Used Cooker?

    I find myself in a little bit of a predicament. I own 7 cookers but one is a gasser and I only use it sparingly, mainly for the rotisserie and an occasional searing of a sous vide item. Two more are WSMs and I generally only use them for low and slow smoking, so again kind of occasional use. The next one is my large volume pellet cooker which blew as fan motor (note to self: got to get on that), which leaves my 22" and 26" kettles and my Smokey Joe.

    Of those the 26" gets the lions share of the billing. I sear I could cook anything and everything on that sucker. Set up with Fireboard and fan control it's as set and forget as my pellet cooker, with the only issue being the fuel consumption. So I guess by default I use a Weber 26" more than anything lately, like 5 to any other one.

    Thinking about going for a year just cooking on it, selling some of the rest, then deciding on my next MCS move. So out of curiosity, I know a lot of you have some pretty sweet multiple setups but what's your most used cooker?

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    At this moment 1). WSCG, 2). LSG offset (still learning and it will probably rise to #1), 3). Santa Maria grill, 4). Blackstone, 5). Traeger, 6). Weber gasser. The coppertop Weber22 still holds a place on the deck, but I never use it any more and it will probably end up in the barn until I can find someone to give it to.


    • Troutman
      Troutman commented
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      .....but oh that SM !!!👍

    • Mr. Bones
      Mr. Bones commented
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      A Copperhead 22.5" would be most graciously welcomed into my collection, Capn...

      Jus sayin, lol More'n happy to pay th ~$50 it takes to travel a Weber Kettle 'crosst Country, nowadays...

    Hands down my MAK pellet grills!


      Questions not really for me, I only got two. LBGE and Weber Performer. I use them about equally.

      (I have a Smokey Joe but I rarely use it, like once a year. The Performer with S&S is far more convenient. I got it because it was $15 NIB.)


        Pretty even use. If it doesn't need smoke and is quick-cooking the Blaze is the likely choice. If it's a long cook it's probably the Primo or the 26 using a fan and controller. For generally grilling it's the Performer soon enough it'll get a fan port. The EVO is my flattop. I also frequently fire up the pizza oven. My new Hibachi will hopefully get plenty of use this year. The Jumbo Joe and 14" Weber green machine could both use some love as they have been sitting idle for a while.

        I also use multiple cookers frequently. For instance, for last night's veggie sando I utilized the Blaze and the EVO.
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          In terms of "use", the Original Grilla (OG) and Weber EP-330 average out about equally over any given year. Very different cookers for very different purposes ...


            Mosca and I are in the same boat, with two cookers.
            In my case, a gasser and the Broil King Keg.
            Had a 22" Weber Kettle I sold last summer, still kicking myself over that mistake.
            Gasser gets the most use by far.


            • Mr. Bones
              Mr. Bones commented
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              thought I knew ya, pah!!! (ptui!!!) lol!!!
              Jus kiddin, My Brutha!
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            • cwandrews
              cwandrews commented
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              Broil King Kegs are terribly underrated. Bought mine in 2011, and it's still going strong with regular use.

            • smokin fool
              smokin fool commented
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              cwandrews Its a good smoker for its design, trick to these is letting them rage after your done your cook to burn everything off.
              Clean out the bottom damper asap and keep it covered.

            Depends where and what. But the most used is a Weber kettle. Could be a blue "Transformer" or brick red "Rusty" or my first, wooden handles "Old Man" or "JR" Smokey Joe also with wood handles.


              "MAK, then gasser, then flattop griddle."

              So, I'm really not happy with my answer to this question. I use my oven, my electric range top, take out, smoker, gas grill, griddle, golf course snack shop & diner, and restaurant lunches/dinners with equal weight over time. If the intent is what I use to cook, versus anyone or place else, then: range top and oven. If the question is which of my outside cookers, then: MAK, gasser, griddle.
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                22" Kettle - hands down.


                  For me, it's a toss up between my Weber 22 kettle and camp chef stove with the 3 burner flat top. I also have a 22 WSM and a Masterbuilt 1050 that get used about equally. But the kettle and flat top get used a couple times per week.


                    My 22" Weber Kettle which has no competition from other cookers as it's the only one I have.


                    • Mr. Bones
                      Mr. Bones commented
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                    My COS probably gets the most use since I sear over the firebox as well as smoke lower and slow inside it. That said, of late I have been leaning toward my modded Smokey Joe/Mini WSM. I just love to smoke stuff in that thing. It's easy and fast to get started and bring up to temperature. It uses very little fuel compared to my other cookers. I can smoke just about anything I would want to for the 2 of us except a brisket or ribs, although I could probably do a rack of ribs if I rolled it into a tube shape and stood it upright on the grate.
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                      Recently, my little Joe.
                      This was
                      Saturday’s cook. Click image for larger version

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                      • Mr. Bones
                        Mr. Bones commented
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                        Smokey Joes are an awesome, highly capable, an most often overlooked cooker!!!

                        I'm down to only 5 of em, at present...

                        Superb flavours, an incredibly economical usage of briqs...win-win, way I sees it...

                      • Mosca
                        Mosca commented
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                        I don’t have a handy place to keep the Joe, so it gets stashed. I can take my 22” and use the S&S full of coals the same way I’d use the Joe. I like the Joe, it’s just inconvenient, in my setting.

                      • FireMan
                        FireMan commented
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                        Mosca , I probably would do the same with my 22, but my ash can is falling apart & is becoming a big hassle to use. The welds in the catch brace have broken.

                      I estimate.....

                      PK360: 75-80% (Grilling steaks, Tri-Tip, skewers, spatchcock chicken. and wanting to finish indirect)

                      Weber Gasser (Genesis): 10-15% (Grilling hamburgers, fish, hot-dogs, flap meat)

                      Weber 22" Kettle (w/ Vortex): 5-8% (chicken thighs and beer-can chicken)

                      Jambo: 2-5% (ribs, turkey, brisket, pork butt)

                      WSM 22", WSM 18", Original PK, PBC and Electric Smoker: <2%



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