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Need advice on boneless pork butt

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    Need advice on boneless pork butt


    I've never, by choice, cooked a boneless pork butt -- until today. Due to a lot of reasons I had to purchase 4 boneless pork butts. Here are my questions:
    1. would it be best to get some butcher cord and tie it up?
    2. Generally - I don't put rub in folds -- this is more for Briskets but would it matter?

    They will fall apart pretty easy if you go unwrapped a looong time. I tie all mine.

    I rub down before I tie, choosing to apply rub on larger folds that get put back into the mix when I tie.


      Thanks Jerod -- I figured as much but need some additional approval lol. However this is the very reason I've never used the boneless


        I'm with you today. I prepped a boneless PB yesterday, it's going in the PBC this morning. It was an accidental purchase, I was after bone-in, dashed into Cash & Carry last weekend and I think the big pack I grabbed was in the wrong bin.

        So, tied the thing up six ways, and we'll see how it goes. Probably onto the rack sooner than normal.


        • BruceB
          BruceB commented
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          About 4.5 hours in, PBC holding between 240 and 250F, PB internal at 136F.

          The pit temp was just over 310 when I put the lid on after gettings things hung and the probes situated. It dropped to 225F quickly with a 34F lump in it, and I haven't cracked the lid at all during this cook. Within an hour it was back up to the 240-250 range and is not wavering. I plan to go as long as possible within even looking into the pit.

        I use the silicone bands to hold butts together. Works better for me than the twine. The last boneless butt I did, it didn't need to be tied at all, not sure why


          I'm going to be freaking honest I'll just do without next time. One of measurements is grabbing the bone

          On a bright side my wife thought it was a great time to buy a BGE they're on sale booha!


          • Jerod Broussard
            Jerod Broussard commented
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            Winner winner chicken dinner!!!

          • Mosca
            Mosca commented
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            Oh man, you're going to love that BGE. They are so versatile.

          So, how did those boneless butts turn out? I just accidentally bought two at Costco and didn't notice they were boneless until I had them out of the package? Do you think I can truss them up with butchers string tight enough to get a fairly even cook? I'm curious if yours turned out ok. I hate to spend a whole day cooking and then not want to serve it.


            The boneless butts from Costco have worked out well for me, I just salt em and let them sit overnight in the fridge, then rub em down and throw em in the smoker, no twine or tying. I've done about 5 this way and they all come out as good as the bone in one I did.
            Last edited by ForSure88; July 19, 2015, 03:06 PM.


              jauld22 - I always get the boneless pork shoulder from Costco and it turns out great. What I do now is break it into 3 parts, dry brine, oil, rub with Memphis Dust and then tie them up. There are some photos of yesterday's cook on the Show Us What You're Cooking thread. Took about 10 hours.


                dumb question guys, but was reading and Meathead says he doesn't recommend oil before the rub any more. WHY?


                • Huskee
                  Huskee commented
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                  Dr ROK in the comments on the Pulled Pork Page he recently said: "I haven't had a chance to update the article yet, but I no longer recommend oil."

                  And on the Science of Rubs page he said: "Just a couple of weeks ago I did a series of tests soaking every herb and spice I could find in oil and water and was shocked to find that most did not dissolve in oil as was conventional wisdom. Yet another myth. But I have not had a chance yet to go through hundreds of recipes and articles and back that out. And I am on the road for two weeks so it may be a while before that latest tidbit gets into the mainstream."

                  Both of these were in the last week or so. If you're using it to simply help a rub stick, keep doing what you're doing. If your aim is to dissolve spices better, it looks as if Meathead has some serious mythbusting going on to be shared soon!

                • Papa Bob
                  Papa Bob commented
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                  Huskee that is were I saw it and thank you all for the quick response

                • Dr ROK
                  Dr ROK commented
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                  Good to know! Thanks for sharing Huskee!

                Interesting. I wonder what he'll find out.



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