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Snapchat Chef - Pulled Pork

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    Snapchat Chef - Pulled Pork

    Hey all, so lately I have been doing Snapchat stories of my cooks/recipes. It's a little bit of extra fun when cooking and I am actually intending to do a YouTube cooking show in the coming months.

    Yesterday I cooked up a 1.6kg (3lb, damn you Americans and your imperial system!) rolled pork shoulder. The butcher intended it to be a rolled pork roast so it was rolled with a thick layer of fat/skin. I unrolled it and the meat was about 3 inches thick, I trimmed the fat, dry brined for 24 hours and then rolled it back up.

    Used Meatheads Memphis Dust as the rub, prepared my 22" Weber Kettle with a fuse of Kingsford Original 2 wide, 2 high and the 1 on top. I will just let the pics speak for themselves.

    Click image for larger version

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    Quick lunch. Bought a nice patty from the store and made a little cheeseburger. I finely diced some B&G pickles and onion, mixed it with a really nice aged cheddar, then mixed it all with some mustard, salt and pepper. Cooked my patty, chucked the cheese mix on top and melted it under the oven grill. A bit of tomato sauce on the toasted fresh bun and BAM! Cheeseburger.

    Click image for larger version

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    Back to the pork.

    Click image for larger version

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    Made some fresh coleslaw too, used Meatheads creamy slaw recipe for the sauce. It was nice, but I prefer the sauce I made up the last couple times due to not having the ingredients for the creamy slaw recipe.

    Creamy Mex:
    1/2 C Mayo
    Tbsp or so Cider Vinegar
    Tbsp or so White Sugar
    Tbsp or so freshly made Chili powder (Meatheads recipe)
    Salt and Pepper

    Simple, easy and really tasty, adjust to your tastes (I'm not a stickler for measuring exactly).

    The pork was good, but not great. I think because it was intended to be rolled roast the meat was not thick enough and was not quite as juicy as my last one (hunk of shoulder). From now on will definitely only use hunks of meat and not the rolled variety. I took it off at 196°F as couldn't wait any longer and it passed the fork test. Maybe would of been a bit better if I had left until over 200°F.

    Served it as a bun (sandwich) with the coleslaw. Complemented with Meatheads KC BBQ sauce I made about a month ago and Meatheads SC Mustard Sauce I made yesterday.

    Delicious. 'Bout to make me sandwich now for lunch.


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    Last edited by Craigen Perrie; January 23, 2015, 05:17 PM.

    A few more degrees up to 200 or 203 even would probably have helped but that's a great cook. Bravo!


    • Craigen Perrie
      Craigen Perrie commented
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      Yeah, I agree. It was 8:30pm already and the wife had already gotten through 2 of my rolls.... Probably would of only been another 30 mins or so I guess. Timing got a little screwed as didn't realise the fuse would of taken as long as it did to get to 225.

      Next time.

    Worry not. There is ALWAYS room to improve


      looks a lot like my first pulled pork (weber 22, fuse, tied up boneless, pulled off about 198 only being a crazy american I lit my fuse on the left). Maybe a water pan with boiling water under the pork would have helped you get up to 225 faster?

      The finished product still looks great from here!

      I consider any cook a successful one if I learned something in the end. My second pulled pork was 10x better then my first.


      • Craigen Perrie
        Craigen Perrie commented
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        My first was better, I think due to being a whole chunk instead of a rolled. I did have some pans ready to use but decided against it in the end. Not quite sure why.... Will use one next time and see how that goes.

        Well, as you may know. The toilet flushes counter-clockwise here in the land down-under. I guess the same concept applies to how we light our fuse.

        Finished product was still very good. Just not great. As David said, ALWAYS room for improvement. Now I just know for next time to add the water pan, start fuse earlier than I expected, buy a nice chunk of shoulder instead of a rolled one, and only take off the grill when it's at 203°F. Always learning.

      Originally posted by Craigen Perrie View Post
      (3lb, damn you Americans and your imperial system!)
      Hey, at least pounds is one syllable. Kilograms is 3! (Ok, long shot there, but it's true) Lol.

      Nice cook! BIG pics next time!


      • Craigen Perrie
        Craigen Perrie commented
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        Nice try! No one ever says Kilograms... We just say Kilos or Kay Gees (obviously so that we couldn't be one upped by you guys, oh wait, that's still 2 syllables! Damnit!)

        I did have the big pics before and it made the post really really long so I changed it to the medium size. Next time I will do big ones then.

      • Huskee
        Huskee commented
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        We don't mind if the posts are long. The big visuals make up for lack of smell & taste on-screen!

      CP, I am glad I am a "Damn American" and use the imperial measuring system. I have been struggling with metrics but am getting better at it.

      I am enjoying your Posts and Pics!


      • Craigen Perrie
        Craigen Perrie commented
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        I have no idea about the imperial system, so no worries! All I know is there is 16 ounces in a pound, and 28 grams in an ounce. Other than that I have no clue (not even sure if that is right?).

        Metric just seems easier to me? It's all based on multiples of 10. Where as you guys have all crazy sorts of multiples etc. Plus, fractions are hard, why so many fractions!

        Thanks, will be posting a lot more to come.

      • Marauderer
        Marauderer commented
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        You are doing really well in the conversion department. It is all what you are raised with. You are correct in that metrics are all about factors of 10 where imperial isn't very rational but, to the folks that came up with thge system at that point in time it worked. So, we today deal with it as the world shrinks and gets smaller and the guy in Powder Springs, Georgia USA corresponds with the guy in Auckland, New Zealand that were raised in somewhat different cultures and values. Neat, isn't it!! Now , back to "Q"!


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