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How about a double smoke ham

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    How about a double smoke ham

    Got the honey glaze and the sugar blend on the hamClick image for larger version

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    Got it in the LangClick image for larger version

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      Here's the recipe that I got from Malcom Reed

      Honey Smoked Ham Recipe

      I came up with my version of a Honey Baked Ham and it's even better than the original! I call it the Honey Smoked Ham.

      The ham I use for this recipe is a Spiral Sliced Smoked Ham. These hams are precooked and if you want to turn the ham into something special, use your smoker and this recipe.

      To create the "Honey Baked" effect on the outside of the ham I use two things: a Honey glaze and a seasoned sugar blend.

      Here's the recipe for the Honey Glaze

      - ½ cup Orange Juice
      - ½ cup Apple Juice
      - ¼ cup Brown Sugar
      - ¼ cup Honey

      Whisk these ingredients together over Med. High heat until it reaches a low boil. Reduce the mixture for 3-5 minutes stirring occasionally.

      The first step in the process is to baste the outside of the ham with the glaze.

      Now it's ready for the Sugar Blend. Here's the recipe for the Sugar Blend for Ham:

      - ½ cup Brown Sugar
      - ½ cup Natural Sugar in the Raw (Turbinado Sugar)
      - ½ tea Ground Ginger
      - ½ tea Cinnamon
      - ½ tea Fresh Ground Nutmeg
      - ½ tea Spanish Paprika

      Combine these ingredients in a ziplock bag and pour into an airtight shaker bottle for storage.

      Apply the sugar blend to the outside of the ham. Once the outside of the ham is covered with the sugar mixture, it's ready for the smoker.

      To cook the ham the smoker needs to be between 275-300 degrees.

      Place the ham on the smoker and check it every hour. If the outside starts to look a little dry, use some of the glaze for basting. The entire cook is only going to take about 2 ½ - 3 hours.

      The ham needs to reach an internal temp of 140 degrees before serving. When it reaches this point, remove the ham from the smoker and loosely tent with aluminum foil. It's ready to serve after a short rest, but you can keep it warm for a couple hours by placing it in a dry cooler with a few old towels.


        As the BBQ Pit Boys would say "Though the miracle of time" the ham is noneClick image for larger version

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          Thanks for posting this man. I just saw hams on sale at the store. I am going to go pick one up and try this. Thanks!!


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            You're welcome Spinaker

          I did this for Thanksgiving and it was such a hit I decided to give these as Christmas presents. However, because they were to be frozen and then re-heated by the recipient, I only cooked them to about 125 or so, just enough to get the outside nice and glazed and some smoke to the inside.
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