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Angel Pig!

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    Angel Pig!

    There's pork in the tree tops! You know the old saying 'When pigs fly'? Well, there's pork in the tree tops! not because anything astounding has happened. well, kinda because something astounding has happened. I just finished slicing my latest batch of bacon and frying up a couple of slices to try. now, my first batch was good. it was...good. this, OMG! THIS??? This is Angel Pig. this is bacon for which the pig willingly walked into the butcher, knowing it had a MUCH higher calling. THIS is the afterlife every pig hopes for. when they say their little piggy prayers, it is for God to touch their little snouts and make those big bellies into THIS! There has been a new decree in my house. there will ALWAYS be bacon in my house. As God is my witness, I'll be eating this so long as I have teeth. and after that, I'll chop it up and just let it sit and melt in my mouth (and it SO does!)

    Meathead, Jerod, Dr Blonder, all of you folks, thank you SO much for offering the techniques for all the various cooking on this site but, I humbly, gratefully and with a tummy and tongue, grateful for the treat, Thank you for Bacon. wow. just wow.

    It sure is good isn't it. They have cured me (get it) of buying store bought bacon.



      I'm getting to the point that I don't buy much at all in a bag or a box. We usually buy maybe one frozen a week just to take a night off. but, we eat better and even cheaper, cooking for ourselves. I can make a full on Brioche batch for less than half what a loaf of crummy bread costs in the store (I actually did the math) and it is far better. making a less rich bread is even less expensive. the only thing is, we don't eat it all fast enough so we end up making a batch and giving half of it to one of the neighbors. that works nicely, too. We have a couple next door with two little girls and he's a sheriff. I like that I can make their lives a little easier and the kidlets eat well and it gives the Mom a night off. since he works nights, she has the kidlets on her own most nights. so it helps. and I just love her kidlets. meanwhile, they make a great test audience for experiments in the kitchen!


        That looks amazing Karon! I have a batch in the fridge that will be smoked this weekend. It's my first so we'll see how it goes, but from all that I've been reading it will not likely be the last I opted for the Asian style bacon since I don't like maple bacon. The great thing is that I can experiment until I find one the family likes. Can't wait!


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          My across the street neighbor asked me to turn down the salt a little for her, so I did. her husband has advanced COPD (we thought we had lost him about a year ago) and has to watch his salt carefully. she mentioned it and I said, sure, I can take it down a little. she started saying, "Oh, don't do anything special for me". I said, Margaret, the whole POINT of making it yourself is that you can customize it to your taste. so don't tell me you don't want it the way YOU want it. if you want standard, buy Hormel" she was feeling all sorry for asking for something different. I'm hoping this works for her.


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