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POLL: How do you take your Bourbon/Scotch?

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    POLL: How do you take your Bourbon/Scotch?

    "Neat" or "Straight Up" (straight pour, room temp)
    "Up" (chilled, but no ice)
    "On the rocks" (over ice)
    I only like it mixed (Old Fashioned, Jack & Coke, etc)

    Neat with Scotch, on the rocks with whiskey.


      I gave up all brown liquor sometime in my twenties; but I used to fix 1/2 bourbon and 1/2 ginger ale on the rocks.

      Now I stick to beer, Blue Nun and maybe a Bacardi rum drink -- but mostly beer.


      • Mudkat
        Mudkat commented
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        My wife likes a whiskey ginger too.

      I like Scotch 'up' in a chilled glass... and Bourbon on the rocks. I have no problem with neat for either, though.

      OK... I like it anyway it comes, I guess. LOL
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        Maker's (Mark) 46 is pretty tasty! as is Fireball, if you like cinnamon flavor.


          A nice single malt scotch, 21-25 yr old, neat please!


          • texastweeter
            texastweeter commented
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            not legal till she is at least 18

          There are so many great bourbons out there. Blantons and Basil-Hayden when I want to splurge. Old Fitzgerald 1849 is super smooth for under $20 and when I need to whiskey too cook with I don't feel guilty using this.


            Typically, i take my Bourbon and Scotch on these: http://www.kaysofscotland.co.uk/prod...ls.php?id=3450


            • Mr. Bones
              Mr. Bones commented
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              Lovin' this 'rocks' idea! Thanks!!!

            For the really good old single malt Scotches, neat, with maybe a 'drop' of water to wake it up, otherwise I'm using a set of the "rocks" as above. Lesser brown water (bourbon, Irish) usually gets a single ice cube.


              My rule of thumb is...The more expensive the whiskey the neater it gets.


              • Dusty
                Dusty commented
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                Ditto! Willet one pot reserve may get a sliver of ice, Jim Beam will get a as ice much as will fit with a good dollop of Diet Coke. Sorry if I offended Beam drinkers.

              • Mr. Bones
                Mr. Bones commented
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                Dusty , I like Beam fine, don't buy none, but get gifted sometimes. No offense taken here, brotha!
                >> It Is Your Drink, we're talkin' here! Have it as ya will... >clinks glass<

              • RustyHaines
                RustyHaines commented
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                +1 A bourbon drinker so I cannot speak for Scotch, but as the price goes up the amount of ice goes down.

              Scotch with one ice cube and bourbon with a splash of diet coke


                I don't drink the hard stuff anymore, just beer and occasionally wine. When I did drink it, it was in mixed drinks. I tried one last summer, but didn't care for it.


                  Mostly neat, however sometimes with a splash of water or with very little ice. That tiny bit of water will open up the sugars in a lot of bourbons.


                    I checked neat, but my low end scotch I drink with ice (Johnny Red). But my high end scotch is alway neat. And since this is a bbq site, let me emphasize the smoke. I love almost anything from the Ardbeg distillery. One of their scotches has (Ardbeg Supernova) has 100 ppm of smoke phenols! Bbq is about cooking and smoke and these have a lot of smoke. DICLAIMER: I am not in any way associated with selling, distributing, marketing or working at the distillery in any capacity. I am a member of the Ardbeg Committee (Scotish for "CLUB"). It's a bunch of people that like their scotch. For me, scotch is the best with bbq. (Smoke and more smoke!)


                    • smarkley
                      smarkley commented
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                      I always have Ardbeg on hand... excellent whisky!

                    • Thunder77
                      Thunder77 commented
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                      I love the Ardbeg Corryvreckan! Great stuff!

                    • Onenemesis
                      Onenemesis commented
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                      I like all the Ardbegs. I managed to get a 2015 Super Nova and 2 of 2016 Dark Cove. Both are pretty good. Have you joined the Ardbeg committee?

                    I voted "on the rocks" because I'd say I more frequently have bourbon or scotch that way drinking socially when traveling on business. But rye (my favorite) or quality scotch or irish sipped for pleasure is always neat or with a small splash of water.



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