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What a weekend, screwing up a ham edition...

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    What a weekend, screwing up a ham edition...

    So I started my extended weekend off by dropping a pork shoulder in the coals, it was still good, just dry. Ham was requested for today so I went and picked up a 10 pound spiral cut one to do on my kettle. It was a few inches too tall though so since the PBC has a lower grate I fired it up and got it all ready. While the grate is lower on the PBC the lid is flat, so it left a gap of about an inch which of course would keep the temps running in the 500-600 range.
    I thought about hanging, but that wouldn't work with a spiral cut. I remembered at some point somebody may have mentioned putting a kettle lid on the PBC, I may be making that up but that's how I remember it. Either way, a 22" kettle lid is way too big, but it will cover it fairly well with the bars removed. I plugged the holes with foil and decided to use the lid to control temps. I don't know what it is, leaks at the top, gremlins or something but with the vents nearly closed on the lid and the PBC I am keeping a surprisingly consistent 330.
    Since temps were so high I threw in a little extra wood to add all of the smoke I wanted in 45 minutes instead of the 60 that Meathead suggests. He says 225 so since I am running 100 over that I figure I will be too dry if not careful. In fact he mentions this specifically
    Standard cooking technique on the package and in all the cookbooks says to heat it at 325°F until it reaches 140°F. But that is a recipe for dry meat.
    So I will try to outsmart it and hope I've learned enough to do so. Since this ham is so big I made up a double batch of Chris Lilly's glaze, that I will drench the thing with. After 30 minutes I did spray the ham down pretty well with a water sugar mix to keep the outside moist, the slices seemed to be staying together fine. I also upped Meathead's suggested 1/2 cup of water at the wrap to 3/4 cup.

    Sitting at 90 degrees internal right now so in another hour or so I will know whether I am a MacGyver of grilling or just choking down dry ham. All screw ups come with lessons learned, and aside from buying hams that fit, I also learned that the 22" kettle lid is an excellent way to hit and maintain high temps, which I plan on testing soon with some birds.

    Nice work John! The kettle lid suggestion was mainly to aid in shedding rain, when used overtop the PBC's lid. But your use of it here is a pretty cool read. Bravo. I hope you get great results, this will be a great tip for other PBC users for boosting temps, perhaps great for chicken cooks.

    I am a big fan of cooking hotter & quicker (but indirect). Never done a smoked spiral-cut ham though.


      _John_ , sounds like you're having "adventures in cooking".....that's totally my experience. Always a journey with much to learn!


        John I'd recommended the 18.5" kettle lid before to keep rain from pooling on the PBC lid, but I was suggesting the kettle lid goes on top of the PBC lid in that example. I haven't tried just the kettle lid by itself on a PBC.


          Ended up pretty good, Mother in law went shopping with the wife and didn't come back until almost 2 hours after it was done, so I am blaming any imperfection on them. Now that I know the taste, I will get a bit more smoke on it next time, and try to find a country ham for some more saltiness. The one I got I rinsed, but it had been cooked with a double brown sugar glaze. Add the Chris Lilly glaze to that and it is a bit too much.


            Thanks for the PBC adventure tale. Sounds like the taste needed tweaking but that the moistness was still there. Good to know. I bet you're having some good ham sammie leftovers today.

            I'll eagerly await the Weber Lid with Poultry on the PBC findings. Think I should buy a 22.5 Weber just to get the lid? Hahaha



            • _John_
              _John_ commented
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              It's quite a bit too big, if anything I would try it with the smaller one. The 22" almost allows rebar use but not quite. Moistness was great. Country ham next time or maybe have to do a wet brine.

            • JeffJ
              JeffJ commented
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              Way to improvise, adapt and overcome.


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