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Smoked stuffed bell peppers on the Jumbo Joe with a twist

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    Smoked stuffed bell peppers on the Jumbo Joe with a twist

    This is a cook I have done several times before, but this time there is a twist and I am wondering if I need to plan differently. Normally we stuff them, then smoke them for an hour to an hour and a half and that is it. Easy and delicious!

    The last time we made the stuffing up, something came up and we did not have time to smoke the peppers. My wife decided to cook the stuffing on the stove, then stuffed the raw peppers, wrapped them up and froze them. I have them thawed out now and plan to cook them up for dinner tonight.

    Will the fact that the stuffing is already cooked change the cooking time? Thinking it might shorten it...but if so how much? Or is that not even in the cards? Regardless will plan to bring them back up to about 160 degrees internal with pit temp as close to 225* as possible.

    Will the fact that the stuffing is already cooked cause me to need to add liquid? Even thought of injecting the peppers with beef broth. A good idea? No?

    Please wade in with your experiences. I would appreciate your assistance.

    I haven’t done that myself, but here is what I be concerned about. The meat is cooked, so the only the only thing to be concerned about is getting it up to temp. I would be more concerned with over cooking the peppers. I think the liquid will speed up the process. Also, remember that cold attracts smoke, so the colder you start out the more smoke will be attracted.


      I haven’t done this either, but absolutely love stuffed peppers and am certainly going to try smoking them some time! That said, I think I’m in agreement with LA Pork Butt , being that your stuffing is already cooked, it only needs to come up to serving temp while the pepper will need to cook. Probably wouldn’t hurt to add a bit of broth as you mentioned for moisture. Good luck! I look forward to your results!


        Man you guys come up with some stuff. Never occurred to me to smoke stuffed peppers. I will now though.


        • Alabama Smoke
          Alabama Smoke commented
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          They sure are good too!

        • Donw
          Donw commented
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          I know! Love them but never once did I think about smoking them. Guess whats on my list once my bell pepper plants start producing.

        You guys already have me thinking which I hope is good, lol! They don't need to reach 160 as they have already been there or perhaps even a little more as wife cooked onions, tomato paste and other things into the meat and rice mixture on the stove. Perhaps I need to concentrate on probe tenderness of the peppers for the most part, just making sure the meat gets up to a good eating temperature. Still thinking of using injector to add some beef broth to try to ensure I don't over cook them and end up drying the out. Really not sure on this part...........wondering.
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        • texastweeter
          texastweeter commented
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          we do it, and yes, coot till peppers are tender

        Do tell how. Do you have a stuffing recipe you follow and what is your cook method? My COSTCO sells a decent prepared stuffed pepper for home coking. Perhaps I could just smoke them up vs. in the oven? Inquiring minds and all :-)


          I've done smoked stuffed peppers before (look hard enough and you may find a picture here). I have frozen them. But I have not done what you did. I doubt they will dry out coming up to temp. But to get a cook on the pepper, not sure. It will certainly get most of the way there coming up to temp, but maybe covering with foil to get some steam going?


            RustyHaines screen shot of my ingredients below. Cut your peppers in half vertically so you have a top and bottom. Clean out the seeds and remove the stem. Mix all but the soup and tomato juice together and press into the pepper halves. I find par-cooking your rice is best. Get yourself a foil pan and put the soup and juice in it, and stir to combine. Set your pepper halves in the pan. In the oven I run this at 350 for an hour and a half, but in the smoker I run it lower and longer. Just check it with a probe, you want the center to be around 160.

            Click image for larger version

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            • smokin fool
              smokin fool commented
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              Much like my recipe, I add diced up fried bacon just done not crispy to the mix to give it some more help. The time in the oven finishes the bacon.
              You can cut down on the salt with the addition of the bacon.
              Basil and/or oregano round it out.

            • JCGrill
              JCGrill commented
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              smokin fool this is my grandmother's recipe, I find it a little bland. So I tweak it a bit with spices, more garlic, etc.

            • RustyHaines
              RustyHaines commented
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              Much appreciated.

            I make an off the cuff stuffed pepper appetizer, with a filling made of browned sausage or ground beef, mixed with cream cheese, shredded cheddar cheese and spices. I stuff it into jalapeños or sweet peppers, or just slice them lengthwise and fill with the stuffing and cook with the cheese/stuffing side up. I then grill or bake until the peppers are soft and the cheese looks melted. If the meat was browned it’s basically already cooked, so an extended cook time shouldn’t be necessary.


              Really enjoying all the comments to this post. I took a few pics which I will post when I find the time. But its Easter Sunday morning and I have other things on my mind at present. Bottom line though, the first negative thing I noticed prior to cooking was that the freezing had caused the peppers to become somewhat mushy. These were large peppers with a lot of stuffing in them. I placed them on a tray complete with holes in the bottom to allow smoke to get to them from below as well as as all around and above. They smoked at about 240 for approx 1.5 hours. They were taken to approx 165....a little more than I intended, but the peppers were still "firmly soft" for lack of a better description. Plenty soft to eat with great flavor but still with enough resistance to the bite that they were not mushy. Over all they were great! The only negative was the rice seemed to have dried out somewhat and was a little firm. My wife is a great rice cooker so I do not think it was the fault of her original cook. It must have been the result of freezing?

              Overall take? I don't think I would have frozen the peppers, perhaps just the stuffing if we had that situation again. For one thing, we were afraid to vacuum seal the peppers for freezing as we did not want to crush the peppers! If the stuffing had been vac sealed, I expect it would have been more moist. They were good, but fresh would have been better in our joint opinion!

              Thanks for all the comments, suggestions and advice!
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                I made stuffed poblanos a couple of weeks ago and doubled the stuffing ingredients so I could just freeze half the stuffing for loaded nachos or another round of stuffed poblano peppers.

                Even though I had thoroughly cooked the stuffing and par cooked the peppers, I still took it up to 165 in the oven. Took about half an hour. The peppers still had some crisp texture to them.

                Here's the recipe I used. It was good but I made these changes:
                1. added a cup of spicy salsa to the filling while it was cooking
                2. chopped up the "lids" that were sliced off the poblanos and sauteed them with one medium diced onion (also not in the recipe) to add to the stuffing mixture.
                3. served with salsa and fresh jalapenos on the side for topping, if desired.

                The peppers tasted even better as leftovers.

                Next time I'm going to put them on the grill like you did, Alabama Smoke . I think that would really take them up a notch. Thanks for the idea.

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                • Alabama Smoke
                  Alabama Smoke commented
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                  Glad I could give you something Kathyrn. You have given me much more in advice than I have given you. Feels good to give something back. Also read your recipe. Wife Carol and I love the sound of it. Might be we do those next time. Have a wonderful Easter!

                I used to smoke stuffed peppers on the grill, but lately I've been making meatloaf stuffed with peppers and onions. Sometimes I will add mushrooms too. The key is to use a ton of veggies to get it close to stuffed peppers. And I think it takes on more smoke flavor that way too.


                • Alabama Smoke
                  Alabama Smoke commented
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                  Sounds delicious. I have yet to smoke a meatloaf but want to do one soon. Yes, I think you would get more smoke that way. One thing I think I forgot to mention in my review of my cook yesterday was that while the peppers went on cold, and did absorb a good bit of smoke, the stuffing did not get as much I assume because the pepper shielded the stuffing from the smoke. I returned the top of the pepper to its earlier place after stuffing and left them on for the smoke. Prob should have removed

                • ofelles
                  ofelles commented
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                  I make a Cajun meatloaf with has the trinity in it and it takes on the smoke flavor pretty good.

                Finally got time to post a pic or two of cook. Hope this upload goes well..........let's see...... First pic is peppers placed of a rack for transport to Jumbo Joe. Used long scruwers(sp?) for spacing and to hold them up. Second pic is of finished cook shortly before bring inside to eat. Click image for larger version

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                • Dadof3Illinois
                  Dadof3Illinois commented
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                  I bet those made a nice dinner!!! We love stuffed peppers too, and haven't had any in a long time....now I have a new idea for dinner this weekend!!!...thanks.

                • jumbo7676
                  jumbo7676 commented
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                  You said the rice dried out a bit and was a little firm, but I'd still love to dig into one of those. They look great!

                • Mr. Bones
                  Mr. Bones commented
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                  Lookin mighty tasty from where I'm settin, Nice Job!
                  Thanks fer sharin!

                Yes the rice did dry out some. I poured some beef stock over the finished product and warmed it a little. Betting if I had injected each pepper with beef broth or vegetable broth prior to cook it would have been juicer. I do think it dried out some from freezing.

                One additional thought. The peppers were quite smoky as I expected, but the stuffing did not get much. Usually I remove the tops and either toss or cut up and add to the stuffing. I will go back to that next time. without a "lid" I think the meat, rice, etc would have gotten more smoke which I would have liked better.
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                • Skip
                  Skip commented
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                  Nice tread you started Alabama Smoke. Stuffed peppers are a favorite at our house.


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