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the nachos question

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    the nachos question

    Haven't had or made nachos for a long time. Restaurant nachos are usually disappointing to me, lots of stuff on top of a pile
    of chips that once you have eaten the top layer they have nothing left. Even then not that good. When I have made nachos,
    I made them on a sheet pan single layer overlapping chips with the toppings spread evenly over it all. Spiced hamburger, not shredded beef. Forget chicken. For some things I think ground beef is best.

    But then, I always used shredded cheese, then melted under a broiler. I see some use a cheese sauce, what I have considered to be gas station or ball park nachos. I don't doubt that is good, comfort food is always good.

    But what is the feeling here, sauce or melted cheese for nachos?

    Sauce can work in small batches, otherwise you end up with chips that wont hold anything. Melted is the safer choice to me.


      I make them with both, depending on my mood. You can easily make your own cheese sauce, though. 8oz of cheese cut into chunks, 1tbsp corn starch, 1 can evaporated milk... cook in sauce pan, stirring constantly until it forms a smooth sauce.

      The advantage to sauce is when you pull a chip away with cheese sauce, you don't end up pulling a glob of other chips/toppings held together by melted cheese.


        I do both and have done both on the same batch of nachos. Just depends on what I have on hand.


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        • Mr. Bones
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        Melted cheese but I do the single-chip layer, toppings, then another layer of chips, and repeat.


          Generally melted cheese, but sauce is good occasionally. I agree on using ground beef, and lots of it.


            Cheese guy myself. Sauce is for later as in dippin & drippin.


              Good tips! I will add one myself. Cut up corn tortillas and fry them yourself, even make your own tortillas, big difference.


                Melted cheese.
                The only time I used a cheese sauce/stadium nacho thing is when my kids were a lot younger and I let them and all of their friends build their own nachos...outside. LOL There was cheese goop everywhere. O_o

                i too tend to do them in layers. A perforated pan/tray makes for a great pan on the grill or smoker. I have several in different sizes & shapes.


                  The issue with sauce is that you need to start with a more flavorful cheese to get the same flavor as a melted cheese.

                  Also microwave. Chips, cheese, jalapeños, repeat, nuke for 60 seconds, check and add a bit more time if needed.


                    I put the chips on the side after melting the cheese on top of the beef. I then add whatever else I want to the pile and cut a bit off with my fork. A chip goes in my mouth followed by what's on the fork.
                    I can eat sauce and it's OK at an event, but I don't use it at home and am greatly disappointed if I am served nachos with that sauce when in a decent restaurant.


                      If I make nachos, I do what you did - properly and evenly placing all ingredients on each chip with shredded cheese

                      If I make queso, then it’s poor that over chips that are set up in a way that will get even distribution and proportionally to each chip so.....ok enough of that!

                      I like both, just depends on what I’m in the mood for I guess. My wife makes a killer crock pot green chile queso. But the nachos aren’t as heavy on gut like the queso.


                      • Mark V
                        Mark V commented
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                        I always had considered queso a dip, not for nachos.

                      I personally evenly layer ingredients to include shredded cheese. I've never been a huge fan of runny cheese on my nachos because of the soggy factor, but I will spoon it and salsa on at the last minute in small doses from time to time. My preferred cooking method is the oven, but the microwave does in a pinch. I've tried torching the layers with cheese before nuking before and it works, but not really worth the effort. Meat and beans are also cooked before building layers.


                      • HawkerXP
                        HawkerXP commented
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                        BEANS IN NACHOS!?! Good thing you don't live in Texas.

                      I have done 1/2 and 1/2 and liked the results. A little less shredded cheese let’s things get toastier. Then drizzle with cheese sauce (shredded cheese, corn starch, evap. milk, and hot sauce) right before serving.


                        Melted cheddar and pepper jack for me. My meat of choice is smoked pulled pork or beef. Top with hatch chiles and/or fresh jalapeños.



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