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Go to seasoning but not salt or pepper

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    Go to seasoning but not salt or pepper

    what's your's?

    i like ground mustard. i use it heavily in scrambled eggs and omelettes and also sauces and rubs.


    Was unaware you could eat something not loaded with sugar AND also not loaded with salt and pepper or something that contains salt and pepper in large quantities.

    I love me some liquid mustard.


    • Richard Chrz
      Richard Chrz commented
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      I love me some mustard, but, mostly only Plochman's what are your favorites?

    Don't know if it would be 100% go to but I have been loving this stuff the past few months: https://www.pimentdville.com/collect...lle-1-2oz-jars

    It is kind of like paprika but a LOT better. It is a great seasoning for roast chicken, potatoes, pork chops, etc. I have even sprinkled it on popcorn.


      Za'atar. Wonderful on chicken.


      • Alphonse
        Alphonse commented
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        I had to look that one up and bingo! I am gong to mix a batch up. Looks like a great poultry rub. You think this recipe is close? https://www.feastingathome.com/zaatar-spice-recipe/

      • Bkhuna
        Bkhuna commented
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        Alphonse - Everyone in the Middle East seems to have their own take on Za'atar bit a common thread is Sumac. I buy mine blend from a company called Z&Z and it contains wild thyme, sesame seeds, sumac, salt and sunflower oil.

        One my favorite things to eat it on is pita brushed with olive oil, sprinkled with Sa'atar, and warmed up in the over. It also makes a great addition to yogurt.

      Would have to be garlic powder.


        I'm loving some of the Flatiron Pepper Company seasonings lately. Their pepper grinder which attaches directly to the bottle makes them even more enjoyable, ensuring a more even spice distribution.

        My super fav is their UCBiber, which they no longer make due to production difficulties. Here's their blurb on it, and it rings true:

        "Uc Biber" is Turkish for "Three Peppers". The blend features Aleppo, Maras, and Urfa Biber. These chiles are named for their growing regions in Turkey and Syria. The scoville heat rating is 10-15k, so very mild heat, but they each have a delicious, savory, and salty flavor that works very well in a variety of vegetable and protein centric dishes. We've been adding it as a rub to chicken kabobs, oven roasted veggies, eggs and peppers, and it has even worked well within a rub while smoking brisket. It also works really well within J. Kenji Lopez-Alt "Shakshuka" recipe.

        I bought 3 bottles of it when it came out and foolishly gifted two of them to our daughters as stocking stuffers last Xmas. Well, I shouldn't say foolishly, but there's a wee small greedy part of my culinary soul that wants those bottles back!

        I've since purchased quantities of each of the three pepper ingredients from World Spice Merchants and Curio Spice Company and will be mixing my own version of Uc Biber , comparing it to the Flatiron blend until I nail it.

        Special thanks to RichieB who turned me on to Flatiron Pepper Company. I also like their Hatch Valley Green, Dark and Smokey, and Asian Red products as well. I use them more specifically than the UcBiber blend which I use on almost everything when I want to kick up the flavor.


        Edited to add: as of 3/25/21, Flatiron Pepper Company is doing another production run of its Uc Biber. Yay! I've already placed my order using the coupon code UCBIBER25 to get a free bottle with a $25 order. Free shipping with $35 orders, which is always a good way to pop another bottle of pepper blend or a grinder into the cart.
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        • latenight71
          latenight71 commented
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          Hello. I very much love different chiles. these two places have the Aleppo, Maras and Urfa Biber chiles sold separately. perhaps you can make your own blend and no longer feel greedy?

          this place has Maras and Urfa - https://www.curiospice.com/spices?category=Chilies

          this place has Aleppo and Urfa - https://www.thespicehouse.com/collections/chiles


        • jfmorris
          jfmorris commented
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          Kathryn, I wanted to lodge a formal complaint against you for encouraging MCS i.e. More Condiment Syndrome. Maybe its More Spice Syndrome. I already have over 100 bottles of various things in the pantry, and right after you posted this, I had to go order stuff from Flatiron Pepper Company, along with their little grinder contraption. That Hatch Valley Green is by far my favorite, and I eat it on most everything. I usually make a pot of popcorn every evening and its top notch dusted on that.

        • fzxdoc
          fzxdoc commented
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          Don't blame me, Jim jfmorris . As I said in my post, RichieB is the guy who turned me on Flatiron Pepper Company in the first place.

          The Hatch blend was one of my first purchases. You're right--it's delicious.

          Last edited by fzxdoc; April 29, 2021, 01:56 PM.

        Basil would be the most utilized, I'll call garnish I tend to go too.
        Oregano would be a close second then on to garlic and onion powders.
        One thing that is really catching up is Tony Chashere's Creole seasoning.
        Since being introduced to it by this site it is being used more and more.


          Does sriracha count as a seasoning?

          Outside of that, we really like ras el hanout. I know its a bunch of spices but its fantastic on chicken and we also like it cooked down in some coconut milk for a pasta dish with ground beef or chicken.

          For a single spice though, its probably mushroom powder. It adds a real depth of flavor to most anything and its not "mushroomy" for lack of a better word.


          • TripleB
            TripleB commented
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            Interesting on the Mushroom Powder. Do you use it by itself or in concert with other rubs/seasonings? I have a large container of it and only used it once in a sausage recipe. Would like to try it on some other recipes.

          • grantgallagher
            grantgallagher commented
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            I use it as i would onion powder/garlic powder etc. Ill typically dry brine anything that i have time for and then try to add additional seasoning for 30-60 mins in the fridge prior to cooking. But in a nutshell i dont treat it any differently.

          These are my main six:

          1) TripleB All Purpose Seasoning
          2) Big Bad Beef Rub
          3) Simon & Garfunkel Seasoning
          4) Susie Q's Santa Maria Seasoning
          5) TripleB Sweet Heat (rib rub)
          6) Triple B Butt Rub (pulled pork)


            Cavanders Greek seasoning goes so well on a multitude of things. A fireman introduced me to it years ago. It's great on so many vegetables. If you mix 2 parts Cavanders, 2 parts garlic powder, 2 parts lemon pepper, 1 part Lawry's seasoned salt, and 1 part corn starch you have a very good steak rub. The corn starch really makes it adhere to the meat.


            • Northern lights smoke
              Northern lights smoke commented
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              We love Cavenders Greek Seasoning! Really good on pork kabobs

            I agree with fzxdoc , the Flatiron Pepper Company Hatch Valley Green is now becoming a goto in my house.
            Second place goes to Old Bay Seasoning my little grandson gave me for Christmas!


              Well, black pepper is my favorite. If I am choosing outside of that, it would currently be cumin, or smoked paprika. But, I’m pretty certain, I have a limited experience in the many various seasonings.

              as far as rubs go, I make all of my own. With that being said, I was gifted a really nice assortment though through the secret Santa here.


                Jalapeño powder


                  I do love garlic


                    Well, we do use a lot of Seasoning Salt, but that's not allowed in this discussion. I guess if it's not garlic powder it has to be Crystal Hot Sauce (we put that $#*& on everything).

                    Yes, I know that catch phrase goes with another brand. We like it too. ;^)



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