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Help with fresh ham

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    Help with fresh ham

    I've never smoked a ham. I'm getting a fresh ham from my butcher and plan to smoke it on the WSM for Thanksgiving.

    The ultimate smoked ham directions call for a precooked wet cured ham cooked at 225.
    Create the best ham you've ever tasted with this ultimate double smoked ham recipe. Ordinary store bought whole or spiral ham is taken over the top by slowly smoking it on the grill. The true star of the show, however, is the sweet and savory glaze!

    The "Zen of Ham" directions for a fresh raw uncooked ham call for it to be cooked at 325.
    There are many different types of ham around the world, but they all fall into three categories: Fresh ham, dry-cured ham, and wet-cured ham.

    My question: Can I use the ultimate smoked ham directions for a fresh ham, or should I stick to the "Zen of ham" directions?

    I would say that if there are directions that match the type of ham you are using, you should follow those directions. Meathead himself tends to be on top of questions posted as comments on recipe pages. Perhaps ask there?


      Thanks Keith.

      My smoking plans were delayed due to family issues. I'm now planning on the same thing for Dec. 20th as a Christmas meal.

      Anyone else?


        I've never done a fresh ham but you can go to YouTube and do a search on "How to smoke a fresh ham" and first video may be helpful. I try to copy and paste the link with the iPhone but it won't let me


          Well I got a fresh ham from packing plant. I cured it my self... that process took forever. I then smoked and sliced thick slices on the band saw. It was great ham. I would not do it again. Just too much time. However had some bake beans under the ham when it was smoking. Every one says they were the best bake beans they ever had!


            Chriscrna, I'm disappointed that you didn't get more recommendations on this. What did you do with your fresh ham? I was at the store yesterday and found an entire fresh ham still in heavy plastic from packers on sale for $1.99/lb. 24 pounds... I don't know that I want to spend a week curing before smoking so I think I will use the Zen recipe and inject and smoke. Would love good recommendations though. Thanks - MrSkimo


              I trimmed up my fresh ham today, and have a whole lot of skin/fat/flesh to make cracklins with. Way more than we can eat in one day (maybe 7 or 8 pounds). Does anyone know if I should freeze the skin now before I process it, or go ahead and cook it and then freeze? It will make a lot of cracklins.

              I've decided to just inject and then smoke the ham.

              Thanks, Greg


                Hi - I'm following the directions for a fresh ham below:

                (1) Inject and cook. Remove the skin if it is still on the leg and save it forcracklins. Inject it with my Pork Brine Injection. Coat it lightly with oil and then dust it liberally with Meathead's Memphis Dust. Roast on a rack over a pan filled with water, not in a pan of water, with smoke at 325°F and bring it up to 145°F in the deepest part (don't touch the bone with the probe). That will bring it in tender and moist and medium. Then put on two coats of Chris Lilly's Spiced Apricot Glaze or Danny Gaulden's Glaze. Start early and if it finishes early, hold it in afaux cambro. The results will be like an excellent storebought wet-cured ham, only juicier and better tasting.

                Just wondering whether I should also salt the fresh ham rather than only use MMD? I'm injecting with the pork brine, but that doesn't do anything on the outside.



                  Bump - really wondering if someone can tell me if I need to add salt on the outside? I decided to reserve and freeze most of the skin for later. I have $45 worth of meat getting ready to go on the smoker.



                    I just went for it... I didn't add salt to the outside as I was worried about over salting with the pork brine injection. I used MH's Memphis Dust alone on top of a bit of olive oil. Now smoking at 325F.


                      Smoking is done! A little over 4.5 hours, I ran a little hot (need a thermostat and a new leave in thermometer with two leads). Two coats of Danny Gaulden's Glaze. Smells great. I need to hold it about 30 minutes in warming drawer for family to come home from church. Will post interior pictures then.


                        That looks great MrS.


                          My first fresh ham is done... I'm thinking that I could have used a little salt on the outside. Would be interested in what more experienced people have to say about how I should have started it. Overall - a success. My wife loves it, the kids think it doesn't taste like ham (go figure). Might be a while til I do another one.


                            Final products... First up, cracklins


                              And the soup



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