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18.5 hours in on pork butt and only at 189.

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    18.5 hours in on pork butt and only at 189.

    Solid temps in the 225f-238F range on my pellet pooper. Long stall. Already tore off some of the edges which are SUPER tender but not entirely probe tender on the entire bone. Just taking a long time. Good news I was in no hurry. DO you guys wind up with 20 hour smokes very often? That shiny part in front is where I just grabbed some. yummy.

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    is there a bone in the butt?


      Sometimes on really big ones that want to take a long time, I go ahead and take it off since I only eat some of it as pulled pork. I pull the really tender parts and then use the rest to go in things like tacos or chili that gets cooked further anyway.


        I had wrapped one in foil to go through the stall...I got near 190 and figured lets get this baby finished...unwrapped, 250 all day, the thing dropped back to about 175. It was like, NO! You can't cheat the stall.


          Every once in a while it happens to me. Some cheeks are tougher than others


            Well I almost always am a bone in guy since we can get these at 0.99$/lb on sale regularly. Having been sampling for some time now it is one of the tastiest ones ever. I normally wrap before shredding but I think this one is going from smoker to shredder (I use my kitchen aid now— use to use bear claws but why?). Thanks


              That’s why I don’t smoke pork butts L&S anymore. You never know how long they’re going to take. I do them in my Orion Cooker. 8-10lb butt is done in 4.5-5.5 hrs. They turn out great every time. Good luck!


              • smokin fool
                smokin fool commented
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                Agreed smoke mine at 280 - 320 for 5-6 hours

              That one looks like a candidate for wrapping in foil and bumping up the temp as needed. A stubborn butt like that always results in a "hold my beer" moment for me.


              • Backroadmeats
                Backroadmeats commented
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                Long cooks like this result in me drinking too much beer!! In my younger days it resulted in some pretty poor quality bbq. I have learned over the years,. No drinks till the meat is done!!

              • Troutman
                Troutman commented
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                Yea I was going to say the same thing. Every time it happens to me I foil it and stick it into the oven at 350* and pound that puppy to the finish line.

              • jhoskins
                jhoskins commented
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                Backroadmeats I made that mistake yesterday.. a few too many beers and I opened up my vents too far on my smoker... temps got up to 400 for about 15 minutes before I caught my mistake. Partially ruined the bark, but still came out alright. Rookie mistake!

              Bump the temp up.


                I couldn’t tell how thick yours was, but remember thickness determines cook time. My ten pounders are usually 4-5 inches thick and usually take 12-14 hours. I once cooked 40 pounds by using a second level grill in my Big Green Egg that took 22 hours. It was almost like cooking a 8 inch thick piece of meat. I don’t remember a ten pounder taking as long as yours, but if it was then I probably wrapped it.


                  I've had my unwrapped ones go 16-17hrs, they got to 193-195 at that point, but then they wee plenty shreddable. It usually needs 190s, at least, for a few hrs to get pullable.


                    I've had quite a few in the 15+ hour range, and a couple 22 hour cooks. You could just wrap it, but if doing pulled pork I really like all the extra bark from an unwrapped cook.


                      If memory serves me it was my third butt after having just joined the pit that took all of 27 hrs.
                      Everything was so new to me and I wanted to follow things to the T and 225F was my cooker target temp. I would even adjust my gas flame up and down just to keep it at 225.
                      Started the night before the festival and finished the cook in the oven at home 3 hours after the festival was over. Never sold a thing that day. Was 8.7Kg bone-in butt.
                      I have come a long way since then thanks to the wonderful pit people.


                        I never wrap shoulders, and they routinely take 14-16 hours. For a big one I wouldn’t be surprised at your 18+ hour time, but it is a bit surprising it’s only at 189° after all that time.

                        Perhaps the thermometer on your pit isn’t as accurate as believed. Low put temps would certainly yield a much longer cook.


                        • fracmeister
                          fracmeister commented
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                          I thought the same but i had two separate thermometers along with the Yoder controller (set to 225) and measured 230-235 at different points in the pit. Moved them around.

                        Well it went 20 hours and was 199 probing tender. It was as close to perfect as they get. The meat was super tender and flavorful and everyone enjoyed it.



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