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Dan's Damned Good BBQ RUB

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    Dan's Damned Good BBQ RUB

    For Your Use and Enjoyment. You can alter this as needed and to suit your taste. You can do 4-5 butts and a brisket or two with a single batch! Keeps for Months in a Sealed Container in the Cupboard! Enjoy, Dan


    1 C. 3/4 Sea Salt, 1/4 Tender Quick
    Dark Brown Sugar
    Paprika (your choice)

    3/4 C. Black Pepper (fresh Crs Grd)

    1/4 C. Garlic Powder
    Onion Flakes (Powder Opt.)

    1 TBS + 1 TSP (each the following)
    Mustard Powder (yellow)
    Old Bay (Seafood S)

    1 TBS (Each the following)
    Cayenne Pepper
    White Pepper
    Celery seeds

    Mix Above Vigorously (+kitchen sink if desired) Store in Tupper-
    Wear container in cupboard.

    Use an empty Parmesan Container as shaker and for storage. Keeps for months!

    Best if Rub on Meat 18-48 hrs. Put in a Zip Lock Bag in the Fridge. Turn over every 4-6 hrs! Rub with Oil of Choice just before going in Smoker or Roaster!
    I use it on Pork Butts, Ribs, Roasts also on Beef Brisket and.... 👍. Dan

    I also use Spritz Bottle with the following every time I open the Grill

    1 C. Apple Juice
    1/2 C. Worsteshire Shire Sauce
    Tarragon Vinager
    Balsamic Vinager

    I'm in, I'l give it a go. May drop the salt and dry brine. QT is a interesting twist. Got to look deeper at that for sure.

    Not often that a rub recipe is thought provoking. I like it. Thanks


    • Danjohnston949
      Danjohnston949 commented
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      Thank You, Jon previous to Meathead's and Dr. Blonder report on oils and rubs I would rub the meat with Olive Oil and then with the rub. Now I reverse the sequence Dry Rub, Refridgerate at least 12 hrs. then coat with oil just before the Grill! 👍👍🍻👍👍. Eat well and Prosper my Friend, Dan
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    • richinlbrg
      richinlbrg commented
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      I does look pretty good! Thanks, Danjohnston949 !

    • Danjohnston949
      Danjohnston949 commented
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      Brewmaster, I haven't got Copy and Paste Down Yet so Hopeflly this will get, "Dan's World Famous BBQ Rub Recipes" to You‼️
      From a Backyard Cremator in Fargo ND, Dan

    Is that a quarter cup each of Tender Quick, brown sugar and paprika?


    • Danjohnston949
      Danjohnston949 commented
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      Willy, Sorry About the Confusion: Hopefully I can Make It More Straight forward.

      1 C. All Coarse Salt, I use 3/4 C. Sea Salt - 1/4 C. Tender Quick
      1 C. Dark Brown Sugar
      1 C. Paprika
      3/4 C. Fresh Ground Peeper and the rest....

      Hope this helps Willy, Eat Well and Prosper, 👍👍👍👍👍, Dan

    • Willy
      Willy commented
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      Dan: Muchograssyass!

    • Danjohnston949
      Danjohnston949 commented
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      Thanks richinlbrg enjoy! Sii Willy, Dan

    Reference for Mr. Bones

    Can't get the link reference to work, so I'll put a new post in the recipe and a reference for you.

    Best regards,


    • Mr. Bones
      Mr. Bones commented
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      Many thanks, Amigo!!!
      Couldn't find it t' save my arse!!! ;-)
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    • Danjohnston949
      Danjohnston949 commented
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      Jim, Thanks for bringing this Rub Recipe back up! "Dan's Damned Good BBQ Rub" It is if I got to say So Myself!
      From a Backyard Cremator in Fargo. ND, Dan

    Danjohnston949 Huh, I wonder how I missed this one back in the day. Might have to try this one out!


    • Craigar
      Craigar commented
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      I was just thinking the same thing myself. We must have been asleep that day.

    Thanx for this Dan.


      RonB, Spinaker, Mr. Bones, jgg85234, fuzzydaddy, Thanks for following along Boys! I doubt You learned Much other than Start with Enough Charcoal! The drop in the FireBoard Grill Probe Recorded Temp was nearly Instantaneous when I ran Out of Charcoal! Enjoy the Rub Recipe it may be a bit Mild for You Hot Chili Pepper Eaters! Feel free to add or subtract!
      Eat Well and Prosper! From a Backyard Cremator in Fargo ND, Dan
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      • fuzzydaddy
        fuzzydaddy commented
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        Thank you Dan!

      It think I'll try this on brisket this weekend


        Well, this topic was a sleeping gem! Thanks for bringing it to the top, Jim jgg85234 .

        Danjohnston949 , the ingredients in this rub have me dying to try it. Lots of layers of flavors there. I bet the taste is awesome. Thanks for sharing it!



          I agree with Kathryn, This seems to be a multi-layered rub. There is a lot going on here! I like the nutmeg and cumin too. For some reason I have been on a cumin kick for while now, its amazing stuff.

          Thanks again for posting this Dan!


          Holy cow! There is a lot going on there!!! I am definitely trying this on my next pork butts, plus it gives me an excuse to use the rest of the celery seeds in the pantry so we can restock before potato salad season. Thank you Danjohnston949 for sharing this rub recipe!


            On my to do list. Thanks for sharing.



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