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Picnic ham on the weber kettle

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    Picnic ham on the weber kettle

    Hi everybody,

    I got this piece of pork which I think is a picnic ham. My butcher didn't write which part it was on it...

    I was wondering how to cook it on the weber kettle. I was planning to cook it slowly, all day, and try to do some pulled pork with it. Is it possible? I've done it a few times with a pork shoulder but never with the ham. If not, how would you cook it? Click image for larger version

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    Thanks a lot!

    Hopefully this helps. https://amazingribs.com/tested-recip...cuts-explained
    I believe picnic can be cooked like "butt" which is shoulder.


      The picnic is a portion of the shoulder attached to the butt and includes the upper arm. It is not actually a ham, which is the hind quarter, but it's kind of shaped like a ham. I have smoked them low and slow for pulled pork many times in the past before it became easier for me to purchase butts. Remove the rind then cook it like a butt. The downside is it has more bone than the butt.


      • mountainsmoker
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        Agree the picnic is the lower leg of the pig below the butt. More bone to meat than the butt. Sure treat it like the butt. Take all the skin and external fat off and treat it like a butt.
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      • Bkhuna
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        When life gives you picnic, make pernil. Can't beat crispy, garlicky pig skin.

      • Dewesq55
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        Bkhuna - Pernil is pretty much all I use picnics for anymore since it became a lot easier to buy butts around here. I roast a perníl at least a couple of times per year. Yum!

      Thanks for the answers. I thought it was the ham (hind legs). If it's part of the shoulder I guess I'll just try to cook it like a pork butt to make pulled pork.



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