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PK Grill JACKED up their prices

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    PK Grill JACKED up their prices

    I don't know if there is such a thing as the Suburbanite Hipster with lots of disposable income crowd but I think PK is going for that market with their latest price increases. 900.00(U.S. dollars) for the PK 360, 500.00 for the The New Original and PKTX models, 400.00 for the old Original, and 350.00 for the PKGO.
    I hate to sound old but I remember when a company would move it's manufacturing to China to save costs that would result lower cost for the consumer. Now it looks like they just move manufacturing to China to try and make insane iPhone equivalent profit margins.
    Don't get me wrong I like PK's grills, I own a PKGO that I use a lot and I was seriously thinking about getting the New Original PK despite having just bought a new SNS kettle. I just think if a company is shifting there manufacturing to a low wage country where workers have no rights and work 6 days a week for 12 hours a day and is in turn indirectly supporting a socially represive communist government that crushes anything that see as a threat no matter how minor, they should at least pass a little of those saving on to there consumers.
    That being said I am sure I will buy a new one in the future or at-least a new old original before they stop selling them because they are great grills. I do recommend the PKGO as small or portable grill just not for 350.00 dollars because that is more then my new SNS Kettle that comes with stainless steel grate.

    * The prices I mentioned are on the PK website not third party, at this time third party retailers are still selling at older prices, so hopefully they will stay that way.
    Last edited by nate373; September 14, 2021, 09:34 AM.

    Welcome to the new normal. Have you been to the grocery store in the last couple of weeks?? Be looking for all things bbq to be going up for a multitude of reasons. I've never understood the bang for the buck on the PK. Too little cooking surface. Not knocking it's cooking ability but not for that kind of money. This just further validates that sentiment.


    • Murdy
      Murdy commented
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      Reports this morning were inflation was slowing

    • Debra
      Debra commented
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      Troutman I agree the PK360 is limited in cooking area but for the space it does give it is wonderful for a quick easy cook. I find it replacing the Big Green Egg on many occasions.

    • Old Glory
      Old Glory commented
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      Because it is aluminum it should last forever. It is also fairly thick so it does hold temp well. It is the best two zone cooker ever for reverse searing steaks and chops. Freakishly simple to hold 225-250. Difficult to hold over 350 for any period of time. But overall great grills. I just picked one up at the old price because the used Weber I bought for camp is rusting badly.

    Originally posted by Troutman View Post
    Welcome to the new normal. Have you been to the grocery store in the last couple of weeks?? Be looking for all things bbq to be going up for a multitude of reasons. I've never understood the bang for the buck on the PK. Too little cooking surface. Not knocking it's cooking ability but not for that kind of money. This just further validates that sentiment.
    I actually prefer a little bit smaller cooking surface. I used to have a 26 inch kettle and a big ass weber summit gasser grill but I only grill for 3 people so I have been moving to smaller grills. I grill year round and where I live it gets freaking cold, way below freezing at times and I find the thick aluminum of the PK works a lot better then my kettle does in those conditions. When it's 2 feet of snow outside I just set up my little PKGO up on the table next to my back door and grill. In the end I guess it's what ever a person is comfortable spending and despite what you see on YouTube with a bit of practice you can grill just as good on a 50 dollars charcoal grill(it might rust out after a year) as you can on a 900 dollar charcoal grill.


    • Troutman
      Troutman commented
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      Yea once again I know guys who have them love 'em. Not knocking the cooker necessarily, just the bang for the buck. With the latest pricing hike, it's definitely not on my radar. Regardless enjoy 'em if you got 'em !!!

    That is disappointing but not unexpected. It does destroy that small window of time where PK looked like a much better value compared to other similar grills.


      Wow, that's too bad. A PK was on my list for next spring but this might be a deal-killer.


        Weber is supposedly upping their prices this week again for the second time this year (according to a notice on bbqguys.com I saw posted elsewhere). I've seen enough price increases this year, that it sure seems just about every grill manufacturer has had a price increase . With a shortage of quality raw materials and yet still record demands they have to pass on costs as well as general rules of capitalism saying high demand is the time to raise prices. Glad for once I'm not actively looking for another cooker.

        I know everyone's income (but mine) has gone up equivalently, right?


        • glitchy
          glitchy commented
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          CampChef, PBC, Weber, Traeger, have all had price increases that I know of. MAK did as well, but a little differently than the rest as they increased the price by $200, but added a feature they used to charge $300 extra for as standard. The rest appear to be the exact same product with a 12-20% increase in price. PBC went up $50, Traeger and CampChef raised their $800-900 grills by $100, etc. Weber's increases varied more and might have been lower first pass, but we'll have to see now.

        Likely shipping costs/delays. Shipping container prices are supposedly 10x of pre-pandemic pricing due to demand for example.


          Prices are going high.
          Beef was the highest when the cow jumped over the moon.
          The prices are still in orbit. Been there since June. Transportation, drought, fires, storms, wars, and the economy just for starters.
          Nevertheless, a good BBQ cheers me right up. I would rather bbq than watch the news.
          Last edited by bbqLuv; September 14, 2021, 10:51 AM.


          • HawkerXP
            HawkerXP commented
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          Every grill will be increasing their prices, even if materials cost hadn't gone up, freight is insane right now. The one nice thing PK can say is that their design will last generations (unless you crack the grill by dropping it)


            Originally posted by glitchy View Post
            Weber is supposedly upping their prices this week again for the second time this year
            when weber went public a few weeks back, i believe they were saying they would be raising prices next year


            I just paid $105+ (NO TAXES) for 29 pounds of brisket. Choice and Select same price. Wolly World, lowest price in town.

            No PK Grill included.


              The old PK price already had me walking away.


              • Mr. Bones
                Mr. Bones commented
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                no doubt they's cool...

                but not THAT cool, nossir...

              Personally I've never ever been in a situation where I felt that my 22" Weber kettle (my smallest grill) was "too big" and that I wanted a smaller grill. So I've always felt that the 300 square inch PK or 360 square inch PK360 were way overpriced, compared to even a Weber 22" kettle. I gave away a 1997 kettle a couple of years ago, and it was in really good shape. Obviously I had replaced the cooking and charcoal grates multiple times over the years.

              All grill prices have gone up, no matter where you look, but I feel that unless I needed a super nice portable grill for camping, it would be hard to justify any model of the PK lineup at these new prices. If I had an RV and wanted a charcoal grill other than a Smokey Joe to pack under the travel trailer, a PKTX or PKGO might fit the bill. And to be honest, I think I would be more likely to end up with the Weber Go-Anywhere charcoal grill before I ended up with the PKGO.


              • Attjack
                Attjack commented
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                jfmorris Yep! I've been taking my Jumbo Joe camping this year and it's great but it's big, round, and bulky. The go-anywhere is the obvious replacement... someday. Maybe next year? I do have the gas version sitting in a shed at the cabin but I should try to give it away since I don't use it.

              • ItsAllGoneToTheDogs
                ItsAllGoneToTheDogs commented
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                I really love my PKGO, especially with the flip kit. But, it was already a bit pricey before, now it absolutely has priced itself out of contention in the travel grill market.

              • 70monte
                70monte commented
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                I have both of the Weber Go-Anywhere grills and they are ok but are definitely not my first choice for a camping grill. I recently bought the PKGO at the old price of $269 and love how it cooks but it was a stretch for me to pay that. I would definitely not pay the new $350 price. Everyone is increasing prices, especially for stainless steel.

              might sound like crazy talk, but, reckon folks wanna make a livin wage...


              • Jfrosty27
                Jfrosty27 commented
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                Everybody has to eat. Not just folks here in the pit. 🤣😂

              Supply chain disruptions up and down the line... propane availability isn't guaranteed, steel, aluminum, etc, shipping more costly. Can't really discuss the why, due to Rule 12, but it's a fact of life.



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