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"forgotten" last meal-style ribs from leftovers--

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    "forgotten" last meal-style ribs from leftovers--

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    So I made ribs yesterday, but due to the thickness (2+" at the fattest parts) that I was not used to I kinda hosed up the execution and pulled them early at 180 (after being rushed by the hungry people - lol) hoping they would not be chewy - they totally were; huge mistake. Only the thinnest part of the ribs passed the "tug test" with your teeth - most of the meat still had a death grip on the bones.

    To try and "make lemonade" out of the deal, here is a quick and easy MH Last Meal style ribs from your oven:

    Just place a little oil in the bottom of one of the small Weber aluminum pans - they are disposable catch pans for the gasser (I have also used them as disposable smoke boxes in a pinch), add your cold leftover (undercooked) ribs, cover with your favorite BBQ sauce, cover with foil and put in the oven on 195 for at least 3 hours. This is why I say "forgotten" - I am using the oven at low temp like a crock pot. I kept these in for over 4 hours.

    I used Bulls Eye KC style in one and Sticky Fingers' Carolina Gold in the other.

    They would have been better finished up to temp on the PBC, but hey, at least they didn't go to waste.

    Very tender with the smoky taste in tact - enjoy! Totally passes the "tug test" this time!!

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    Man, rib meat can be tough, no doubt, then you have "Intercostal Ineptitude."


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      No doubt - those 10 little degrees made such a stinking difference.

      Next time I tell folks we are doing it right and waiting until 100% done.

      Definitely not as much leeway with ribs as a butt.


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